Hey everyone, Heard this rumour that huge layoffs are going to happen in S&P global india....can anyone give heads up about this ?

S&P Global

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works at
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Is it ?
I am currently having an offer from S&P Global.
Could you please tell me more about it.


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Anyone know how to get out of this post lay off slump? Got laid off early this week and it has absolutely crushed my confidence. So anxious knowing agencies arent hiring in nyc right now too...


Any word on consulting or agency layoffs in Berlin?

Now with a plan for things getting back to normal it would be a good time to address an elephant in the BigLaw Bowl. Who here has been laid off due to Covid or just during Covid? I admit I have.


Unfortunately last Friday was my last day at Dell 9/16 due to the company wide layoffs. I have over 2 years of experience in commercial sales. I’m open to account manager and accounts executive roles in the Saas realm.


Just fired my therapist. Feels better than it should


Hi Guys, How's job security at Gartner? Do they lay off people?


Just found out my manager (who many people are frustrated with) got a rating of 2. Does this mean she may get fired? If so, when would that happen?


Do folks in Amazon Ads need to be worried about the Amazon Lay-offs?


What’s the word on Big Law layoffs?


I have joined CGI 5 months back and my project is going to end on 31st. So what will happen after that? As there are layoffs going on in the market will it affect? I am from mainframes technology and have only 2yrs of exp. Can anyone explain pls? CGI

How is Finastra for BA role in Service Now domain ? I am concerned about job security as they laid off contractors who were doing similar job.
Accenture Cognizant Tata Consultancy Deloitte EY Nagarro

Hi Everyone,

I have overall 4 years of experience. Starting 3.4 years I worked in Infosys as a data engineer (python, docker ,cloud, databases,NLP,etl). I switched to Amex as a Product Owner.

Is it wise to switch again to tech side with slightly less compensation ?

Also how is amex in terms of job security seeing recent layoffs and recession going on


Will there be any layoffs in GDS?

Interested to know others’ thoughts: would you consider the actuarial profession to be recession proof? Do you think there are some tracks that are more protected than others? From where I sit, it’s hard to imagine a layoff of actuaries in my group (health consulting); we have more work than we can handle and are still actively recruiting.


Is this a good time to join HP? As they have recently announced 6000 layoffs in 2 years.


Fear of layoffs in Industry if we move from Consulting?


Hi Team, I was part of the layoff at Elastic last week. Our whole midmarket AE department was eliminated.
Does someone hire for a midmarket/commercial AE position in The Netherlands?
I am a native German speaker. Of course I already applied via LinkedIn, but I urgently need a new job in January.
Thanks everyone!


Just got out of a meeting with a client. Talk about uncomfortable- they'd fired their director that morning and he ran in screaming at the team. They ended up calling security to kick him out!

How is the job security at Delta Air Lines ?
Do they layoff frequently?

HR had mentioned there were no layoffs at tech during the pandemic.


Net worth < $1m: Fired.

$2-$5m: Resigned.

$6-10m: Exploring other opportunities.

$11-20m: Taking some time to spend with family.

$20-$99m Don’t want to create further distractions.

> $100m: Settled with regulators without admitting or denying wrongdoing.


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Thoughts on meeting at Mr. Purple or The Flowershop bar? Yay/Nay's appreciated.


Hi Guys,

Can someone help with below ?

How much does 
DBS pay for a VP role for 12 YOE ? BA profile.



Mental Health Field: Numerous positions including management, team lead, quality care coaches - any more! Ranging from positions with Hs diploma, bachelors, masters, APRN.
Large mental health agency in Florida
Google MHRC Florida and find join our team link for over 50 available positions. Rates and benefits are competitive to market rates.


Job Guarantee programs available for Mechanical ( EV & HEV) , Civil, Electrical/Electronics & CSE Domains in top notch firms like Tata Elxsi, Mahindra, Ola Electric, Cyient, Segula, Hinduja infotech +200 More companies.

Kindly DM me or connect over WhatsApp on 9025824168 ,I will be glad to assist the engineers from different domains.


Do you think you can shift back to India, after living abroad for so many years? Like is the cultural (both professionally and personally) gap too much at this point?


Paytm: can i copy your homework ?
Ola: Yes but don't make it too obvious
Paytm: sure.

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Hello everyone! I just joined so I’m hoping I can get likes on this post so I can start networking via DM. Thanks for your help!


Anyone existed form consulting to smaller industry firms? How has your experience been?

Can H1B employer be changed when person is in india. ?

Filed for H1B extension cap-exempt. Extension got approved. Not stamped yet. Now I am moving to jpmorgan. JPMC ready to send USA after one year if H1B can be utilised. Wanted to know if H1B employer can be changed in india (unstamped visa). ?


It's a confession. This profession is in possession of oppression that gives the impression of depression, yet this obsession is a true digression from the fact that we're merely in a regression of progression.


Tata Consultancy Accenture Deloitte

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Anyone down to visit DPRK, DRC, Eritrea, and Yemen? Feeling brave and curious


I have the offer discussion round with Tiger Analytics for a data scientist role in Toronto.
I want to know how much should I quote for the role.
I have 2 yoe as a data scientist and 2 years of experience as a software developer.


Why is learning how race has impacted, and continues to impact, America scary to a lot of people?


Hey folks,

Any Technical Analysts who work @
Facebook (Meta) in here? The role I’m applying for (Technical Analyst, Broadcast Operations) is a bit niche, but I’d be glad to speak with anyone who is familiar with Tech Analyst @ Meta. I have some questions about the interview process as well as the position itself. Thanks in advance!


Do you think the military industry is sexist? I met more women in the air force than in other companies and none of them is a very high rank


Additional Posts in S&P Global India

Guys, Anyone know the diff between S&P global, S&P global market intelligence and S&P global capital IQ.

Also, please tell me how it makes difference to a employee (developer)

Do we get desktop in S&P Global, if we work from office. I feel its difficult to work on laptop.

S&P Global

Will s&p provide headset along with laptop for new joiners?

How much ctc i can expect for 7 yoe as java developer. Cctc 20.


Wellbeing Program
Employees will receive a reimbursement of up to INR 10,000 for eligible expenses per calendar year.

What's this program in S&P Global?

Hi Fishes,

Is S&P planning to open offices?


Hi Fishers! Good Evening! Anyone here from S&P Global Mobility team. Please ping me S&P Global Thanks


I had cleared all the rounds in S&P and had salary discussion 1.5 month back. The HR is always saying the management is on leave and will soon get the approval and release offer. Today she shas asked for one more week to release the offer. Should I wait for it or move on. Are they waiting for some other candidate to join before rejecting me at last moment. Only 10 days of my LWD are left.


Hi Fishes,

When can we expect back to office. S&P Global

Hi all,

Have an offer from PWC for 22l (fixed). Yoe-7
For senior product manager role in S&P global Market Intelligence, how much can I ask for with current offer in hand? Does S&P provide entire fixed or there is a variable component?

Also will help, if you can share details about WLB, average yearly appraisals etc..this will help me decide!
Thanks in advance !!


Hi Fishes,

What is average salary offered for senior product manager at S&P global market intelligence? Yoe-7 relevant-5

I am being offered 26lpa which includes 15% variable component plus employer contribution to PF. So, the fixed component is just 21. How much more can I negotiate for? Have existing offer of 23l (all fixed)

Anyone know the role of Research Analyst in S&P Global?
And work environment??

How is job security at S&P Global Market Intelligence Ahmedabad location for financial modeling ?

Hi Fishes, how much salary can be expected for 12 Y exp guy in proposal management S&P Global Market Intelligence

PepsiCo or S&P Global... Which is better.
Product Analyst for PepsiCo and Product Owner for S&P Global. Both companies had offered similar package


Dear Fishes,
Can someone please help me out by referring my profile for the below mentioned job ID?
I would highly appreciate your support.
Job ID: R21515
Role: Operations Analyst

Thanks in advance!
S&P Global

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