Hi , can anyone please tell me when performance bonus credit in infy (monthly/quarterly/yearly)?

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Quarterly. July to Sep will come in November salary

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Anyone work at Alteryx? Legal/Privacy department in particular? Looking for any intel on what it’s like, WLB, culture, etc. Thank you! Alteryx


What benefits do Hsbc employee gets.

Is Vonage good ( India location) ? Since its completely remote work I am not sure about the WLB and job security

Role offered SDET 3


Does anyone know a product based Company called VOLANTE technologies? Inputs about the work culture, hikes, bonuses and learning curve pls


Dear CGIans,
What would be cost deducted from salary for paid cab service(weekly twice) in CGI for general shift people?CGI


Hey friends! I'd love to inquire about the Account Strategist role at Google. I would really like to understand ... On a high level, what is it that you do? Are you happy in this role? What are some promotional avenues? What is the hardest thing about your job? What is pay range when you're first starting out? (Not greedy just genuinely want to inquire) What are some skills that are really important to bring to the table for such a role? Cheers! Google


Hello Everyone,

I hope that you all are doing great. Did anyone start at the bottom of the bank and work their way up the ladder?

I have an interview tomorrow for Scotiabank. It is a part time role as I'm currently finishing my business diploma (most probably leading to full time). It is a 25% raise from my current job as a pawn broker.



I work in germany as a Software Architekt but my colleagues in usa makes 3 times more money. Why so much difference ? If I register as a freelance , can any usa company hire me as a remote freelance worker ?


Does variable pay like joining bonus or performance bonus are considered under tax bracket?


I have got offer from Infy of 32 lk ith 20%variable and 1 lakh joining bonus. Is 20% high in infy? I found it very high because infy never gives 100% variable


I have 5.1 years of experience walmart is providing me IN3 position.
Any idea about the range of budget they would be having for this designation??


🔥Discussion on #Revise salary negotiation #
You are trying to negotiate salary to get revise salary but hr not able to match counter offer.
Hr : "Not possible to match counter offer. All the best for your next job etc....
Candidate: ok np 😐
After hour 😃

HR called you and asked you to share salary breakup of counter offer, I don't want to loose candidate and so want to discuss with business & Sr member

Is this happened with you?

Are they really try to match salary or something else ? 🥺


Hi Fishes, I currently have 2 offers in hand. One from State Street and one from Thermo fisher . Please suggest me which one to opt and which one has good work culture


I have also got an offer from Axtria.
They are giving me 8 lpa as ctc and 50k joining bonus and a promised 2 lpa retention bonus after one year.
If anyone at axtria can help what's the work life balance is like there and is it a good organization to join or not.
I am changing my field to Data analyst in Axtria.
Also, how long is the training period and is there any chance of permanent wfh ?


How long does PWC take to respond after technical interview.. Do we get any rejection emails?


Any 🐠 🐟 from EPAM Systems ? Trying to figure out total comp for Principal level . Appreciate any help !!


I have been offered a promotion with my company. With my current role, I have a salary and am overtime eligible. YTD I have already worked enough overtime to essentially be a 5% raise, and am on track for just as much OT for remainder of year (expected 10% by end of year). The promotion is only offering a 6% raise from my base salary and loses overtime eligibility while taking on much more work. They will not negotiate for higher. How do I politefully handle this?


How much am I being underpaid roughly?

I'm a 2nd yr tax manager at big 4 (not in a specialty group) in Chicago and have been a solid performer.
My current base salary is 107K. My 1st year salary was at 96K. Just want a confirmation that I'm currently being under paid compared to market and by how much.

Please share your insight. Thanks!


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What's the best piece of advice someone has given you when it comes to working as a customer service rep?

"don't take it personally" is a big true, but some days it's hard not to do it


Should I really be guilty of not giving a tip if I donot like a service at a salon (gave 20 though but feel that I got carried away by the thought of not wanting to feel guilty)


what media fees are people charging for paid social direct response?

Anyone know a good Hermes SA in NYC or Paris? Any shopping tips?

Broke up with someone after dating for years. Within 6 months they already started dating someone and moved in together. Any thoughts on this?


I m expecting offer from globant for bangalore location. Can somebody give insight about the company... I have offer with big 4 but . Globant may provide competitive. So in confusion which to choose?

Anyone negotiate a retention bonus with their firm? I have been offered a decent one (six figures) but it has a clawback clause of just under two years. Anyone else have a similar bonus with their firm?


Would you take a job that pays well ($100k more) but not very interesting to meet your FIRE goal? It may even be a step down in your career but well… it pays well.

Or would you take another job that you are excited for, mentally challenging, definitely going to be more stressful but it is going to push you toward a more fulfilling work (at least to my ego 🤣). It pays a lot less.


Anyone else read the captain “autobiographies”? I’ve read Picard and Janeway. Just discovered there’s a Kirk one.

How’s the pharma scene at VMLY&R? I dig a lot of their work

Isn’t the Georgia recount already underway? Also, is the Trump campaign even paying for it? The lies in this email are just staggering...

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For those of you who went back- why did you choose to pursue a doctorate in nursing?


What strategies do you use to teach students how to conquer the essay portion of the exam?

UA global services qual question - Is it possible to have $40k in spend and only 150k eqm CBS make it (95% high value domestic and intl first) or do I really need to push to break $45k?


Tell me you’re ADHD without telling me you are ADHD.
I currently work 2 full time jobs & a pt contractor for 2 years and I’m currently on the verge of burnout and confused on career growth.

I’m professionally excelling in all work areas and have been promoted in all work areas at least once over the past 2 years.

The issue is I find myself as a director of marketing (I over see 8 offices & a team of 7), Sales Client Partner, and Manager Administrator of Web/App Development

How do I grow?


Hello everyone!

I was wondering what job positions I would be able to apply for once I finish my degree for BA Healthcare Administration?


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Whether there are enough gcp projects available in infy


Hey fishers, I have got selected in my technical round in Infosys and, ctc in my current company Capgemini is 6.3LPA with 2 YOE on paper but i have 1.2 YOE in freelance also in same domain i work on. What is the ECTC i can ask from Infosys ?


What is the company transport policy in Infosys?

If a company travels 25km every day, is there any corporate bus or cab service that they can avail?

Like in TCS we have free buses (throughout day) and free cabs (at early morning or night) for all employees. Anything similar in Infosys?

Can we attend induction program and leave infosys..will that count under infosys exp?

Any link to check holidays for Bangalore DC?

How is Intel project in infosys?

Is Infosys still looks for percentage in X, XII and Graduation for experienced? What percentage they look for?

What is the location of Infosys kolkata office?

Guys ..
When will final settlement take place? What will be the components of it?

After getting hike letter, if we resign then will we get new incremented salary on month end salary??


I have 1.9 YOE , currently 5.5 CTC
At max How much i can expect from infosys

hi all, How is the technical test lead role in infosys? please share your opinion on the roles and responsibility. Also i am from functional domain and not much into automation. is it possible to put in automation project directly ? how is wlb in infosys ? please let me know

Please, help me to know how much will be I hand salary before qtrly bonus or after qtrly bonus. I am very confused with salary structure.

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Hi All,
What will be the CTC for job level 6 ( Lead Consultant) in USA? Please mention the location and CTC if any one aware.


Hello Everyone,

I have not shown my first company's experience in resume as I don't have experience or relieving letter. Will it affect my background verification. As I have provided the UAN no. and other details on Infosys launchpad.


Hi Fishes those who joined as DSE in 2021 at infosys, did you get any hike after one year completion?


Does Infosys have any special package for agile certified professionals?Infosys

Hi all,

i got a call today after accepting the offer that there is an automation drive happening in infosys and they want me to enrol to that. should I attend it? it's over the weekend. anyone got such a call. please let me know

How much is the avg salary for TL in Infosys BPS? This is for Middle Office Operations role


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