How are projects of Salesforce at Globant?
Can anyone please help me with this ?
Also how is work life balance in those projects.

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I had HR round today and HR said from this month October onwards Accenture stopped giving or offering joining bonus to everyone.
Is it true can others share experiences?


Currently at EY about to make manager this year with an expected new base of about 145k and bonus of 10k. Have an offer from Mastercard for Senior TPM role - $140k base and $15k joining bonus, no stocks. Pros and cons? thanks!


Avg salary of data engineer at quantiphi for 4 years of experience?


Does CG pay variable pay once an year for C2 ? Or it's twice an year in two parts.


Hello Fishes,
I gave an L1 tech interview at Honeywell for SE2 .NET full stack role.
How long will it take for me to hear back from the HR ?
What could be further rounds ?
If all goes well how much can I ask for ?

YOE - 3
Skills - .NET, Azure data stack

Hi fishes, anyone worked in Koch business solutions Bangalore ? How is the company? Any feedback’s from your connections ? Do they pay good during appraisals ?


Hi All,
How is Airbus India in-terms of wlb, growth and tech stacks used in projects ?


I'm currently working at Thoughtworks India as a Software Engineerwith 3 years of experience, getting a referral to JPMorgan Chase in Glasgow, Scotland. Salaries in Glasgow are low in tech. I'm not having a great time in my current team and project. I joined Thoughtworks 10 months ago. Is it a wise move for my career to move to Glasgow right now, considering its a slow paced city and not big on tech. Not sure about JP Morgan culture and banking domain. I'm working in Retail domain right now.


What is this English test in capgemini hiring process? Is this elimination round?

How is NTT data in terms of internal hikes , wlb, job security

I have offer with NTT data and technical consultant role in adobe

Confused which one to choose

Please help


I just received email to submit documents for Wells Fargo. Before this , haven't had conversation with the HR.
1. Can I mail back asking for the budget they have for this role?
2. Can I keep the current CTC thet he asked as blank and just state my expected CTC in email?
3. He had asked for tenure in the current organisation. Does this affect the hike? My tenure in current organisation is 9 months.

Any suggestions on this will be helpful. Thanks.


Folks need advise please.
PWC( Senior Associate )- 15 LPA Fixed + Variable (HR said 10 % minimum)
R System (Project Manager) -21 LPA Fixed.


Hello everyone, I have completed my hr round with HCL on 21- Jan and Hr told that I would be receiving an email regarding bgv but didn't receive any email related to bgv or offer letter. Any idea on how many days will it take to recieve the bgv email.

I had l1 interview with Capgemini on Saturday, I think it went well, so when can I expect response from their end.


Hey Guys,
Need suggestion!!!

I am having an offer from Infy and BORN Group - Tech Mahindra Cmp. BORN Group is providing higher package than Infy.

I am in dilemma, where should I go?

I have heard about Infy but not aware about BORN Group.😑


Interviewing Loblaw Digital for data analytics roles. Did anyone interview for similar roles before? What case study/ requirements for the last round of interview?


Can anyone make me clear on the retention pay policy at Citius Tech.
In my offer it was 2 years and 59k as retention pay.
What are the advantages we will be having with this policy ?
Can we get proper training for ETL Testing domain, if we like to have ?


Hai , I am a fresher working on spring boot at present it's been 6 months in infosys , does spring boot have a great future of great package? How much time will it take for me to get 1lpa in hand salary?


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Hi Fishes. Can anyone shed some light regarding the Assurance Digital: Data Analytics team. What is the work culture like? Is it an Internal or a client facing role? What kind of technology/tools can we expect be expected to work with on a day to day basis?


How many days hire right by check process takes ?.. is there any chance of rejection in that..which can cause issue with employment.


Bain & Company fish, can referrals occur for Specialist roles at the Associate level?


Is wellsfargo strict about entry / exit timings and attending 3 days office ?


I’m a new AE at a start up that was founded in 2018. I just started last week. Our ICP is retail and e-commerce brands. (Those who typically have an OMS and ship products to their customers)

The product is essentially an AI chatbot that can handle many customer requests- without the need of a live agent. (Think 20% of tickets will be automatically resolved- saving a company tons of time and money)

Opinions on where y’all think retail / e-commerce brands will be in the next 1-2 years?


Has anyone been to Mariel Underground? Is it possible to get in without paying for a table?


Is working at FAANG in a product role the equivalent of MBB in consulting? Meaning as in once you leave, you can jump levels at another company?


I submitted CBS ED app on Sept 22. When should I expect to hear back about interviews?

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, and have been in management for several years in that field (though not currently in management). I’ve been with an insurance company for almost 10 years in various capacities and ready to make a change - more than likely leaving the organization. Is it worth getting a PMP certification? I have my BA.


Hi Fishes

What is the salary band for Assistant manger in
KPMG india, and what is yearly hike as well bonus we can expect average in KPMG India?



How do rate locks work? I’m in NJ and I’m finding it so difficult to understand their fine print. No lender locks a rate here unless you have an accepted contract and further if that contract fails to close the rate lock automatically expires. I keep hearing so many folks saying they have a rate lock when I go check out open houses and I wonder how did they manage that?


Anyone here go for HelloFresh or something similar when busy to save time to out to groceries? Doordash/take out so you dont have to cook anymore? Options for "home cooked" meals (like a meal prep plan) that get delivered?

Addl info: in the DC metro area. Please send recs! I wish i didnt feel too busy to get off my office chair to eat


Anybody from Pune office who's into creative stuff? Would love to hangout and work on projects/ experiments!


Any recommendations for a French tutor in NYC? Hoping to do something weekly that won't break the bank. Starting as a total beginner so would need a pretty structured starting point.


Hi everybody, I need your help!

Simple - I’m about to land a side gig just to complete my week ~10hours/week.
It’s mainly straightforward sales admin for a small online business in the UK (industry - education/languages).

Not so sure how much I should ask for? Thoughts please?


The sudden death of a friend has made me realize that my obsession with goals has caused me to miss out on so much of my life. How can I learn to refocus and make time for the people in my life?


I've come to that stage in my career where I am thinking of wearing elbow pads due to typing / desk pain. This job is dumb.


I attended interview in hexaware on sep 24th and cleared all rounds I got a mail from HR to send documents on 29th sep after that no mail no calls.. it has been month.. usually how long hexaware take to release offer

I don’t want to be married to my spouse any more.


Additional Posts in Globant

Whatever mentioned about Talent pool policy is true? Globant Globant India Pvt. Ltd.

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Did anyone holding offer with Globant received a delayed joining mail with the reason stated 'onboarding restructuring' ? Anyone working at Globant has any insights on this ?


What are some of the Studio Works that we can do?

Hi guys,

Currently I'm having 3 offers as Globant, wissen technology and Publicis Sapient. Can anyone help me to decide where to go based on wlb, growth, sustainability even also on project. It's getting very confusing for me. Please give some suggestions.

I got to know that there is bench system (talent pool) so I want to confirm that in how many days in general the project will get allocated. And how many chances someone gets to clear client interviews? What is the max period one can be in talent pool? And any more info if you can share about talent pool will be beneficial


How are the client interviews here in Globant?

Hello Globers

Anyone working with Fiserv Solutions Or Banco de Sabadell Clients.
They have relevant openings for my stack, but they are Banking Projects. I had heard banking projects are strict with their security. Will they ask to report to office or any other measures we have to follow

Hi Globers,
I have got an invite for Pre Joining catch up call by
Can you guys let me know what is asked in the call, do I need to prepare anything or it would be just casual talk?

Globant Globant India Pvt. Ltd.


How much does Globant pay max for Senior Software Engineer?
Yoe 7
Skill Drupal

I m expecting offer from globant for bangalore location. Can somebody give insight about the company... I have offer with big 4 but . Globant may provide competitive. So in confusion which to choose?

What is the avg salary of senior software engineer in Globant?


Is it mandatory to come to office 3 days a week from October in globant. I am from Bangalore location. Any communication happened regarding this?

What will be hike % for average rating in Globant? I joined 5 months back.

Hey fishes
I am planing to buy a plot in omax city indore dimensions 20*40 but location is 3.5km from bypass road price is 28lac.
Also Bit scared due to recession situation.
Not able to decide should I go ahead. Globant #indore

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I can see so many people recieving diwali gift in globant who are working in Pune. Will banglore candidates also get that..?

Need reviews for Globant How is the wlb, learning opportunity , job security and perks. Globant
Joining as a data engineer with 2 YOE

Really frustrated... 1 year at Globant. Very unprofessional person at product director level and his fake accent. Petty politics...he is promoting boot licking culture. His work is to manage WhatsApp and hangout group of BAs. Globant

Hi All,

I have joined
Globant in June but did not get project and there are like many people similar to me who have not got project yet. is it safe . In GLobant. Though we are involved in some activities but all the project positions are on hold so can anyone suggest, i am really scared as i have family dependency and i am on bench.Globant


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