I want to work completely remote as I am lazy to travel 1hr to reach office and got used to WFH model. But my manager is kind of forcing me to come to office atleast once in a week and I want to negotiate it to once in a month.. any tips or suggestions for negotiation please.

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Is there any shopping portal that still gives points for Amazon purchases? Used to use United mileage plus app for gift cards but they seem to have removed Amazon.


Hi! Subletting my room in a 2 bedroom apartment in Midtown west for December and January. Fully furnished, including a great WFH setup (standing desk, ergonomic chair, screen). Subletting it for only $1,300 a month. My roommate is a friend from college and we have been living together in that apartment for 4 years —positive signal on both the apartment and te roommate :)
DM if interested! Happy to share pics and more details


Hiii. My team is looking for a mid/sr level data analyst. The agency is fully remote (with most of the team working EST). DM me for more info!


Any idea how long FIS global Pune is allowing WFH?

Anyone work remote from Israel for a US CPA firm?


I joined HSBC 1.5 years ago.
Joined remote and am still working from home.
I think it's time that we suggest to the management that the teams which have very little significance of coming to office be allowed to work mostly remote. People can come in once in a while to meet and greet and have bonding
I feel it is really unnecessary that people should relocate to Bangalore just to come to the office 2 days a week. Just think about all the traffic, rents and covid uncertainty of course.


Hi, need suggestion.
20 LPA including 10% variable form LTI (Hybrid), 3 hrs travel time and same pack from Tech Mahindra (wfh). Aramco Asia 18LPA fixed 2hrs travel time
Tech ABAP Lead profile with 8.7 years experience. Current ctc 13.25LPA.
Capegimini offer for 22LPA is in process.


Posting on behalf of a friend,

Need referrals

Hey Everyone, I am looking for change, and currently serving notice period, currently have 15 days remaining in notice period.

Total experience: 4 years.
Skills: Full stack development on .net, c#, react, angular.
Preferred location: WFH, Banglore, Pune, Hyderabad.

Current company: Mindfire
Current offer: Nagarro.

Please like, comment, or DM with referrals if there are suitable openings in your known organisation.


I started with a new company this week as an HR Gen/ Advisor. I just left an HR role I was in for 7 years that was for a more blue collar workforce. I did not have any WFH during the pandemic, but now I’m 95% remote. I like it but feel a little out of my element. Any tips for success to a newly remote HR gen. Seriously, give me tips/tricks/remote work etiquette advice like I’ve been in a coma these past 3 years.


Question. What debt consolidation service would you recommend? Have some credit card debt accumulated from my wife that I’m thinking of consolidating. Get all kinds of offers in the mail but would prefer recommendations if you have any. Thanks.


Is it common to work from your home office for months. Joined 9 months ago and been doing short term projects from the office for the last 6 months. Am I missing out on the experience of being onsite?


Anyone willing to share travel advice to Ethiopia? I am visiting some friends but would also like to offer assistance to displaced people from Tigray. Would love some connections. Thank you.


How late does everyone work if working from home on a Friday?


Anyone work in the Prophix/Adaptive Insight Group? Is this something that I could transition into from IT Audit/ IT SOX compliance? What is the job like, travel, day to day, educational opportunities?

Best office chair (not crazy expensive) for WFH?


I hate the billable hour, the practice of law, and myself. I started out doing ID for a few years. Hated it. Transitioned to an in house gig, which was mostly collections work. Loved the work, but the environment was toxic. Now I do administrative law and I'm back to the billable hour. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I need to find a remote position. I currently make $110k. The jobs in my area pay half what I make. I wish I could find an alternative. I have no time for my family. I give up.


Anyone else tired of the multiple status updates emails and messages already?! Day 1 from working from home and I’m already over it.


Does anyone know of any remote contract jobs in auditing? Specifically, risk management, compliance or internal auditing? I’m able to work 20+ hours a week. I’m a detailed-oriented person and and a great communicator. I also have a lot of experience in presentation design and enjoy doing those a lot. I would prefer a contract job receiving a 1099 and am not interested in being a w-2 employee. Please let me know if any of you have any referrals. Thank you and I appreciate any tips you can give.


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I need 11 likes to be able to DM. Please like this Thank you fishes!


Just moved into apt and there’s lots of issues (hot water not working great, leaking shower head, hole in door/walls,etc). But worst of all, it has a strong musky smell. Want to break lease. Advice?


I have a hand full of k-5 students who have gone the first half of the school year without music because of remote learning. Our district is moving to 100% traditional teaching after the MLK holiday. Any suggestions for reintroducing concepts to the group of students that’ll be joining us f2f for music the first time this school year?

What are the office timmings?, I have heard it is 1 -10, do people stay in office till 10?

I have an interview with Forvis tomorrow. Has anyone recently interviewed there or have any tips? Thanks!


At the ATL Sky Club...I hope you get athlete’s foot.

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Hi. I wanted to pursue a course in data science. Anyone knows how is it?


How do you handle all of the drinking events?

I am currently hiring for two sourcer roles at J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. If you are interested or may know of someone that could be a fit, please let me know!


Don’t know if this is the right bowl but I’ll give it a shot. Does it make sense to buy a boat? I’m 23, currently renting in the DC area. I can easily afford it but don’t have a SUV or anything to haul it. It would strictly stay in the water. I want one really bad and just miss being home In the summers and out on the boat with my friends. I don’t want to make an impulse decision but man I also want my own without derailing my retirement, eventual house down payment, etc.


I’m in Chicago with three sub par IVF rounds under my belt. When did you know it was time to try another clinic? I know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side… CCRM in Denver, is it really all it’s cracked up to be?


I’m looking for an effective 1/2 day kindergarten schedule. This will be my first time teaching kinder and I’m trying to wrap my head around how I’m going to teach all this content!

My S.O. has ESPP plan with 15 percent discount. Her company’s share price doesn’t vary much. Up or down. Thinking of taking the 15 percent discount and selling. Moving espp into an etf or something like that. Some tax implications but am I missing anything else? Immediate 15 percent gain excluding taxes and then better appreciation potential elsewhere. Thx in advance


Is life insurance a priority to anyone at the moment, and if so why is life insurance important to you?

It can be impossible to deal with financial losses due to declining health or unforeseen circumstances by not having life insurance. In these cases, the solution to your debts (that can affect the financial stability of you or your loved ones) may fall within the category of life insurance.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a law school oriented specifically to those with an interest in practicing in the area of cannabis law?


Russia: Bombs Grozny, invades Georgia, annexes Crimea, threatens Baltics and Finland, invades Ukraine

Russian Propaganda: "Why is the US trying to destabilize Eastern Europe?!?!"


Just met with a recruiter with the Amazon Global Mile team for SDE role. Can someone shed some light as to how the teams in this org function?


Need 11 likes to unlock DM.

Please help. Thanks.


Average salary for a Senior Associate who’s in the process of getting their CFP?


Additional Posts in Deloitte USI Oracle - O2

If big people in leadership is either getting transferred to US or leaving the firm.. how can the practice grow?and what message are the giving to us?


Hello Fishes, I have offers from Deloitte, EY & Oracle. Which one should i go for. I will be joining oracle practice in EY & Deloitte. My skillsets include oracle DBA, apps DBA, DevOps, Oracle Cloud Admin, python & bash scripting.

Salary wise all are similar. Only thing is for Oracle would have to relocate. EY & Deloitte are offering in my hometown (i.e. no rent :P )

Need your suggestions. YOE - 9Yrs

hearing some senior managers are leaving the firm. is this true?


I am hired as OIC developer and now forced to work on BIP. what should I do? planning to quit.


Why there is so much gloom and low energy in the practice these days?


How are year end discussions for SC to M gonna be?

who all made it to SM this year?

UK Deployment!! is this a Jhumla?? do you know if any ones case is under discussion?

Guys please give your suggestions
Deloitte Deloitte USI

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Hello Fishes, I have 2yrs of exp in Oracle EBS SCM and Oracle Fusion Cloud.Overall working experience of 3yrs.Been part of implementation and support projects.Looking for a functional role where i can grow.Currently working as Associate Consultant @ Infosys.Please let me know if there is any relevant opening.

I am tagged to "EO A SVC USI BEN". what is this new service line?

Hi Fishes,
Will be joining deloitte USI Oracle as consultant in 2 months.
Any warning on what I am in for?

I have 22lks offer from KPMG. My SM is calling for a negotiation discussion, what should I expect?


How's the hike guys in Oracle offerings?

Hearing that tax sevice line got 25% as highest hike%? how is it going to be for us in Oracle?

I need some leads to start interviewing. SM be moving me from one project to another like they want to see me fail. Each time i find my feet and start getting appreciation, I'm moved to some other project.
Where are you all applying?
Any leads for jobs that don't include solving tickets and require you to have been part of X implementations??

Heard this from few juniors that salary band across skills in Oracle also vary a lot. Came from someone working in EBS.
Is that true? Or mere hearsay


Hi fishes, expected salary for a consultant designation? YOE: 5, CCTC: 8.

Negotiation is pending. A reply would be much appreciated.

Hello fishes,

Can anyone help me with job referral at
Oracle for PL/SQL Developer Role having YOE: 2.5. Its been nearly a month since I've applied in the Career Portal but there has been no response till now (Status of the application is New).

Oracle India

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