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This bowl is for anyone who is pregnant. "Moms and Dads to be" can join and talk with others throughout the journey!
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Went through the 3hour glucose test today for gestational diabetes and the reports don’t look good. Any advice as to how to manage it, what to expect next, does this increase chance of preterm labor?


Best organic prenatal recs??


Any suggestions on good belly bands?


Deloitte moms, how much of your 6 month mat leave is made up of short term disability and how much is actual paid parental lea… more


Any current or previously pregnant ladies have any tips on how to deal with pupps rash and/or manage stretch marks? 😫


When do you really need to start sleeping on your left side? I’m 15 weeks and keep switching from left to right, and not sure if that’s okay.


8 weeks pregnant and had some spotting yesterday. Drs office is closed for the long weekend but I talked to the on-call nurse who said to call back if it gets heavier. Anyone else had this experienc… more


At week 11 and need to make a decision about chromosome abnormality testing options. There are noninvasive screenings ranging from $350-2800, as well as invasive tests which have 1:200 pregnancy loss … more


Anyone take beef liver supplements during their pregnancy? I started taking them before and they gave me a lot of energy and now I’m reading conflicting things online due to the vitamin A content.


I just started my third trimester and recently fractured one of my molars while eating soft fries (not sure how), but I had a root canal done on that tooth years ago so the tooth is actually a crown. … more


When in your pregnancy did you start gaining weight?


Has anyone at third trimester felt any sudden change in the upper front vagina? I am 32w 5 days pregnant and all on a sudden felt it has widen. I also had few Braxton hick pains yesterday. I asked the… more


I went for my 11 week ultrasound today, and they said they do not measure heart rate beyond 10 weeks. I found a lot of information online about measuring the range of heart beat so it’s in the right r… more


40 weeks pregnant and terrified to be induced. Any tips on how to manage the stress and pain? I’m getting an epidural but still very nervous.


I’m 30 weeks and at risk for preterm labor - suggestions for how to not increase the risk?


Anyone have any good sports bra reccs or any good bras to wear while working out. All mine have that tight strap that cut circulation off lol


Anyone got a "no call" result after the NIPT test? I received the results today and the doctors asked me to draw the blood again for the NIPT Anything to worry about?


Starting second trimester, has anyone had really bad upper back pain like inbtwn shoulder blades? If so, pregnancy pillow help? Also starting to get pain lower abdomen/stomach. Think it’s everything … more


Has anyone filled out the CA disability form for maternity leave benefits? Need help!!!


My wife and I disputed the charge related to the fifth month scan stating the cost of the scan was not something we were informed of and it was part of the prenatal care. The insurance company eventua… more


Anyone traveling for work while pregnant? Are you vaccinated? When did you get it and how far along?

My wife is 28 weeks pregnant and we both are of Indian origin. Today during her scheduled check up with her gynaecologist it was noted that the child was slightly smaller than where it should be at 28… more

Nobody tells ya the random symptoms you are gona get … my belly button is soo damn itchy despite how much lotion I put on!🤣😭 anyone else?


How are my August parents doing? We're do any day now!!

Getting induced tomorrow and still don’t have a name for baby girl! We have a polish last name, any ideas?

Looking for a nursery glider and wondering if folks have recommendations (FTM , due in dec. , TIA)

Last week I had the worst indigestion & heartburn I had ever experienced + dark 💩 + minor nausea, I thought I had an ulcer. Better this week but is this normal or concerning? 😬 Entering week 7 �… more

Global maternity program? Just got a letter and bill from my practice with the expectation to pay for everything (including delivery and some postpartum care) at 7 months. Is this a universal thing to… more

Anyone else dealing with terrible foot pain and have any suggestions? It’s not swollen or tingling. I elevate my feet daily, never walk barefoot, and make my poor hubby give me rubs. I’m assuming it’s… more

We are expecting our first (also the first grandkid for both sides of the family) and our parents have done so much for us- is there a way to make them feel loved? A special grandparents gift?


Our baby is due soon so we’ve made the decision that we will only have visits from vaccinated family members (not realizing it would be an issue) only to find out that my Dad will never be getting vac… more

I am 8 weeks pregnant, and recently have been getting really bad headaches, mostly on the right side of my head. Has anyone experienced this during their first trimester? Any advice or tricks on what … more

I am around 6 weeks pregnant and feeling little feverish now. Temperature was around 100. Has anyone experienced this, what did you do?

Hello, I'm 6 weeks 4 days pregnant, and the nausea has kicked in real bad. Any hacks/tricks to beat it?

Can folks share their experiences of working during 2nd and 3rd trimesters? How hard was it? What accommodations or adjustments did you make? I’m only in my 1st trimester now but will be starting a ne… more

I’m 3 wks from my due date and keep getting assignments. What’s a good way to say “I don’t have the capacity for more work” when it keeps coming from different people.

Hi Moms and Dads to be! What's the best pre natal vitamin out there?

FTM here, 22w along. At what point did you mention the news to clients and how’d you go about it? I’m mostly asking about those clients who you’ve only met virtually during the pandemic.

Is there anything you did for your husband before your first child to make him feel special? He’s been so supportive and helpful for my pregnancy, I want to do something to celebrate him too.


I know this is TMI but I dont care. Has anyone have or have had a huge hemorrhoid during pregnancy?

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