anyone know average pay bump for JD vs MBA?

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Depends on your employer and job profile, I won’t be surprised if it’s zero if any of the above are not required for your job

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11lpa mindtree in hand ?


Anyone know salaries for Inpatient CA in Atlanta? With inflation and cost of living I need to know whats base and what may be just wishful thinking when it comes time to negotiate pay

How much does Wellsfargo offer for a candidate with 7 YOE for a financial consultant position?


Hello Fishes,

I am looking for suggestions how to negotiate position and Salary,

I am scheduled for Salary Negotiation interview in Johnson controls.
They are offering me Deputy Manager however I want Manager in Accounts and Finance - AR

YOE 11 in OTC - AR Finance
Current Role - AM
Current CTC 6.8Lac (Under Paid)


Hi all,

YOE - 4.2 years, CCTC - 12 LPA fixed.

Have an HR discussion within 2 days.

I Would like to know what salary range is given for the post of AWS Consultant.

And how much should I ask?

Hi all.. can someone help me to understand what would be the take home net salary for this salary break up

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Technical Account Manager with over 20 yrs as a Contact Center Engineer. Experienced in Cxone, Aspect, Avaya, Amazon Connect, with AWS SAA Cert. What should my salary range be around?


Anybody with a sailpoint certification here?


Can someone help me with some referrals/opportunities for a Program Manager/ Project Manager? Also if you can you tell me my ECTC is apt for my experience or am I low-balling myself in the current times?

Tech Stack:
Workday HCM, SAP HCM, Concur, Change Management, VMS

YOE: 8 years

ECTC: 60-70 LPA


Please help me decide between below 2 offers in VLSI domain.

I am working as a Design verification engineer and 4 years experienced.

1) Nvidia 25l base + 7 sign on bonus + 60l of stock bonus(vesting 1/4 per year)

2) Marvell 30l base + 14l sign on bonus + 30l of stock bonus (1/4 per year)

Both companies are good in WLB and projects.

Comparatively NVIDIA is top in industry and projects will be better than Marvell. And Marvell is seems to be better in WLB than Nvidia.

Please help me to decide


Hello All,

I got selected in WIPRO and today I got to know they are offering me SAP Successfactor Learning-Lead position.

I am a SAP ABAP on HANA consultant and my interview was also based on my area of expertise only not on Success factor.

Does any one here know about this position in WIPRO. If yes kindly share.

I think they will be giving me Band B3 (correct if my understanding is wrong). My HR round is tomorrow. What is the expected CTC for this band.

YOE - 6.7 yrs


How is Pwc digital? If I do an RPA position within pwc digital, am I only limited to rpa work or can I also be looped into other digital work?


I have got 2 offers. one from EXL, manager/ Senior Consultant 22 Fixed , Gurgaon location . Second one from HSBC for AVP Data Science 26 Fixed , Mumbai Location. I stay in Delhi so no expenses for rent if I choose EXL. which one seems better? Both in terms of work and pay as per the locations?


Any Grainger Commercial Account Executives that can verify base salary range and OTE? Any heads up on benefits would be great as well.


My wife is looking to get into her first Project Management/Project Coordinator role and doesn't have any direct experience, but does have a CSM cert. Does anyone have any ideas or pointers for her?


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RT if SOC reports make you want to put your drain all your own blood and drink it as a smoothie


Bought $2k ELON, $2K TKING and $2K EGC.
Let's see if it can 10x from here before new year.


Hi All,

How much hike I should ask for Manual Testing role, with 4.9 years experience.
My strong areas: Functional testing, Defect Management, web and mobile application testing, worked as team lead for an year, integration of 2 mobile/web applications, Requirement Analysis, Test Case Designing and management, sql testing( basic)

Thanks in advance 😊

How long can you sit on the bench before getting laid off?

Best Michelin for gluten free?


Anyone have any insight on Operations coordinator roles for process improvement in a healthcare consulting start up (established in 2004)? I have about 2 years experience & looking to switch jobs…


Looking for a contact at Joan Creative. I’m loving what I’ve been seeing come out of there, and want to learn more about it / see what opportunities are available.

Hi All 🐠🐟 Hope everyone is doing great Has someone recently joined Deloitte India bangalore recently? I ll be joining soon What happens on day 1? I'm completely new to offline onboarding Was just curious Deloitte Deloitte USI I know that induction is done but could u give me some details


Any opening for 2 years of experience for Tester?


I constantly can’t make it past six months of dating someone. I’ve been with someone for a few months now and we’re getting closer to that milestone and it’s like something in my brain flips. Everything they do is suddenly driving me nuts. Some of it legitimate concerns that were there since the beginning of our relationship that I saw past because of the feelings I was developing. Others totally random stuff that’s driving me nuts. Any advice? I really thought I was ready for this.


Anyone here a Junior Ops Manager at Revolut? Is the culture really as bad as it seems according to glass door reviews


Anyone doing anything cool right now with their clients? (As is pertains to SEO.)


Is it worth pursuing a management position coming from being an engineer? What is your opinion on trying to go this route?


Hello everyone

Please do share any lead to learn or have hands-on experience on Collibra tool.

Any online course or contact will help.



Curious what the last few years have looked like for people in terms of raises and bonuses - looks like yet again this year I’m getting neither and I’m sick of hearing it’s just the industry in general when im not sure that’s really true.


How much does a tax manager make in industry?


Hi fishes,
Can someone help me with the pay range for Cloud SCM functional consultant at Oracle?


Hi! Can anyone provide a Salesforce referral? Thanks!

Does anybody know anything about Forsman? what’s it like there? and how it’s going?


Anyone in the part time masters program at NorthWestern for Predictive Analytics. Just curious what is it like and do you recommend it? Can you dm me?


Additional Posts in Lawyers & Attorneys in Consulting

Would somebody be willing to spend 10-20 mins with me to review my response to a demand/collection letter? Sincerely appreciate any help

How bad is it to blow your first LSAT?


Anyone had luck with BCG? Thinking of using a headhunter to jump to a law firm.

Seeking a lawyer for a small business acquisition. Reach out if you have experience. Thanks!


What does “judgment - contested” means? I filled a small claims against my HOA and the case summary online says “judgment-contested”. Does this mean I lost the case?


Wondering what consulting practices my lawyer friends are in?

Hey all — feeling lost in the early stages of a probate case. Anyone have experience? I’m worried my uncle (executor) is taking advantage of me.

Anyone know of any firms/companies that are still hiring but don't require prior legal experience? Unemployed and job hunting and trying to gain experience but have not had any luck (not a lawyer fyi)

Is there ever a scenario where it would be beneficial to the employee to enter into an arbitration agreement with your employer (mutually consent to resolve by arbitration all claims or controversies, past present or future that the company may have against you or you against the company/company's employees)? I can't see any real benefit as an employee to waive my rights.Context: received an offer in which there is a voluntary arbitration agreement. No adverse employment action if I opt out. TIA

Anyone went to law school after consulting? Any advice on building the law school application? Any other general advice about why you choose it and how do you like it so far?


Anyone know anything about IP law or patent attorney roles. Would love to have a chat. TIA


Sorry for posting this here. I have reached our to a number of RE attorneys and they said they don’t handle landlord tenant situations hence the post here

Question: can an employer legally withhold your personal possessions after you leave the firm? I left my old firm recently and they were not happy about me joining another consultancy. They are withholding any belongings that I left in the office and have ignored my emails asking to arrange a pick up or delivery of my personal items. I understand the covid19 environment impacts the situation, but anything I can do to get my stuff back? Any help would be appreciated. I’m based in NYC!

Hi! Anyone attend law school part-time while working full time? If so, would you be willing to share the total debt you graduated with? I only ask because I have not been able to find any info related to this online (only stats on full-time students).

I will be submitting applications to schools in one month, but really want to gain a better understanding of finances during and after graduating from law school.


Recruiters- Are any of you hiring for Corporate law, tax, or any other interesting fields? I’m an admitted attorney in NYC. Thanks!

If my lawyer sent a document with my signature on my behalf to the judge/investigator before I was ready for them to and didn’t notify me till several hours later when I asked when the final doc would go be ready for me to review, should I be upset? I was not copied or bcc’d on the email so I feel like this is unacceptable but not sure what lawyers usually do.


Any litigation attorney here?

How do first rights (ROFR) work at ones death? If the company has the right to shares anytime there’s a transfer of possession, does that mean the inheritors have to make an offer to the estate for the shares and obtain the boards approval/rejection of the offer?


Question for fellow attorneys:

I applied to a credit card with Chase a few months ago and within 7 days I was told it was rejected and they would send a letter explaining why.

Chase has recently calling to say it expired (they said it wasn’t rejected but I was told on the recorded line that it was).

Isn’t this against the law (fair credit reporting act)?. I’m not a lawyer so I’d love to hear your thoughts

A question:
Is it possible to become an attorney (getting JD, admission to bar and keep license to practice) but not practice law at all and keep working in a totally different profession where you are already working at? I know professionally this doesn’t make sense but just curious to know.


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