Can someone help me with questions asked for an advanced SQL interview?

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What is the Accenture Strategy Confirming in person interview like?

Why is it so difficult to make the next career move within your OWN company. I have over 7 years of experience across multiple departments and yet an external company is more willing to give an interview to select roles than your own home company for the same role internally!!

Where is the loyalty in that !!??


Hi, I have an interview with AWS soon. I have read the leadership principles and was wondering what you are supposed to say when you don’t have a good example for a particular LP? Is that a red flag for the interviewer?

Hey folks

I have been interviewed for cloud consulting role in capability networks. I see lot of reviews as it’s a bad place to work for.. need some genuine inputs to consider. It’s for India location..


We are recruiting for a top pharmaceutical healthcare agency that is 100% remote.

Client: "Find us 37 HCP/DTC copywriters"
Us: "Let's go!

The client has been hugely responsive, great to work with, has streamlined their interview process and greatly communicative with their prospects.

It has been night and day with some other clients dragging their feet in making decisions and scheduling up to 8 interviews.

Clients, candidates, job seekers, hiring managers, - our most valuable thing is time


I gave my technical interview on 14th June for EPAM Anywhere and it went great. But it's been 4 days and I have not got a reply from the recruiter team. How much days does it take for them to reply back?


Anyone else frustrated with the lack of follow through from potential employers? I have had two companies undercut my ability to have an equal chance to compete for a role. One company kept telling me a second interview would happen in a few weeks. Nothing for 3 months even with my check ins. To just find out the role was filled. Another company flat out said they couldn’t find my application (in their system where it was attached to job req number) and filled the role.


Hi Guys,
I am from mainframe technology having 7YOE.
Planning for a job change as my current organization is not having much scope.
Can someone please guide me on which topics or area I need to focus more on to clear the interview.
I have given a few interviews and haven't cleared it so I'm feeling very low at this point of time.
Any help would be appreciated

Hello there! I have applied to so many jobs at Tesla (like 10 no kidding), and I don’t even get to the phone screaning part… I have a Master and a lot of certificates, any company would be lucky to have me, is there a secret I don’t know to get an interview at Tesla? 😁


Could I get a referral for KPMG? I’m applying for Assistant Manager- Data Scientist in London. Trying to transition from academia to industry. Thanks!


Can one derive Equity IRR from Project IRR without having access to cash flows?

I was asked this question in an interview and the interviewer acted as if it was a fairly simple question(?)


Hi fishes,
Has Any one attended TCS Interview on 24th June ?


Enterprise/Field/Mid-Market reps: any interview tips?

Looking to jump from AE to Mid-Market or Enterprise AE


Any word on hiring freeze at Deloitte? Has been 3 weeks since my partner interview in which an offer was discussed and 2 weeks since recruiter confirmed an offer would be made but waiting on approvals. Role is for public sector ETP


How many rounds of interview are there in infy... I have taken interview for SAP SD yesterday 12th March it was technical round, the interviewer asked from basic to the issue i handle in my current project and curry CTC and expected CTC... No idea of what is the next step.. can any one help me to know if i have any other rounds of interview... Thanks in advance...

I have completed and submitted my PDM and BGV on 5th October. Following then my candidature is on 'interview' stage on IBM career portal.

Now after 60 days HR mailed me that my candidature is on "Business Withhold",They will get back when it's resolved.

Is there still any hope or it is just a false explanation before they will permanently close my candidature.


What are some common technical interview questions that come up most often in PM interviews?


Best books to study for case-study interviews? Or methods people have used? Coming from the consulting industry already but not a pure strategy role so need to catch up to speed fast


How are ey gds client interviews?


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GMAT takers. On exam day did you (and do you recommend):
1. Not taking stimulants (after taking them daily) /
2. Taking same dosage / 3. Taking an incrementally higher dosage as a boost / 4. Not taking any for a few days before exam and taking it on exam day


Can pega developer or infact any low code developer earn hefty if the person has experience in DSA and algorithm


Hi folks,
Can anyone help for How's us bank account in synechron??


I am very keen on joining BA Continuum.Can anyone help me ?I have 1 YOE and looking for opportunity in Chennai.
I can DM the further details.

Planning Italy for 2 weeks and fancy wine tastings and some relaxation in lake como or AC. Any recommendations of hotels/vineyards or tour/planning agencies that will take care of it? Don’t mind spending (late honeymoon) but also appreciate the off the beaten path find!


Any benefits if we complete wings 1 assessment..?


What is better? 40LPA in India, well settled life and staying with family OR 120k CAD in Toronto, canada?

Please suggest


Just got a job offer with CVS. To say the least I’m super excited to work for an Fortune 5 company. However, the job offer 1k less than my current company, but I thought this will be boost my growth and experience. Was my choices a smart move? Has anyone took a job that the pay was less than your current company ? Also, any insight with CVS and how I can advance my career there will be greatly appreciate.


Can anyone give ideas on Novartis case Study round?
Can I prepare it from somewhere?


Thanks for doing this! How did ya'll at Landed come up with this idea? Super interesting.


I've totally lost my motivation to do side projects. I used to leave the office, come home and do personal work all night, but now WFH has taken over my home office sanctuary.


Those who joined pune or Hyderabad location as Analyst on 8th August , how is it going ? Work pressure or training what is happening there ? I have joined pune but there is no one in oune location so Wanted to know if anyone joined before me then let's connect


PLEASE HELP. I got a job offer from KJ Logistics Singapore, is this company genuine or fake? Have you heard about it?
I might sound naive because I am. I've only been working in this field for 3 months.


This job is so depressing. How did some of you go about looking for other opportunities?


How’s the pay for people switching jobs rn in LA?


Anyone ever use “solo practice university”? Are the classes actually helpful? Is there a value here? Thanks.


Got offers from Infosys (Location: Bhubaneswar) and LTI (Location: Bangalore). LTI's offer is about 80K more. Having 10 years of experience. Variable pay of Infosys is 15% whereas in LTI is 10%. Which one to join?? Also, what percentage of variable pay will one usually get at LTI and the updates for back to office at LTI?? Profile: Automation testing using Selenium. Please suggest!!


What are some of the pay ranges to expect in CLT as a business project manager?


Additional Posts in Technical Interview Preparation

Can anyone share microservices questions

Can anyone help me with the first round questions of Airtel for a ReactJS developer/ Frontend Developer?

Hi fishes,

I have an interview with
Infosys on Saturday for tableau admin role. Can someone share some interview questions for this role and what to expect and any tips as I don’t have experience in tableau admin.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all, anyone gave the codility test for microsoft interview? Please let me know what all things will be there in test? I am working as a tester - automation tester. Does this test will be more of a testing related or coding related? Microsoft

Any pointers on the "Hiring Manager + Technical Interview" round with Paypal? This is my 3rd round, seeking clarity on areas I can prepare for.

Hi All,
I have not attended any interview for the past 7 years.
I am preparing for interviews in the coming week, Is there any website that conduct mock interviews (free preferable) which can help with my preparation?


Anyone attended Zenius's technical interview? I am attending for backend developer role. Interview is of 90mins. Advice will be helpful.

Is dsa important for technical interview for 2-3 YOE?

I'm having interview with Morgan Stanley , JPMorgan Chase , Siemens this week.
Can someone please post the programming questions who attended the interview recently in these companies.

Tech Stack: Java, Microservices, Cloud
YOE: 6.2 yrs

I've a interview with zensar technology and fareportal in next 2 days. What questions will be asked generally ?
YOE: 4
Skills: React Js, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Anyone recently given interview for Persistent Systems.... Please share interview rounds and details for Experienced Java Developer Role@

Hi Fishes
Can anyone please elaborate what to answer when asked about ssh and SSL vulnerabilities in an interview.

Any pointers for Novartis data engineer manager role the questions asked and tge case study

Anyone recently interviewed fasal? Its a agritech start up based in bengaluru?@fasal

Oracle im .Net developer with 7 YOE. I've cleared 1st round of oracle. Anyone attended interview recently can help me with what the 2nd round would be?( Coding/questions/ architecture etc.,)

Has anyone given interview in Apple Inc
the first round is live coding test

any guidance on the process and questions would be really helpful

if anyone working in Apple can help that works also be great .

Hi fishes.
Any interview questions suggestions for third party risk assessment would be appreciated.

Big-o-cheatsheet (O). Time and Space Complexities.

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Hey fishes,
I have a technical interview with Bd medical device company for the role of design quality assurance.What type of questions can i expect?
Please dm me..
Thank you!

What are ways to deal with high latency mricroservice in a given region. Given that it's Cpu utilization is not exhausted.. So no vertical scaling ???

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