Desi folks, need help. I am frustrated with my current role, feel stuck and losing confidence every single passing day. Been job hunting for past year but no luck. Working in IT advisory but looking to move to program manager roles in tech. What are some of the companies that I can target which can offer a way out of consulting. I am starting to get minor panic attacks about not being able to change jobs.

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From those interviews what was your take away? Do they need more technical knowledge, industry expertise, hands on proficiency or is it personality match?
You should lay out the job descriptions you are interested in pursuing alongside your resume - score high, medium, low on each requirement and work on those that need to be polished, maybe get some certifications. Take some time in preparing and you will be off the market like hot cake. Be mindful it’s pandemic, last qtr with fewer openings right now. Come back with a bang into the new year. Good luck!


I think it is combination of story telling, tech skills, and general selling capability. I am pretty good at execution but I am bad at story telling and selling myself. This is what is causing me concerns, how do I become a better story teller and improve my sales pitch?

What location are you at OP? I think the industry in the nearby market is also key to finding your next role


Based out of NY

Have 10+years of exp in management consulting with focus on requirements, Application implementation, data, PMO, stakeholder management, financial risk management

What is your current role op?

Manager at EY doing exactly the above

OP - same situation. I am stuck in erp hell :(

I have done few interviews these past few months but couldn’t make it past the first round for few and didn’t get through amazon loop.

OP - do you need sponsorship?

Yes, I do need sponsorship. I am on H1

Do you feel you are well prepared? Industry interviews are quite rigorous and consulting doesn’t help us being at a pro level with what we do. It’s honestly bits and pieces of all.

OP - if you ask most interviewers will share feedback on what you could have done better, or why you didn't get the role. Do reach out and get that, it may help focus on what the underlying issue is.

I have tried but have not received a single feedback

What is the best way to network and prepare for interviews?

Join meet ups , now virtual events. Connect with all your friends and past colleagues. Many places are hiring.

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Any one can help me to find out the possible data analytics position in big four?


Opening in Wipro for PL/SQL Developer
Experience: 4+ years
Work Location: Hyderabad
If interested please DM your full name and email id


KPMG Internal Audit opening

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Anyone Facebook (Meta) -Ireland able to do a referral for a People Operations role. Currently a CW wanting to move to FTE. Thanks ☺️


I'm moving from NYC to Nashville next month and I don't have another job lined up. I'm 3 years post grad and trying to figure out what I want to do. What have you done to figure out where your experience and interests intersect? Any success stories or advice for building a network in a new city? (Sorry if this is the wrong bowl for this, first time posting here)


How's the legal market in Denver and/or Boulder right now? Any associate hiring going on?


So I know it's kinda late in the game but are there still summer internship openings for someone who is a sophomore in college with computer science major? Asking for my brother. He is studying Java and Python.

Hi, anyone looking for referrals for profile- python, Java, project management, azure, cloud architect etc can DM me. There are openings in LTI.


Trying to break into pharmaceutical or biotech companies. I have 6 plus years of clinical research experience in trial management. I am looking for a remote position preferably! Any referrals would be appreciated it.


Any BCG 🐠 based out of the DC office care to chat and/or provide a referral?

If you could get your company to cover costs for certification and / or trainings what is your dream list?


Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to land my first product design role and I can’t seem to get my foot in the door. I’ve asked mentors from ADPlist to review my LinkedIn and resume as well as my portfolio and I haven’t had any luck. I graduated from uni in 2020, was bedridden for a whole year which led me to fall behind and I’m embarrassed that I can’t seem to get a job after months of actively trying - I desperately need help as I’m on a Visa that requires me to be employed.
Any advice?

Anyone aware of how to figure out the level- L4/L5/L6 for any job openings? Looking at a opening for systems engineer

What are the odds of actually landing a position? How many people are typically making it to final round interviews at amazon?


Going to start studying to take my CPA exams. Which of the four exams should I take first?


Is it possible to pass CFA with 2 months of studying?


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Need advice! I accepted an offer mid Oct and just found out my new company opened a new role above me at the title I was asking for originally but was told I would move up when they were ready to build out the team. I am over qualified for my role now and already meet the exp of the new role above me. Very salty and feel like they are setting me up to feel stuck before I even start. What do I did?


DM for Microsoft referrals


Started applying around and received offer right before senior promotion for a role I really want and salary above my expectation....leaning towards taking it


Is it worth holding Abbvie, J&J, and Eli Lilly? If not any suggestions on which to get rid of?



Please shower your suggestions.

Im based out of hyderabad.

1) Accenture banglore - 12 fixed +21% variable
2)wipro hyderabad - client contract will be 6 months - 14.5 CTC

Which one will be better option in terms of
Job security


Trading Event Sponsorship for Party Rentals! Hey everyone - as a nonprofit we are having an upcoming event and having sponsors for it. We don’t have a huge budget so we are looking to ‘trade’ these sponsorships for table/chair rentals. Since we are a nonprofit are we able to give them the deduction value to claim on their taxes?


Hello.. Does anyone from EY GDS know if e-exit portal gets blocked during weekend? Tried accessing it and I couldn't. Thanks !! EY


Gym shorts or gym pants? Which should I buy?


Anyone have info on the Fitler Club?


Would you mind sharing some of your favorite templates to create a social media calendar? General advice is welcome too 🙂


Anyone know what’s it’s like working at Venable LLP? Am 70


Facebook (Meta) and Google folks: how likely is for a product manager candidate to get picked up from an online application without a recommendation? Or put differently, how much of a difference does a recommendation make?

Hello everyone, would appreciate any referral for the angular developer. I have got 4 years of experience as a frontend developer. Notice period is 3 months. Looking for permanent work from home jobs only.


Average salary for it support job with 4 yrs experience

Would jumping to a boutique FDD practice (like riveron) impact exit opps?


I'm noticing there is an increasing amount of discrepancy between a DSP and an Ad Server. The DSP is delivering in full while the Ad Server is not - showing about a 20%+ difference. Is anyone running into this issue and/or have a solve? Obviously this is hurting the sellers.


Hi Fishes,

I am a .Net MVC developer who can join immediately. I have completed my notice. Please refer me for the opportunities.

Prev employer: Infosys
Exp : 4.7 years
CCTC : 5.7 LPA
Expected CTC : 10LPA
Current stack : .NET MVC
Notice : Completed and can join immediately.

Please let me know if there are any opportunities.
Thanks in advance.


Found this the other day

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Any consultants from computer science major? Can you please share the kind of work you do..I am not a big fan of coding but want to do some level of technical work..fine with front end/UI development (not sure if this a good career choice and if there is anything at EY). I'm trying to figure out different options that technical people have in consulting other than just coding. Please provide your insights.


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