{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Do you feel KPMG is putting people at risk encouraging to go back to the office? It’s not mandatory yet but I can see leadership promoting/expecting and those following would eventually fall in their good books. How hard is it to understand that pandemic is not over by any means?", "post_id": "620ffba67c6d370031c023e2", "reply_count": 337, "vote_count": 74, "bowl_id": "5e6fe1c31f5e51001d267e46", "bowl_name": "The Work-Life Bowl", "feed_type": "bowl" }

Do you feel KPMG is putting people at risk encouraging to go back to the office? It’s not mandatory yet but I can see leadership promoting/expecting and those following would eventually fall in their good books. How hard is it to understand that pandemic is not over by any means?

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As to whether they’re putting people at risk, it depends on what safety measures they’re taking. With proper policies in place, I think having the option to return is fine.

I don’t agree with requiring returning to the office for jobs that don’t absolutely require it (which already had to go in before now anyway). This is for multiple reasons: 1) It’s not endemic yet (but is heading there; hopefully we’ll get there soon). It is still a pandemic, and people have different risk tolerances. 2) We’ve proven over the last 2 years that working onsite is not necessary for most office jobs. The jobs that really need it have required it all along. For everyone else, it’s just the company returning to a more old-school way of functioning. 3) hybrid models are entirely reasonable. Companies can easily allow people who want to return to the office to do so without requiring it of everyone. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing - we can adapt by giving people the option. BUT companies doing so do need to proactively make sure people working remotely aren’t overlooked or “punished” by management

Ultimately, companies that go back to requiring 100% attendance are going to have a lot of turnover. It’s already an employee’s market right now; companies need to be proactively thinking of how to retain their people. A lot of candidates we’ve interviewed at my company are leaving their current jobs because of return to office requirements.


President 1 - employees are much less replaceable right now than in the past, and with an attitude like that you’ll be finding that out the hard way. Are you aware of “the great resignation” and how much companies are struggling to get and retain talent? The power balance has shifted in favor of employees and employers need to adjust accordingly. Also, turnover is expensive. Even if you can replace every lost employee with one of equal or better caliber (unlikely) there’s a huge cost to the company to do so.


The return to office movement is led mainly by "leaders" who see a threat to their petty power games and can't get over their inertia despite what they likely preach to clients about future trends. Pay attention, OP, and make careful decisions about the quality of leadership you want to work for. You have one life.

It's telling when people will carefully carve out exceptions to minimize the danger covid poses, like leaving out unvaccinated, immunocompromized, elerly or overweight individuals from their calculations. As if a vaccinated person can't transmit to these groups, or those lives are worth less than minor inconvenience or discomfort for those of us who are young and healthy.

World War II lasted six years; it was won the backs of young men, some barely twenty. I wonder what those today whose argument amounts to "It's been two years and I won't be directly affected" would have made of that threat. Short-termism is the real endemic.



A lot of “leaders” made careers blabbing in conference rooms and sitting in private office ivory towers.

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No, risk is gone. Let’s get back to life


To be fair, there is no decision you make in life that is risk free or has 0 risk. Everything we do has a risk; however risk is also personal. Some people’s threshold for risk tolerance are higher than others as well.

For example, I don’t believe COVID poses a risk to my family as our immune system has been good thus far. We have been in close contact with a COVID positive person for a week, and the entire time my family and I tested negative for COVID.

As an aside, I do take my due diligence seriously and respect other’s choices for their own health. When my daughter gets sick, I make sure she isn’t contagious before taking her to school.

Does anyone here understand being vaccinated won’t make you a superhuman and there is a very limited time you would get the protection if vaccinated? Do you understand the implications of a unvaccinated kid at home when you come back from the office each day?


TSA1 your stats are complete BS. It’s embarrassing how wrong you are.


Hot take. Hear me out. Most people have proven that they are incredibly productive at home.

I think it’s safe to say that there’s a large population of people who probably never wanted to have to go to the office before Covid and now after working remotely for more than two years have no desire to return. In the same breath there are a lot of people who would prefer to work in an office. The world is full of contrast and isn’t that awesome?! Thank goodness that there are people that like accounting and finance because I could never.

I think the best possible scenario is letting the employee choose their preference.


KPMG9 - I’d choose “everyone gets to be right, partially” over “someone’s gotta be wrong” :)


You’re more likely to die in the car on the way to the office than from getting Covid at the office at this point.


Yeah but the histrionics make me seem like a good person to people who read NYT and listen to NPR and I like that feeling so…


Yup just don’t go back to office. If you need a fully remote role apply to PwC we have 100% remote, hybrid, and full office available too.


I second this. EY or PwC. Deloitte and KPMG have no idea what they're doing


The people who claim long covid is a danger to the majority of the population are just as ridiculous as the no-vaccine people who think they have the immune system to beat it.

The data is in that the vast majority (find the data but I'm sure it's over 98%) who are vaccinated and beat covid get over it with no long Ill affects.

Stay home if you want. But those who think we all still need to Quarantine are advocating for something as ridiculous if not more harmful then the anti vaccine people who are claiming that the vaccine is dangerous.


Did I miss an announcement of a mandate? Private employers making rules is NOT a mandate.

If you didn't get the vaccine, you are anti vaccine. Just own it.

My group at KPMG just announced after months of surveying that they want us in 3 days a week. Personally, I am not happy about the decision. The part that irks me most is there was no reasoning behind the decision. Not a “we want you in for X days because of X”. Just a “we are moving to 3 days a week in the office, see you there” type messaging. TBD if the job hunt begins over the next few months.


My job is the same. My friend sent me an article on business write offs (I’m in ma) to be considered ma office to receive some (forgot name) tax credit you must have x% of employees in location at least 3 days a week . Idk what state you are but maybe it’s similar- gotta get those tax write offs !! -_-


I like work from home as you don't have to deal with cheap office politics and rather focus on the job at hand. Most of the people who are supporting to go back office will soon find out cons of it unless you are truly amazing at your job. Large offices especially at Big 4 are full of BS.

Additionally, wfh gives a lot of flexibility and you can spend some quality time with the family. I don't understand why we should spend whole day either doing/thinking/talking about the office work.

Work and earn money is a part of life and not the life itself.


Office politics are 💯 still in play even if working remotely.


The pandemic is over. At worst, it’s an endemic now. Enough with the fear mongering from the blue dumbbells who can’t seem to let this go. Wear your mask if you must, but get back to living. Enough is enough.


understand the balance. some people live alone in a small place and need another environment. covid health isnt the only thing in play here. mental health is important.


But then give the employees the choice to determine their own balance. If people are actually as excited to go back into the office as others are saying on this thread, then there would be a healthy balance of people in the office and people at home. There’s no need for these companies to force people to come in (or stay home, for that matter). Let us choose.


The people on here that want to go back to the office full time scare me. I’m ok with two times a week but full time? Cmon you have to be sick in the head to want to go back everyday


It should be a choice at minimum.

Each person deciding for themselves on a range of 0 to 5.


I’m not concerned about the risk anymore, but making people go back to the office is a boomer mentality. Times have changed.


Haha. The only thing that's keeping me from going back is the commute. Otherwise, i think people are just tired of this pandemic and would want to resume to the normal life.


At what point is the pandemic over to you, op?


Yeah just equates to locking me up. Can I just die already. Would be much easier

i can’t believe the amount of squares that think forcing people to be working in office is the move.

like even if there wasn’t a pandemic, wfh makes the b4 grind much more manageable. get like 2 hours back from your day and you don’t have to deal with expenses of commuting and time to get ready in the morning.

i have a life, don’t care about making the office feel like a fake family tbh


There is a lot of value to being in an office environment. It’s not about the office being your family, it’s about learning and skill building and if you think remote replaces the office I could not disagree more. I think new graduates are facing a big disadvantage not having that experience. The ability to just be around different people with different skill sets or just to sit at someone’s desk while they help or show you something has immense value. Observing interactions and calls you might not otherwise be a part of.

I do agree that there is value to gaining that extra time some days, but there is a ton that is lost when things are only remote.


The pandemic is over. Time to put your big boy or girl pants on and go back to work.


I want gum gum.

Omg are we still scared to go back in the office. Stop blaming covid and say you don’t want to be back in the office


Playing the COVID card does work pretty well though.


Clearly OP is just okay instigating the thread, else I am truly amazed at their lack of ability to understand risk.

In addition, I find this attitude if we must be remote for safety to be so tone deaf. OP do you realize while you work remote from your ivory tower eating bon bons there is an entire indentured working class working in factories, service, and transportation to serve your decadent lifestyle. They never had an opportunity to be remote. Thus when we the 1% whine about going to a Cush office we sound like a disconnected privileged elite.


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