Get to know me!

- Worked in Tech for over 20 yrs
- Born and raised in The Dominican Republic
- Moved to he US at 17 after HD
- Living in NYC
- Started as a Help Desk Support Technician
- Love humans way more than technology
- Fierce advocate for Diversity and Inclusion
- My mission si to elevate the voices of women and underrepresented minorities in Tech
- Love traveling and photography
- Ready to give back!

How about you?

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So inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Love this

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With a renewed focus on diversity in the U.S., agencies should scrutinize their Hispanic and Latin American stats.

The top five Hispanic and Latin American groups in the U.S. are Mexican, who are 62%, Cubans are 4%, Puerto Ricans are 4% on the mainland (+6% in P.R.), Salvadorians are 4%, and Dominicans are 3%.

Spaniards make up only 0.8% of U.S. Hispanics, Brazilians are 0.4% of U.S. Latin Americans.

So flaunting stats of creatives on work visas from Madrid and São Paulo is cheating.


EYP 🐠 🐟: Can you share what is the interview process for Turnaround and Restructuring is like (eg, case study, behavioral, etc)? And can you share your thoughts about working there (eg, culture, WLB, diversity, etc.). I did a search and could not find this info. TIA!EY-Parthenon EY


Do you have kids? Do you want kids? Include age, gender, and married/single.


We are starting to really address diversify and inclusion and build partnerships with community resources.

What do you feel is important in building out DEI program?

Please read before posting.
> Please avoid sensitive information
> Please avoid race/gender/ethnicity based offensive/inflammatory content.
> Please message a member directly when appropriate.
> No abusive/offensive language in this group

My work location would be baner, Pune.

Anyone require flatmate ? Please DM me.

Gender: Male
Age: 24.8.

Software Engineer.

How to handle boss who discriminates. Recently got into a new role, I have faced blatant gender discrimination in the past and realize it is a bank wide issue. Details: I work with a male who has been here longer and trained me, he has one project all 8-5 hours- admits it’s not a full day of work, makes more than me and is higher rank. I have two projects, been here 2 months- apac emea and na hours so I’m working long days. Paid less, when i ask for help i don’t get responses- more below.


Team just had an open discussion about diversity. Found it really awkward to actually find myself express the truth about how it is to work as a black professional to others that might not understand


This is not to start a gender war but :

She literally said “George would want us to forgive”.

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Really looking for a way to turn around a toxic building culture with staff to staff bullying, cliques/social isolation, hard feelings on big topics (racism, non acceptance of gender identity). Last year the staff polarized with the lead bully whom I helped leave. And the lead gossip (who was my secretary) that gained their sympathy and turned them against me. She also left. Now I need to regain trust and eliminate unacceptable teacher behaviors. Open to any and all advice.


ClearView is not just super white, it’s super northeastern white. Can we just have some diversity please — the bar is so low rn


Welcome to the HR Equity and Inclusion Bowl, let’s come together to discuss ways we can change organization culture, so that all staff feel a sense of belonging.


The concept of PAR can be applied to racial equity and inclusion work as:

Privilege is reinforced over time - it does not happen suddenly!

Any agency in Chicago hiring for Diversity & Inclusion and open to actually addressing the challenges and make change? Bonus points for an agency that allocates a proper budget.

Amazon's poor culture is for real - . I wish all those stories were untrue but unfortunately they are not . I have seen lack of inclusion , people being abrasive , rude and aggressive on pretext of following the conflicting leadership principles. The PIP culture makes everyone ultra competitive and discourages teaming . The money is amazing but it's just not worth it


I recently left solo work to an in-house role where I am the only poc my team. I honestly feel my team has never had a poc on the team coupled with the fact that I’m much younger. 08 grad.I’m still learning ropes I can’t help but get this sense that they feel I’m not qualified but was only hired as a “diversity hire”. I feel so out of place. They’re nice folks but the comments makes me so uncomfortable as if they’re working with a first year who doesn’t know a lot. Tell me it gets better please!


Is having an all-female event in a company setting inherently sexist? Isn’t defining who is allowed to attend an event based on gender the definition of sexism and should not be allowed?


Let’s start by posting age, location gender (a selfie if you want!) I’m 30/M from nyc looking for something more serious these days in terms of dating..


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Thoughts on Huge?


Incoming newbie here! Do we have a WFH expense for equipment? Dual monitors, etc.?


I just took started a new job, better money but not super excited about the agency. A better one wants to start the interview process. Do I have the conversation? How do I talk about just starting a job? Or do I chalk it up as a loss?


What are some habits/routines you were set on keeping and sticking to when starting out in big law that you felt were super important to you? E.g., cooking every night, working out every morning, etc.


Hi Fishes,

I'm looking for job opportunities in startups.
Please suggest me some midrange startups.
Looking for Python developer / Data Analyst roles.
YOE 2 Years 10 Months
Tech : Python, Flask, Tableau, SQL, Javascript, Angular



New joiners who completed orientation program with Accenture - have they stopped the wfh 18k allowance program from march?


How does your department/company decide who gets what holidays off? Do you draw for it or decide it based on whose been there the longest? I don't have any kids so I don't mind taking one night shift or being on call one of the nights, but I'm working both Christmas eve and Christmas day at night, and I worked Thanksgiving night. I'd love to suggest a fairer way to decide to my director, but need ideas. Thank you


How’s work life balance of Pentesters in services/consulting? Want to understand as I am looking to transition into cyber security role and have to consider this as an important criteria. Also, is this job with very high expectations, as I’m afraid if I would live up to the expectations due to learning curve..


How do I look up values from a column in a row? E.g. Values in A1:A6 in B2:F2?


Is everyone burnt out at this point?


How is the Tech Mahindra SBI belapur (Navi Mumbai) projects?

Any one have any idea about the project and work pressure?

I have an opportunity der as a Technical project manager.


Thoughts on Ogilvy Chicago?


Partners. Outside of the weekends, do you actually see and spend time with your kids during the week? And I don’t mean just tucking them in for bed.


Hello! Need hearts to unlock my DMs! Thank you so much 💛🙏🏼


Subject Matter Infants

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I had a budget of 10k to celebrate a milestone. It found this VC56 for 14k which I also like. Wondering if this community thinks this is a good watch to go over my budget or are there other better watches for this price? Thank you.

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Anyone here need plus points for united upgrades?


Both Queen and her husband didn’t die until their late 90s. I’m curious how they managed to do that. What was their lifestyle like?


Are mergers or divestitures easier work?


Additional Posts in Latinx in Tech


I will be doing a live session to talk about the issues affecting women in tech. If you have a topic you want to hear, let me know.


Hi 👋 I’m in charge of our educational segment during our Latin Appreciation month and would love some ideas. Either a topic, a youtube speech or some speaker that you’d recommend? Gracias!

At some point in our careers, we've been affected by imposter syndrome, even if you want to call it something else. Would love to hear how you dealt with it... What helped you "feel" more confident in your abilities?


My goal is to create s safe space for the "LatinX Community in Tech" to share our experiences and connect with each other. I've worked in Tech for over 20 years and my goal is to share my wisdom with my peers to help the next generation thrive. Welcome!

I wonder what has worked for you when interrupted during meetings?


Wishing those who celebrate a happy #pride month. Be well!

I know this bowl has been a little inactive, but I wanna just share this.

I'm just hoping to communicate with others in this industry. Im 21 and struggling to show whether its worth it to take some certs or keep trucking on with the experiences as an IT contractor.

Everyday, day in and day out I hear that Im the the first "lady" in this and the first Latin(e) in that, and I feel alone, professionally, and need guidance.


A little reminder to get you going this week...

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Hey Gente, Im applying for jobs and I wanted to get others opinion on the race part of the application process. As an indigenous LatinX I worry that if I put indigenous it won’t tick the “diversity” box for the algorithm or recruiters. I work with (not in) the I&D dept at my company and our target recruiting groups don’t include or mention indigenous. Any recruiters here that have insight?

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