Hallo 🐠 got a promotion and transfer opportunity to move to Amsterdam from the US (I’m in the industry). Looking for inputs on best neighborhoods to rent a place! I’m moving with my fiancé and we are in our late 20s

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I moved here from the US too. Love the Amsterdam West area. It’s affordable compared to the center, close to the airport, many parks, great art and food scene, and very well-connected to public transport. Feel free to dm me if you’ve questions


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Hi all,

Could people let me know their experience of how long they were an Account Executive before they received a promotion to Account Manager?


Curious what’s a fair salary in MA? Was just told that there is likely not going to be a chance for a raise during my upcoming performance review due to my salary already being “above average for the industry” based on my employer’s questionable research. I’ve been with the company 8.5 years & am the only one in my role, which they can’t operate without. I execute tasks from two investment advisors and two financial planners - they make the decisions of what should happen & I make it happen.


Is C2 to d1 progression after certain time or its promotion based on other aspects

I am currently with my employer for almost 3 years 7 months. I just joined back after my maternity leave.
I was expecting a promotion when I joined back because I have been working towards it since 2021 Q2 but they are still considering it. My base pay was 80K when i joined in 2019 and since then with pandemic and all current pay is 84.5K.
How do i negotiate my promotion and how much should i ask?


What additional equity can be expected after a Series A-C promotion from IC to RVP? I received .0054 initially. I have closed the majority of the business at the company, and I w2’d 1.4m last year to put it in perspective. I am grateful; however, I want an idea of the equity ranges I will be dealing with. It will be a negotiation. Thank you. At the end of the day I am greedy as fuck.


I want to do an MBA in the next 2 years. I’m currently up for Senior consultant promotion but I don’t think I can make good money in consulting till I become Partner. My boyfriend isn’t supportive of this decision. He believes it will alter our plans (marriage, children etc). He also thinks immigration will be a big hassle since I’ve already used my 3 years of OPT. What should I do?


Annual Raise coming up:

Current salary is X where X = $75k + an annual bonus that only applies if the company does well that year

Desired salary is Y where Y = a range from 80 - 89.999

Problem is I've been told that salary typically only gets raised 3% each year, without deviation.

To reach Y, I would need at least a 0.0667% increase or so.

Am I boned or.. ?


Can anyone speak to the Pfizer Strategy and Consulting practice? What’s the culture, comp, interview process, promotion timeline, etc like?


Mid level Electrical Engineer in the greater Baltimore, MD area making $115k base w/ $20k sign on bonus. No yearly bonus. I started this job in April of this year. 2-3 years experience. When I onboarded they told me to expect promotion to EE III in about a year. Performance reviews coming at the end of the this year and I’m wondering 1) if my salary is on par with what I should expect 2) how to approach conversations about raises and promotion with my supervisor. Thanks for any insights.


Dear advertising ladies/mamas.
Do you see it being realistic to raise a child as a single mom in NYC?
Working as an AD in advertising, I know that it can be a very busy/demanding job, and I don’t have a big support system around.
But my main concern though is the financial aspect.
How much $ do you reckon I should make to have a good/decent life as a single mom in the city?
Thanks in advance!


I was hired as a graduate consultant developer Thoughtworks in middle of 2020 and will be expecting my first performance based apraisal in April. How much should I expect? If I am not happy with my raise can, whom should I contact to?


Calling all ID Associates: Do you expect a cost of living raise from one year to the next? My mid-size ID firm did not give any associate raises for 2021-2022 and a wave of associates quit in response. I’m anxious 2023 will be no different. What’s the expectation?


Hi All,
Promotion letters are out for C2 and C3A

At a different job I had a customer trying to swindle me in telling me that there was a deal in an item that never had a deal or promotion for sale so he made me scan the item 20 times before believing me. Obviously, he finally let it go but I scan it with an inventory scanner that showed me all of the sale price promotions if there were any


At what point in my career as a receptionist should I consider asking for a raise? After one year? After five?


Hi ppl,
I heard that for hike, promotion input about performance is taken from TL and teammates and Lumos plays only a very minute role in it. Is this true?

Hi fishes, what's the promotion criteria in CitiusTech? If we join this year may means then when can we expect promotion and how much hike they will provide???


Hello Fishes ,

My wife has received an offer for the position of ESG reporting specialist .

Package : 12 LPA
YOE : 4 Years

She is currently working with EY and is due for a raise with current package of 7 LPA. However , her concern is that in EY she gets to work with different clients and create reports for them which offers a lot of challenges and she enjoys those which might be missing in UBS

Any suggestions on whether she should join ?

I have been working for IBM my entire career and I love it here. I have been on the cusp of partner for 5 years now , beat my numbers every year, but I suck at self promotion. Hate doing it.


Trying to push for a promotion. Any tips on advocating for myself and getting what I deserve and have earned?


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Is anyone following the potential change in tax laws regarding that up to 10k of unemployment may not be taxable? Well here goes my summer for amending tax returns.


Does xlookup take more processing power than index match or is it negligible?


Have you transitioned from Financial Advisor client facing position into investment banking? I am a top producing advisor in my first year, and I’m a great salesman, but the firm I’m at has us on commission only as an independent contractor and we get paid based off our assets under management quarterly, and every time we sell an insurance policy. In 3 months I’ve made around 75k but all of it is from life insurance. I’m worried that I will always be prospecting since my firm doesn’t give leads

are there any producers that work just on social projects?

👊 👊 👊 to everyone who gets/got in a workout after the holiday weekend. 💪


I'm thinking about doing a free group coaching session or webinar to help people with their job searches. Question- is this something people are even interested attending? If so, what content or questions would you most want to have answered?


I was a student for the first half of the year and started working then.
My W2 from my work shows no federal tax deduction and my tax filing on TurboTax says I owe $2578. Should I consult someone ?

How many man sitting arrangements in LTI Delhi ?


So are the layoffs at Deloitte over ?

Is there anyone that works at Slack that would be willing to give me a referral for their Corporate Counsel (Commercial) position?! I really want this job so please send me a message if so and we can work something out! TIA!


Do you find Chelsea or lace up (not chukka) boots to be more versatile?

Please let me know if there are openings in Kolkata location. Have 8 months experience in Deloitte ( Tax - Transfer pricing)



what’s it like at VaynerMedia?

got a note from a recruiter and don’t know much about them tbh..


Started the PERM process in December 2018. Legal just came back and mentioned process is in ‘’market test”. When asked how long it’d take— no response. Anyone can help? Much appreciated!

Is everyone burnt out at this point?


We’re starting paid campaigns on Tiktok (ads, not influencers for now) to 1) grow our audience and 2) boost views. This is our first time. Our cost per follower is about $0.50 and we pay about $5 for 1,000 views. We only have ourselves to benchmark for now but how do these numbers feel to you if you have experience with Tiktok ads? Thanks for your insights!


Got fired from Accenture (at an analyst
Level brought in as an experienced hire) 6 months ago, and haven’t been able to find a job since. Any guidance or ideas on what I should do?


A relative is raising a teenage son with her ex-husband. They have joint physical custody. The ex-husband has re-married. When the son is in his care, he often leaves the son at home in California with his (new) wife when he travels for work (which is often). The relative wants her ex-husband to leave their son in her care when he travels out of town but the ex-husband disagrees. The relative wants to know her chances of prevailing if she were to appear in court on this issue. Thoughts? Thanks!


Hi there,

I’m thinking of a career move. Does anyone have experience of AD roles at either McCann Health / Ogilvy / RAPP Well ? Keen to understand the culture if possible. Thanks


Additional Posts in Netherlands

Hi, zitten jullie in US? Net offer gekregen voor Deloitte NY en zoek wat contacten om ervaringen te delen

As we are not frequenting to office and clientsites, anyone plan to return their leased car to save money?


Moving to Amsterdam next month. How feasible is it to own and operate a motorcycle? Is motorbike parking free at most places? Should I be worried about theft /damage?

Any help would be much appreciated


Any suggestions for a 3-4 days trip during year end /Christmas? 


Any recommendations for a good lawyer? My wife got a job, but her employer is too slow to file 30% ruling. I would like to file by myself. Any tips for self filing or a referral for a lawyer is useful.


Anyone who can share BCG / MCK / Bain base and bonus salary for consultant level? (3 years in the company)

Incoming expat here along with S/O! They are a product manager and are actively recruiting for the right opportunity - anyone open to having a conversation with them + help with a referral?

Anyone has any experience about taking a position on a non profit board and complying with firm’s independence requirements?


Let’s talk about the 30% ruling. I moved last year to the Netherlands and got the 30% tax benefit. Nonetheless, it is valid for only 5 years. What is the recommendation to keep a fair netto salary after the end of the benefit? Are employers in the NL open to renegotiate and compensate the tax difference or should I consider moving to another company or even country?

Hi all, curious to know if you’ve heard of my company SparkOptimus. We are quite famous in the Netherlands apparently (acc to colleagues and clients lol) but want to know if the mojo is true in the wider Dutch consulting community.

Which Big4 is better in terms of benefits ?
Considering the mobility, leaves, insurance and WLB. Who has the longest paternity leave ?

Do you guys think consulting is more prestigious than industry work in the Netherlands? I feel like that hype is a lot stronger in the US than here


Let's talk money 💰

Why are there glass ceilings on salaries in NL?

Considering that cost of living has gone up significantly here, doesn't the market need some adjustment?

Is salary just a function of years of seniority?

I do understand the case of better WLB and social benefits than the US. Hence not a direct comparison.

Anyone who understands the market willing to share their take?



Hi all! I’m thinking about moving to the Netherlands in a consulting role, currently based in London.

Any advice on whether this move is possible given I’m not currently speaking Dutch? (But super open to learning!)

Thanks for your help!


Any thoughts on Metyis as a strategy consultancy? They were previously known as YGroup and have recently rebranded.
Would love to hear from anyone that knows them or has worked for them in the past.

What is the average Manager salary in Netherlands? (4 big or MBB or boutiques)


What's a good salary for 4.5 years of experience as a Big Data Engineer (Azure/PySpark/Databricks) in the Amsterdam/Utrecht area?

In talks with recruiters and I feel like I'm being low balled.

Hi, anyone from PwC here and ready to provide a referral for my wife for a testing role posted on LinkedIn? Thanks in advance.

Hello, can our friends and family from US visit us in summer? What are the new government guidelines?


EY Christmas dinner in December. Funny part is we have to contribute for a Xmas dinner/annual company event. I have never seen this before.