Has anyone tell abt RPA BA ? How is that role career aspects ? Kindly give suggestion ?

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1. U need to take requirment gathering of the process. And need to assess whether that process is capable to automate or not.

Input is stable or not
Data is structured or not
Process required any manual intervention or not.

Based on the parameters u wil assess the process for automation.. once u feel it's automatable

U will be doing the documentation of the process which you seen and give it to the developer.
Once developer done his job.. u will co-ordinate with proceed team for testing
And work for sign off to close the project.

It's currently in good boom.also it will continue the boom for next 3 years atleast
Ask which tool the company is work eg.
uipath or automation anywhere or or blueprism having good scope even alteryx tool .


Thank you 🙏..

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Hi Fishes,

I am hiring for automation test engineers with below skillsets.

Selenium + java + API automation: 1 open position
Experience: 3-7 years

Selenium + C# + API automation: 1 open position
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Company: Atyeti
Work shift: 12pm to 9pm
Location: Pune
Working model: Hybrid (3 days work from office mandatory)

Anyone interested kindly DM.


Hi, we're searching for a job in HR for my wife. She's an MBA from India and has 10 years of work experiences across various HR roles in FMCG and Tech. Her last role was a HR BP and India site lead for a US based semiconductor major.
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I got an offer from Tiger Analytics, India for Data Scientist role with 15 LPA (fixed).
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Please suggest if I need to negotiate
Also can you please hit like to enable DM. Thanks!


Is there anyone given interview recently in Infosys for Java Developer role? If yes then could you please share your experience and the questions asked in the interview and please guide me how to do better?

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Thanks in advance


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Thanks! Feel free to DM if would like to chat


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I'm looking for some advice.

I'm currently a commercial insurance broker working in Dublin, Ireland & I'm extremely interested in traveling abroad. Hoping to go to the US.

I have four years of experience in large firms, I'm fully certified in Ireland, I have a first class honours degree business degree, where I majored in Risk Management & Insurance.

Is it difficult to find a job as an expat, are there many barriers to entry & what states would be the best bet?

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https://m.economictimes.com/tech/information-tech/it-cos-headed-for-lower-attrition-in-coming-quarters-as-global-macro-woes-tame-high-churn-say-analysts/articleshow/94897757.cms Couple of trends to watch in the Industry: 1. Attrition may soften starting end of this quarter and would reflect the state of economy soon. 2. Customers have actively started considering alternate locations for Outsourcing. Last four quarters were bad as far as predictability on resourcing was concerned. While vendors faced the heat of managing costs, the customers got a direct feel from the captives. Philippines, Vietnam and Bangladesh are expected to gain huge from the bloodbath witnessed.


I think I’m just going to lateral every 6 months with a few weeks off in between until someone notices and stops me.


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today & forever! 😍🥳 Heb 13:8


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Any BUsiness Analyst here who got call from HCL for interview on saturday?


Looking for Business Analyst opportunities with any organisation.
YOE:5 yrs
Location : Bangalore


Which organization has a good WL balance and pays high for Business Analytics domain?


Hi Fishies, can anyone help me in understanding how I can get a break through in the field of analytics? I'm from a different industry and want to switch into analytics, have done a few basic courses, but how do I move past the hurdle of all companies seeking experienced people?
Any insight and suggestion would be helpful!


8.1 YOE as a business analyst, 2 offers IQVIA -20lpa and wipro -24 CTC, got 45 days remaining before joining. Should i expect higher offers? Around 30?or stop looking for it?suggest pls


I have 4.5 years of experience as BA. Should I Study for CBAP or technical BA tools? Which option will be more suitable in terms of financial growth?

Hey GE Healthcare or Wipro im confused which one to join, not from brand perspective, but timezone to work. GE need me to attend calls actively and be flexible between 5.30 pm to 9.30 or could stretch to 10pm. Business analyst role, 8.2 YOE, your honest opinion please. Wipro : europe client , offered CTC 24LPA. Salary is not an issue for me


Does wipro accept a counter offer? And revised with a fresh offer?comment ple


Is anyone from Aspire Systems? Let's connect

Hey Fishes,

Hope you're having a great sunday eve, I am looking for a job change and would really appreciate if you guys have any leads or if you can refer me.

YOE : ~4 years
Role : Business Analyst
Domain: Fitness and Wellness

Thanks in advance !


Hi fishes.
I have 3 year 4 month exp .presently working as junior ba . Can anyone refer me in your company

Hiring managers Any Business Analyst opening available in reporting analytics space? 8.2 YOE , bangalore location, 1 month notice remaining . Pls comment or let ne know


Hey folks. I am having 2 yrs experience. I am getting 130% hike to my CTC in IQVIA. Should I go for it? Is it a good and worth company? The profile is G130- Business Analyst! Also, in terms what is the level of G130 grade?


What is the salary range (ctc) of senior business analyst (4 yr exp) at wells fargo bangalore?

Also can anyone tell more about the company ,its hike and work culture?


Tot Experience- 5 years
Have 2 offers:
1. As Business Analyst (non-technical profile but domain specific) in product based company.
2. As Data Analyst (technical which includes tableau, SQL, python) in considerably smaller company to above.
CTC is nearly same (Comp2 on a higher side)

Which one to choose as I'm not sure whether I should continue with non-technical BA (which has been my profile so far), or should explore technical (DA)?
[Aim is to select a profile for better financial growth]


A Business Analyst with 2+ years of experience. Looking for job opportunities abroad in consulting industry. Skills include data research, analysis, visualization, writing PoVs, primary research (interview &surveys), market analysis etc.

Open to Canada, Australia, UK, Switz and flexible with other places too.

Please let me know if anyone can refer me! Would like to help you out in someway too :)