Have over 6 years Private chef experience, looking for work.

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works at
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Good luck partner!

I have no leads for you, just here to wish you good luck!

Wow. 6 years. I'm sure you've built a network, reach out to them first and then try out LinkedIn.

You can try your luck in the referral bowl: https://www.fishbowlapp.com/search/threads?search=referrals

Honestly, try posting on your social accounts. You be surprised by the support you can get there.

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Anyone hiring in SAP security

Thanks to Oracle India i am looking for a job
change after 7 months with oracle. Can
someone please refer me?
skill set : Selenium, Core java, testNG, HP
UFT, Manual testing
YOE: 5.8 yrs
Notice period : 1 month ( can join early too).


EY GDS Pune hiring ?


I'm Krishna sahu ,

I'm working Reliance industries as a SAP IT operation and I'm looking job for same background I want to join immediately please let me know if have any vacancy for me ,

Thanks & regards
Krishna sahu


Can anyone refer me to supply chain roles that are hiring? I have 4 years experience in sourcing, buying, and operations at Lockheed Martin/Raytheon and an MBA.


Hello Folks,
I am looking for a position of IBM CLM developer at
Siemens Continental (3 yrs experienced) is there any such opening coming up in 2022 or currently running ,please let me know 😊

Thanks in advance !!

Hello Sharks..!! Looking for Referrals/Opportunities in startups/MNCs/Big4s/ for cyber security role

YOE : 9 months
Tech stack : cyber security/vapt/pentesting


Hy fisher
I am looking for job change or referral in Varanasi and Lucknow in the field of marketing and sales or Finance


anyone aware of agencies looking for mid level copywriters? trying to move to the city of angels.


Need referral in azure data engineering / azure data factory / etl developer roles for product based company in Pune. Please Dm.


KPMG India is looking for Azure Data Engineer.

Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience,
Candidate should have super speciality certification like AZ-900,DP-900, DP-203

Immediate joiner preferred but not mandatory

You can dm me for referral.


Anyone hiring and entry-level developers? Graduated last year and have 1 year of experience. I also am international so not allowed to apply to government jobs. Would truly appreciate any help :).


Hi . I am a product manager currently serving my notice period. If anyone can refer me that'd be great. Please DM me for details.
Thanks for your support.


Doner LA is looking for a Sr AD


Anyone have any asset/wealth management internship opportunities/referrals


Hello All,

Can anyone refer me for a job opening at wipro?

Thanks in advance. 😊

If you want to live with a foot in audit and a foot in consulting and learn how the cloud works from a provider's perspective hmu I may have a job for you (Assoc and early SenAssoc)


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How is CGI for a SAP ABAP Consultant? WLB, hike and Work culture. Have interview tomorrow. YOE - 4.5

After how many days after Clearing L2 interview do hr call for hr discussion?


How much should someone with a CPA / 2 YOE in Big 4 and about to make the switch to fund accounting be making in Boston?


What are all the product based companies available in Chennai location. If you know please comment.


Bonuses aren't a thing in Siingapore?

How’s the Muslim/ south Asian community in New Hampshire? If there is one at all..


I got into an HSW, but I’m concerned my low GMAT (700) might keep me out of jobs in VC or MBB. Should I/ do I need to retake?


Felt a little vintage today. 1993 Tudor Prince.

Post Photo

How is concentrix in terms of work,projects and work life balance.
They are offering 18 fixed and wfh.
Experience: 3.5 years
Skills: java,spring boot,microservices

Please suggest.


Any data analysts at MSFT willing to have a quick networking call? Want to learn more about your day to day and company culture.


How much is the starting pay for Registered Behavior Technician ?


I need to get the ends of pine 1x4s cut at 45 degree angles (to stretch several large canvases) - Lowes would only do straight cuts. Anybody know where I can go to get this done? Preferably north side

Hello Everyone! I would really appreciate some insight on what Life Science consultants in the US at all levels are paid? I work for a company expanding to the US and really want to get an accurate understanding of the market.


How can you tell when staying home alone is introversion vs social withdrawal/isolation, which is a symptom of something more serious?


For the folks that left big companies for smaller ones, what drove you to make the change?
Currently I work from a very large company but work load is driving me crazy. Smaller company has some “building up processes from scratch” approach, which is also stressful. I’m unsure of the actual workload. Pay is almost the same.


Is briggs and Riley made in China? I received a bag from amazon which says so but I was under the impression that it’s made in USA

Hey! To prep for an enterprise ux designer interview would you prepare a portfolio deck or would you review your portfolio site? The role I am interviewing for is the first and only ux designer on a team of predominantly project managers.


Anyone ever feel lonely but when you have plans, you’d prefer to bail on them?


Does anyone have blogs that yield some sort of traffic they are selling ?

Let me know the domain age and daily traffic below.


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Buckle up everyone, the holiday season has officially started. Time for endless carols and overplayed Christmas songs on the speakers all day long 😑


I feel like I wouldn't get many tips as a server because I'm a guy, is this really true or am I just making it up?


Hello all, my first post. Anyone else feel like their general manager won't promote them because they're afraid you'll make them look bad. Like they don't do their job well enough so you'll outshine them? Do you stay? Leave? Try to build the relationship? It's been a year. @Aimbridgehospitalityllc


Can anyone share their experience as an Aldi Store Manager? Mixed reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed.


how do we get out?! i’ve been doing office work in a grocery store for too long… this was supposed to help me transition out of hospitality but it feels like i’m going to be stuck in a grocery store for the rest of my career
i guess i just need to voice my frustrations. it’s not that i hate my job or the field, i don’t. i’m just feeling extremely overwhelmed and discouraged i think. does anyone really, truly enjoy what they do in retail/hospitality?? needing some positivity

Is office coordinator concerned as entry level in the retail business?

Anyone work at Chick-fil-A? They seem pretty nice from the outside but do they actually have a good work environment?


Retail workers, what is something your manager could do to make working there easier?


Are you one of those people who practice their comedy routines while checking out at the store? Why are you the way that you are?


My biggest mistake was accepting a promotion to manager, it made me realize that I'm not very good at managing people. Should I ask if I can go back to my old role?


I have an opportunity to be a Food and Beverage manager for a hotel I have been for 6 years. Currently I am overseeing all operations but want to focus more on the F&B world. Would anyone know how much salary I should be asking for this role?

I found out I'm making nearly $20,000 under my salary. I have a scheduled 1:1 meeting with my Director in 2 days - How do I best ask for this kind of raise? Is it too much?


I always have to answer the phone bc coworker says people have trouble w/ his accent, but he's perfectly easy for me to understand... what gives?


How do you handle people complaining about store policies? I don't make the rules, but I don't want to be rude


Clopening is sooo draining, I can’t believe it’s legal to make people do that. Seriously, can we not make laws about this stuff?


Typical salaries for Director of Dinning Services at retirement community.


Last week, I got promoted to manager. Today a customer asked me if they could speak to the manager and I had the biggest grin on my face.


How do you deal with rude patrons at restaurants?


Tips for overcoming work stress while on the clock? I get so overwhelmed dealing with people all day