Hello Fishies,

I am done with all my rounds at S&P Global and shared my documents to HR. No one has asked about my expected salary yet. Is this usual in their process. How much can I ask for an experience of 9 years. How many days does it take to release the offer and what is the slary structure.

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Within a week of collecting documents, they had come back with salary negotiation.
Salary structure includes only fixed pay.


There is no variable. Bonus is paid annually based on individual and company performance.


Will S&P global(IHS Markit) providing any stocks to the employees while having a HR discussion, could you please help me with this doubt

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Currently working as Senior UI developer in a product company with CTC of 33 lakh (30fixed + 3 lakh variable ) with 8+ years of exp. I might get on-site opportunity to US on my manager’s recommendation, what salary I can expect in US ?


What’s the salary range of a Senior Business Analyst role in Meesho? What’s the breakdown of the compensation?


What is the average salary for 9+ years experience at C1 at Capgemini?


Hey Fishes,. I got offer letter from Genpact for 20 LPA, position: Lead Consultant (SAP SD). In onboarding page in profile it is showing, I am assigned to ITO department. Can someone tell me ITO department stands for and responsibilities.

I’ve worked for an agent for 4 years now I run almost all of the day to day tasks, sell and handle customer service while he takes at least a quarter if not half of the year off vacationing. I only make 52k am I drastically under paid? That includes sales and what he pays me for salary.


Hey there! I had a phone screening with recruiter and when they asked for salary I told them, they bumped me even higher! Made it through second round of interviews and was told they were impressed. I hope they aren’t just being nice and I get the job.


How much is an RN, BSN expected salary in Oregon and California?


Hi Fishes
Received the following offer for Senior PM at a recently funded Product Co:
50 fixed
4 annual bonus
2 joining bonus
+ equity

Currently holding
45 fixed
+ equity

How does the new offer benchmark for senior PM TC that you guys know of?


I have 2 Yoe as a full stack and recently I cleared Accenture full stack interview and I am waiting for HR call. My current CTC is 7.4lpa how much hike should I ask from Accenture HR???

Hello licensed clinical social workers. Do any of you work on an on-line platform you are happy with? Looking to make a change. Mainly the issue currently is fair compensation, including getting paid for no-shows. Thanks!


I recently learned from 3 different employees that left (voluntarily) they were making 98-105k. They were outside candidates and were all hired within the last year and for the same position, and same regional territory. I have worked for the company 3+ years and went from a core position, to large loss. I was given a 10k raise putting me around 78k. Yes.... some of these individuals have Lardge Losss experience but does that really make a 20-25k difference? Any advise!?


Man this Bowl is filled with some angry mid-levels. We get it, this job was hard for you, but it is for juniors now, too. Stop punching down.

I don’t think the juniors are entitled, they just want to share in their firms’ wealth. Surely any salary increases for the Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 would easily pay for themselves through billable hours.


Did anyone receive the salary today from DI? Wondering how did it come so early when ideally it should be coming at the last day of the month.


Does anyone have any advice for countering an initial offer for base pay in a sales role? This is my first sales role that includes commission but the base is currently lower than what I make now. I would really like to take this job but need the security of a higher base...thank you in advance for any advice!


What to do when HR is refusing give salary range for internal jobs ?


Which is best in terms of Jobs security > Wlb > Brand
Brillio - 17lpa
Nagarro - 15lpa
Tabsquare - 18lpa

Brillio intermediate hr is having Nagarro client and she is saying that people who joins Nagarro will leave company within few months .

How true is that.


How to go about asking for a significant raise without switching companies? Context I had 3 years of work experience in product development, but switched careers to apparel graphic design. Have been an assistant designer a little over a year. Work life balance is great but my salary is challenging for my cost of living in NYC.


Currently making 80k, was just offered a position at 150k with a title jump as well. The only catch is I would have to manage other people, which I really don't want to do. Worth it for the salary leap?


I joined in Dec'21. I'm eligible for hikes and bonuses for this year on pro-rata basis as I joined before 31st January.
When can hikes and bonus be declared?


I am a registered sales assistant which means I have my series 7. I also have the 63 and my Life & Health license. I was a financial advisor but the role is commission only so I decided to take a role as an assistant for some time to learn etc. I really like my role, but I only make 32k a year and after taxes I only take home about 25k. I have a gut feeling that I’m not being paid market value but it’s tough to find comparable salaries. Do you think $15.38/hr is a fair wage in this case?

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I am trying to switch jobs and looking for "Business intelligence engineer" or "Data analyst" roles. I would greatly appreciate if any one could provide me with a referral or throw some light as I go through this process. I am open to relocating and working onsite as well. If not could you please like this post so I can unlock the DMs.

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Here’s a list of FAANG list of what you drive if you work there. Apple:Tesla, Netflix:Subaru, Amazon:Jeep, Google: Lexus, Facebook:Kia Tesla:Mars Rover


In my offer letter they mentioned PF contribution amount and when I checked my FBP there is also mentioned of National Pension Scheme. Are they both different? Do both of them under 80 C?


I am an SWE but I have a friend who just got laid off. They are looking for HR Analyst positions and/OR anything HR related. They also have much experience with Data Analytics as well. Does anyone know companies hiring in that space or can help with a referral?

It's outside of my area of knowledge what kind of positions or where to look for them.


HCl tech takes how many days to release offer letter after approving asked CTC?
Also do they change base location post offer letter release?
My HR said first take offer letter and then request for location cahnge.
Pls guide.


Help me here guys!
I have recently joined a company, my senior is not at all responding. Manager loading me with lot of work whichI have no idea how to do?



He really thought this was something to be proud of 🥴

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How long is too long to be at AS level? I just found out I might have to wait another year if I stay where I am. It’s a great place but if I stick to their timeline I’m looking at 3 yrs as a Sup.

Can anyone confirm how many leaves we can carry forward for first year and then later each year ?


Calling all Insights Specialists at Google, what is current base?

Following would be a helpful format for everyone:
1. Base
2. YOE
3. CTC


I am curious about the latest challenges your company has faced in supply chain operations for the past few months. Is anyone willing to share?


I had a panic attack yesterday because I heard more layoffs at work. Past 3 were women laid off in a company with already few of us and I was convinced I am next. They sponsor me so I may have to leave the country... feeling so low. Don’t know where to go next.


TFW you've had more than enough family time and just want to hop on a plane and go to work


Is it common to get assigned to senior associate job role for projects when your designation is Manager?


Any good recommended books on how to build a scalable product and team? I'm looking for recommendations for two areas: 1) in general laying the groundwork in a startup to have the tools and especially processes in place to scale, and 2) tactical focus on building a SaaS project. I've been promoted into a management role from Dev roots, so need to learn more PM processes to be an effective manager in day job, plus would like to start building my own SaaS solution.


Hello, everyone! Looking for some professional advice:
Just a fresh graduate from a reputed IR school, looking to pivot into Cybersecurity. Any non-technical degree professionnal who made it in the industry? What was your professional journey like? What all certifications/courses would you recommend?


Like, I dunno man, you okay...?

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How does organization change affect green card process?


I got an offer from Consulting firm that provides businesses & technology consultancy and managed services to tier 1 banks and other finance companies.
In the offer letter they mentioned-
"-Non compete Restrictive period- 12 Months
-Restricted period- 12 Months "

What does mean? And what are the things to keep in mind before signing the offer letter with this condition?
Can I negotiate on this?

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How is job security at S&P Global Market Intelligence Ahmedabad location for financial modeling ?

What is the salary range for Grade 9 in India in data management department or operations of Market Intelligence?

What is the annual appraisal range for financial modeling associate at Ahmedabad, India?


Anyone know the role of Research Analyst in S&P Global?
And work environment??

Hey everyone,

How's Product Manager's role is in S&P Ratings ?
I have a parallel offer with
Salesforce as a Program Manager. More or less same ctc.

Which one should i prefer ?

Salesforce , S&P Global

Dear Fishes,
Can someone please help me out by referring my profile for the below mentioned job ID?
I would highly appreciate your support.
Job ID: R21515
Role: Operations Analyst

Thanks in advance!
S&P Global

How is job security in S&P Global, in Hyderabad location S&P Global

Hi Fishes,

What is average salary offered for senior product manager at S&P global market intelligence? Yoe-7 relevant-5

I am being offered 26lpa which includes 15% variable component plus employer contribution to PF. So, the fixed component is just 21. How much more can I negotiate for? Have existing offer of 23l (all fixed)

i joined s&P global recently, I didn’t like the project, how easily can we switch the project here and after how many years?

How is S&P Global?.
Pros and cons
Employee benefits and Culture

Thanks in Advance! 😊S&P Global

can anyone tell me what is the work policy in S & P Gurgaon ? is it hybrid model or wfh?


Do we get desktop in S&P Global, if we work from office. I feel its difficult to work on laptop.

S&P Global

PepsiCo or S&P Global... Which is better.
Product Analyst for PepsiCo and Product Owner for S&P Global. Both companies had offered similar package


I am graduate in Commerce and have completed 4 years in TCS BPS - BFSI domain.
I need to switch to another Company because my growth has stopped here.
I need to develop skills and I am ready to do certifications.
I just need little guidance.

I have cleared 2 technical interviews with S&P Global for the Java Developer job position. With good feedback.
As the interview went well.

I have attended a managerial interview which was scheduled for 30 minutes. It also went well. I answered 90 to 95% of the questions.

How much time they will take to give the feedback as we have a long weekend now


I heard S&P Global recently fired so many people from Ahmedabad, Gujarat location.
Is it true?


Hi, I got selected in S&P. Hr gave me an link to apply for some position but I am not able to do login to that link

Facing issue like user name doesn't exist in tenant s&p global.

Did anyone face the same, if yes could you please help me on that.