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Yoe and skill

YOE is 4+
Skills - Hadoop, big data infrastructure.

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When you are working in the same company since 11 years, and your package is 16 Cr.

When a younger candidate switch and joins your company on 15.3 Cr 😜🤣

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How is the job role of tcs business analyst - payment domain.? Current CTC: 8.65 counter offer of 17.5lpa but RPA BA Tcs (discussion going on): 16lpa including variables (even after considering a counter offer) but fullly SLDC BA role

Is it worth to accept TCS offer as i will get the opportunity to learn and work as a a full-fledged BA

Any advice for becoming a public defender in Southern California

I am desperately looking for SDM or Wintel/VMware infra manager role, have 13 YOE , i have ITIL, CSM certified , please help me with the leads, job portal aren't helpful.


Hi Fishes,

On which portal can we check our current CTC?
Is it ADP, if yes then where in ADP exactly?


In 2020 I made a few huge changes, I left my world of fashion/sales, retail operations and L&D and I moved countries and eventually found my way to Tech. I currently am in Sales Enablement, which I do love, but I want to grow.

How do I continue to grow in L&D/Sales enablement in tech?

Would love some insight, and also would need some help adjusting my resume to fit the tech landscape.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Sharks,

I am so much confused regarding my decision of joining SAP LABS.
Is there a slow growth in SAP LABS?
I am looking for good learning and hikes.
Would it be there?

I know it depends on the team but how is it overall?


Anyone working in UBS here. Need a referral.

Thank you!


Hii! Looking for compensation range for a mid level researcher in San Diego, California!
Do all companies provide a sign in bonus? What’s that like?


Anyone's firm hiring in LA?


What are some tips I can use to ask for a raise in a year where there is so much uncertainty in the economy? We cut our marketing budget as precaution which makes my chances at a raise feel far away even though I feel I deserve one. Help!

What should be the expected package of C2 BAND manager at Capgemini at an experience of 12.5 years?


Hi fishes,
I have an experience of 4.5+ years in financial sales I worked as Relationship manager and currently working with Fintech as Investor Relation Manager, I’m looking for opportunities in sales or business development.
Location : Mumbai or remote
Please help me with some reference in case if there’s any openings 🙏

How much is “market” comp for a 5th year, general civil lit, AmLaw 200 defense firm with usual benefits (health, dental, 401k match up to 6%). I’m LA based. TIA


Mid level producer salaries at some of the tech companies? Apple / Google / Amazon? Just generally curious as I’d like to jump over to client side and think any of those would be cool


EY Employees, where I can check the status of my H1B case in INSZoom?


I’m hoping to transition from startups to established companies with a larger team and resources. For those who have done so, curious what title & YOE you held at the startup prior to the move?


I am about to get offers from PWC SDC Bangalore in Advisory and TCS, Pune in their consulting stream as Agile Transformation lead.

I have 13 years exp overall. Which company is better to join if I am willing to spend 5 years at least.

Package is almost equal for both companies

Please advise.



Hi, I have 6 years of experience as a developer and have offers from, Harman Connected Services(WebAPI Developer - 20 LPA), bank of america(Senior Developer II - 20 LPA), Siemens Energy(Desktop developer-20LPA), NSR Information System(Senior Software Engineer -20LPA), Tech M, Cognizant, Kellton Tech, FIS Global, Mind tree. Packages are in the range 20+. Which company should I join for good projects and good wlb?

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I just got engaged and I’m totally lost budget wise. I’ve reached out to a handful of venues who all informed me they have an approx 35k minimum. A lot of these places are all inclusive taking care of food etc. I’m unsure m what 35k minimum would mean for a total wedding budget. I’d LOVE some insight. What were some general costs and what did your wedding end up costing at the end of the day?


Meta/Facebook lays off 11k employees

Facebook (Meta)

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Can anyone provide a good office chair recommendation? Looking to spend somewhere between $200-$300, but willing to look into pricier options if it is really worth it!


How do producers get hired? I interned at my first shop and I’m looking to make a change. Are there recruiters like creatives or is it just knowing people?

What’s the job market like in Search?

Resume/job seeking tips for someone looking to transition into tech sales as a SDR/BDR?


Glaciers in Chugach Mountains - part of Prince William Sound - starting initial descent into Anchorage

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Hi everyone,

I have recently accepted an offer from
JPMorgan Chase based out of warsaw for Associate position, but recently I have received another offer from Nordea, Warsaw as Senior Business Analyst with ~15% higher salary. What would you suggest, should i renegotiate with JPMC or go ahead with Nordea ?
PS. I am a foreigner, and both the companies have agreed to raise workpermit (JPMC would be a little faster since i provided the docs last month)



Hi Fishes, I am looking for a role in data analyst/Business analyst/product analyst with Hyderabad as location or WFH.
Experience: 2yrs as Senior Analyst at eClerx
Current CTC: 11LPA
expecting CTC: 14LPA+
If you have any vacancy in your company please let me know


Can someone from a risk background become a CISO?


Hi Fishers,

I'm looking out for new opportunities in Europe.

Role - Business Analyst
YOE - 3 Years (relevant)
Current Company - TCS

Would really appreciate if someone could guide or refer me for Europe based locations



Hi all.. How much for a senior associate Role@ JPMC. What would be a decent salary for a Senior associate role in JPMC with 11 yrs exp. They are offering a TC of 145k (130 + 15) which I feel is in the lower side. Please advise friends if you have any useful insights.


Cold here in the midwest so made some Rhode Island style Chowdah to remind me of home.

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What was % increment in Advanta for for PL 9,8 levels

Struggling with eating disorder thoughts now that busy season has started and there’s SO much food around all the time. I’m so anxious. Does anyone have any advice?


I joined TCS a week before as assistant consultant, Apple project has been allocated.
Anyone has any idea about data science work in apple? Onsite opportunities?


Hey guys. Hope you are doing great. I'm looking for a non tech opportunity in domains like program management, operations, strategy etc. I'm a 2021 grad from tier 1 and worked with EY as an associate management consultant for 1.3 yrs and now have been working with Urban Company as a manager-2 in central category, handling strategy and operations but not liking the culture and the role here much.

Would request you to kindly refer if you have any relevant opportunities in your company. Thanks.


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How is eBay doing in this market? Any expected layoffs? I have a SDE iffer with Global shipping team in eBay and considering making a move.


Recently found out a hiring manager was bragging to a bunch of people at the company about getting me to accept an offer for a must cheaper rate than he expected. He was let go soon after. Justice? Not sure..


I got a call for a Java position. I told them I do not develop in Java. I do JavaScript with React. He says “oh yes, that is what the client wants”. So I sent my resume. When he sent the confirmation email it stated Angular/Java. I told him that I don’t have much Java skills. He then sent this (pic) as a response. 🤔🤔🤔
When I spoke to the client she had no idea why the recruiter added angular react as it was just a Java developer position, Completely wasted so much time

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Hi! Does anyone know where can I find cool off periods for various companies? I am looking for Dropbox at the moment.

Anyone know of any US sponsorship remote jobs or where I can look? Asking for a friend.


Can you recommend me a contracting agency? For temp work. I am based in NYC and a Product Manager


I got a call from the Google recruiter about my L7 em interview Google She said I did overwhelmingly good on all interviews except one had mixed feedback on a system design. No surprise because it was not a good interview. The recruiter said i had a choice to go to hiring committee, give referrals they could call about my system design or take another system design interview. I’m not confident about the system design because of the bad experience I had with the previous interviewer. What should I do?


Anybody here working in release management that would be willing to share what it is you like most about your job? Its something I am interested in but would like to hear from some people with experience.


I work in an Italian bank like junior project a manager.
I have a master degree as data scientist and recently I follow a course in project manager.
I want to study for the pmp certification, but I need to work for 3years before to do the exam.(given the rules).
After the certification, how much money should I ask for salary in Italy?
Currency my salary is 31k gross per years.


Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to land my first product design role and I can’t seem to get my foot in the door. I’ve asked mentors from ADPlist to review my LinkedIn and resume as well as my portfolio and I haven’t had any luck. I graduated from uni in 2020, was bedridden for a whole year which led me to fall behind and I’m embarrassed that I can’t seem to get a job after months of actively trying - I desperately need help as I’m on a Visa that requires me to be employed.
Any advice?

Looking to move from advertising agency into tech, any advice on making the jump from those who have done it?


Hi everyone! I have an interview at Amazon for a Business Development Internship. I’ve been told it involves an excel case study. Could anyone guide me through the process please?


I own a global Technology Recruitment Company and provide Coaching to Job Seelers.

Let me know if we can help.



So i’m passively looking to change jobs and I was wondering if any of you work for a company that you love working for. Great benefits.. great people… great culture… It doesn’t have to be FAANG or one of the big companies.


Has anyone worked with I’ve gotten set up but before I grab a gig I just want to see what others thought.

Looking for a fully remote Java developer 3+ years of working experience. 3 month TRUE contract-to-hire 110K


Hi everyone. I have an interview with Cisco for their product manager SSO role, Has anyone interviewed for this role or with company, what kind of question are expected in their process. Thanks