Hi all. I have applied for Oracle PL/SQL job opening at BOFA. How many rounds of interview will happen and what are they? And my YOE : 6.6 my current CTC is 14.68LPA. How much should be my expected CTC?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

For me total 4 rounds
2 technical 1 managerial and 1 hr

Depends upon manager role

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Opening in Cognizant, Dm me for referral.

Dot Net Developer 4-6 years
ETL testing 2-8 years

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Need a referal for automation testing openings.



3 months notice period came to an end.7
Offers collected but brand companies not paying more than 60 percentage hike.
1) Jp morgan
2) cisco
3) nokia
4) wesco international
5) pega systems
6) Telstra
7) coforge

Current exp: 7 yrs
Current CTC: 16L

Blindly i closed my eyes and chosen the company with highest pckg.

End of interview
End of search

Hoping the best


Please help me decide between below 2 offers in VLSI domain.

I am working as a Design verification engineer and 4 years experienced.

1) Nvidia 25l base + 7 sign on bonus + 60l of stock bonus(vesting 1/4 per year)

2) Marvell 30l base + 14l sign on bonus + 30l of stock bonus (1/4 per year)

Both companies are good in WLB and projects.

Comparatively NVIDIA is top in industry and projects will be better than Marvell. And Marvell is seems to be better in WLB than Nvidia.

Please help me to decide


In the intermediate stages of interviewing with Amazon for 2 PgM roles. Loops scheduled for next week. One of the recruiting teams told me to expect a writing sample request due 1 day prior to the Loop (I haven’t received it yet for some reason). What should I expect? Any tips?


What’s the average salary for a manger in FinTech. My wife is a Manager in FinTech and earns 95k base with a 10% bonus. Is that competitive? I hear that this field is getting hot and curious to know if she’s potentially leaving money on the table by not moving elsewhere.


Any HR people on here? Setttle a bet for me: do you get to see the answers to the EEO disability question at the end of job applications?


Just to preface, I’m new here and have found so many of your posts and responses helpful. Thank you in advance for any pointers on the below.

My first position post-bar is an in-house position. I have had an excellent experience developing my business sense, executing a breadth of commercial transactions, and learning the ins and outs of in-house. However, I think a more traditional law firm experience would benefit my growth this early on. I’m entering my 2nd year. Any thoughts?


Excited to be roasted! My Credit Karma scores went down 9 points because one of my cards reported a balance of like $1,000. Always pay in full and never late, but feel like this would be annoying if I were applying for a mortgage. When do they measure the card balances in the cycle? Am I overthinking this? Is this the right bowl? Thanks in advance.


I’m in my second round of interviews with Aston Carter staffing agency to become a recruiter. This has been my passion & career goal since I found out about recruiting, (I’m only 22) and afraid of the long hours, starting low pay, 3 month training, and heavy feedback / sales drive work in an agency

I’m working as a corporate recruiter / HR assistant right now for a food manufacturing company that is super laid back, making $25 hour to do nothing most of the time.. what to do????


Hi Folks,

What will be the average salary range for 3 year devops professional? Overall exp is 4yrs and relevant is 3yrs.


Hi! Looking for a referral for Deloitte Life Sciences. Would greatly appreciate your help!


Applied for Information security analyst role. Job id - 21030492. if anyone can help me out. Currently serving Notice period.

Hi Citi Fishes,
Does Citi give hike and bonus always or it could be any one at the end of appraisal cycle ?


If you come from a consulting > programming/developer background, is project manager a step down? I want a role that has a technical aspect and a managing aspect


Hi Fishes,

Can you guys Suggest some good companies for Splunk Developer/Admin role, having 3 years of experience. What salary can i expect ?


How is Rakuten Symphony, Bengaluru - Strategy and consulting manager role?

How is salary hike?
Expected CTC in Manager role with 9 yrs of experience?

Anyone at Deloitte Federal willing to answer a few questions and consider a referral for an experienced hire? TIA!


I hate those who fill you with enthusiasm and hope, and all of sudden disappear. Someone promised me a position and literally gone. 🥲


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Any foreigner (non- US resident) here with investment property in the US? How has been your experience? Would you recommend getting an investment property in the US as foreigner or stick to where I’m now (Australia)?


Got a 75 on audit but now struggling to get started studying for FAR. I’m such a procrastinator. Any tips for procrastination?


28F looking to move to SD in the next 6 months from DC and wondering what dating in San Diego is like?


Hi Folks,

Hope you all are doing well.

I have multiple offers in hand from the below-mentioned companies.

Need your inputs and suggestion regarding which company would be better to join in terms of career growth and opportunities in Data Engineer role.

ITC Infotech
Teklink International
Factspan analytics

All companies are giving offers around 18-20(Fixed +Variable).

YOE - 3.4 years

Tech Stack - SQL Server,SSIS,Azure ,ADF,ADB,Pyspark,Azure Synapse, SparlSQL


Oldies but goodies 🤓

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Those of you who paid for your own wedding with your spouse (no family contributions), how big was your wedding? And did you regret not making it bigger or smaller? (i.e. you eloped but wish you did a traditional wedding or vice versa)


If i want to move out of my lease, should i start looking how much time in advance? Should i let my landlord know one month in advance? What if i dont find a place i like? What if he finds a renter and I dont find anything?

How have you done it in the past?


Has anyone planned or been to a small destination wedding (50 people) and have venue to recommend? Looking at Europe or South America


I used to think I had adhd but it turns out I’m bipolar. Just throwing that out there if you’ve never checked.


Has anyone been able to make an internal transfer to any European country or US from India?


I feel so lost in this city and unable to find a meaningful group of friends. Work is both so transitory and all encompassing, and I despise making plans 6 weeks in advance. Any tips to feel like you belong here?


Anyone ever put together a digital newsletter or magazine?


I want to get into cyber security but I am a second year in commercial audit right now. Is there any certifications that I can take that will help me become more qualified to apply to a cyber security positions or do I need to go back to school?


Anybody have any hike recommendations that are within 2 hours of Atlanta?


Anyone have any advice on how to ask for a sign on bonus when one wasn’t offered as part of my compensation package? If so how much is a fair amount(% of base salary)


Favorite fall activities in Houston?


Additional Posts in Bank of America technologies hierarchy structure please

Hi, I have an offer with BA continuum as Team Lead for Mumbai location, can I ask HR for change of location to Gurugram?

Looking for referal for below tech stack. Ping for more details:
Tech: Unix,Azure,Mainframe, Splunk,AppDynamics,Snow,Sql Developer and JIRA.
YOE: 6yrs
Availability : 44 days

Pretty sad, No one is responding here in this bowl 🙂

How Continuum BA is different than BOA India Entity in terms of Work/Pay/WLB ? Is CBA Service based like Big4 or Captive.

Please give some insights.


Can somebody refer me to Bank of America? I've the job id with me

Bank of America - Assistant manger or Barclays - BA4 Analyst. Which is better? Salary offered is same.


Hi Bofa, s
BOFA will give bonus to employees??


What is the salary one can expect for Assistant Manager role at BofA?

YOE: 9
Tech Stack: Java, springboot
IBM - X LPA and TCS - X+6 for development
bank of america gave X+3 for Sr Analyst - Apps Prog job designation
In offer letter, job designation of software developer is not provided.
I am confused with two different designations in BofA and thinking that Sr Analyst is a support role even if they mention that I am selected for development when I contacted them.
What is difference between those two designations and is Sr Analyst-Apps Prog is for support role?

What is the max salary range ,if i am interested in joining BofA with 6 years of exp in Java developer role.


Does BA Continuum provide tea/coffee/snacks in pantry?


Is BA Continnum allowing work from home or hybrid work model?


BOA Planning for permanent WFH ?? Is that true??


My last working day is 17th October. BoA joining date is 9 November. Offer received, HR mentioned bvg check takes time in BoA so Joining date is this late.

I'm worried if there is been any instances of Opening Freezed or any other reason to not on-board ?

Appreciate your thoughts on this.


What’s in welcome kit for new joinees?
Any updates on office openings?

Have a query on LTA

How Lta via reimbursement & Lta via monthly payout is different?

What could be the max for manager level in Bofa?Bank of America i have 8.5 yrs of work ex can i negotiate for Sr manager role however the opening is for manager level?