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Take a look into the startup Keeper Tax, sounds similar so may be helpful to understand their strategy

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Hey everyone 😀

Was wondering if anyone has any insight as to what base salaries & bonuses (% or multiples of base) are likely to be currently for quant traders in London? (In particular on the Sell side)

Glassdoor gives some insight, however there's not many data points.

I welcome all and any insight or information 😃

3- 5 YOE

In need of some advice. I’m a 1st year at a small firm (5 people, I’m 1 of 2 attorneys) representing lenders. There’s been no training of any sort - all on the fly. There’s a few issues: a demanding & condescending partner, a two-faced paralegal that constantly points out even minor mistakes directly to said partner, below-market salary, and a 1.5 hour commute each way. Should I leave? I love RE law, but do I need to get more experience before making a switch? Any guidance would be helpful.


I’m envious of the big status and points you international travelers get. I’ve always wondered how you get to travel internationally - just luck of the draw w projects? Or are you more senior?


Can I purchase an economy ticket with Amex rewards points and later on upgrade it to premium economy in WestJet with my travel bank dollars?

Anyone looking to offload 40,000 bonvoy points?


[For young professionals] Like this post if you wouldn’t date someone outside of DC proper. Bonus points if you comment where you live 😊


First class ticket. Didn’t get a drink before take off. How many points?


Was able to book 6 nights at the St Regis Maldives, Overwater Villa. 140K SPG points (so 420K New Marriott points)


Hi fishes,

Why don't we introduce ourselves here. Please do mention below points and you can add more if you want.

Age -
Gender - (don't be a lier)
Company -
One thing you love -

Hi all

The CPE courses that i pursued on june 30 got credited to next fiscal year

I raised a complaint to the us learner team and they reverted my credit points back to be compliant as of june 30th 2021

Today am shockingly getting an emAil that i am non compliant. In the system, my points have been again moved to next fiscal year

Please advice what to do. I have emailed them. But there is no phone number to seek help


Topic: concurrency, multi threading, transactional,
Spring, hibernate

I have a requirement to insert a row in database only if it meets following requirements
Ex: there is a column "points", a new record should be inserted only if points in the new record is greater than highest points already inserted in db or else throw that points are less

How i should approach this if i get lot of requests (say 10k) all a time. How can I achieve consistency and handle with less response time


Book recommendations? Going on a work trip, looking for a recommendation in the either business story or leadership/self development arenas. I listen to books on audible on the plane

Favorite books - American icon, Feiner Points of Leadership, I hear you, 4 Disciplines of Execution, one thing, obstacle is the way.


Going to Maldives in January for my honeymoon. Super excited. All on Bonvoy points.

I have a 5 night stay booked at the St-Regis. I am looking for another property to book another 5 night stay. Would you recommend the W, JW, or the Ritz-Carlton


Just moved to the city and I'm excited to get out and try some new restaurants. What's your all-time favorite spot to grab a bite in Charlotte? (Bonus points if you can tell me what makes it awesome!)


So my spg points and nights have still not merged with my Marriott account. Anyone else having this issue?

Needed 7 points from Mark Andrews in a PPR league. He went 3 catches for 20 yards in an OT game. Drop an F in the chat for a tough week 1 loss


Do St Regis all have same category / points rate per night?

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Consultant in the making right there

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1. Guess it’s been a while since I’ve been home.
2. HOW DO I STOP THIS?? Like how can I opt out of all these mailings??

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Hello All,
I have a total of 2.6 years of experience and 1.6 years relevant with the java and spring boot framework. Currently I am looking for a java backend developer positions. Any referral/suggestion would really be appreciated. I am available to join immediately.
Thanks in advance 👍🏻

Below is my tech stack:

Core Java
Advance Java
Spring MVC
SpringBoot Framework
Hibernate Framework
Collection Framework
REST api


I am a fincrime professional with 5 years of experience related to Anti money laundering and other financial crimes. I am based out of Canada and available to join immediately
It would be a great help if you can refer me to your organization.


Anyone working on an activation for ComicCon this year?


If my state return is wrong, does it mean my federal return is wrong as well. Federal return has been accepted/processed. State return requesting more information.


What's the salary range for a Deloitte senior consultant? (supply chain practice).

I'm interviewing soon and looking to negotiate.


Has anyone in this bowl made the switch from Digital Media Buying to Data Analytics? How did the progression go?


Hello everyone, is it possible to be the founder of company X in industry A and still get a job at company Y in industry B or perhaps A still? Especially when you are applying and your LinkedIn says Founder alongside other qualifications meanwhile the company X is still active.


How long does it usually take to hear back after final interview


Black aqua terra or black Moonwatch?


Is anyone an elementary resource teacher and their school uses power school for grades? We switched over and are at a loss on how to have the gen ed teacher and me give grades in the same subject...


Hi All
I have 8.5 yrs of QA experience and received an offer from Natwest for B7.2 role. Can you please help here to understand what this role means? Is this a lead role?

Anyone here doing any smoked BBQ? I just started, would love to to connect


Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Thinking of making a lateral move to big law, but not a major office like nyc or Chicago. I work in a regional law firm in Hartford but bill big law hours (210-240 average). Wondering if any big law firms with Hartford locations still get paid top of market? Does a big law firm with a smaller Hartford branch still have same expectations as nyc or Chicago offices? Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP


What’s your absolute favorite physical planner/calendar and why? Really need a new one but haven’t found one I just love yet.


Who chose that blue for OR scrubs and what is its specific name? What color are yours?


Hey guys I joined TCS recently.
Anybody working in Qualcomm project


Hey writers! Paris agency looking to a hire English native copywriter (full time) and English native copy intern (6 month contract). Must be eligible to work in France. Message if you’re interested.


Additional Posts in Side Hustles

Thinking about starting a small e-commerce side hustle! Well see where this goes

Anyone have any small jobs they need help with?

For those of you with “successful” side hustles, can you talk about your journey? Was it a passion you turned into a business? Was it an opportunity in the marketplace you took advantage of but take similar enjoyment as you do with your FT job? Do you find it takes away from your motivation at your FT job? How did you take the first steps?



I have 7-8K a month to reinvest (after my normal investments). Any idea?


Looking for someone with sports bar/cocktail lounge investing/operations experience to co-invest in a bar that’s 0.3 miles from the new Nashville MLS soccer stadium. Message me if you are interested.

I built a small business that generates about 100% profit margin. Set up the LLC got trademarks, have all my suppliers, everything's all ready to go. I get daily orders. I don't want to do it anymore so I offered to give it to my family, they struggle financially. Not a single one wants to take it over. WTF. IT'S SO FUCKING SIMPLE.

What does everyone do for their own side hustle? I’ve done some light analytics work for a nonprofit, but am potentially interested in real estate down the line

Informational/marketing post - if any HR or marketing folks are interested in a company swag store (no hassle, no inventory, ships direct to consumer) for their company let me know. Great for giving credits for personal events (eg birthdays, Anniversaries etc.).


Does anyone have a Shopify store? Looking to do some customer research for a personal project in case anyone is willing to help out. Serious responses only.

Anyone have marketing experience? I’d like to get into providing online services so I thought marketing agency would be a good idea with web development, social media, content development, email marketing... looking for a partner :) I have no direct marketing experience but have created team newsletters, good at ppt, and have start up money


Has anyone pursued being a real estate agent as a side hustle ? I’ve been told it’s easy & can be fruitful even if it’s done as a part time gig. Thoughts?


Are you a business strategist? Excellent track record helping startups determine biz strategy, market position, channel, etc? And independent contractor, or know where to find such people? Message me.


does anyone dropship? any info or advice? been hearing about it so much recently and wondering what the buzz is about

Anyone playing in the political prediction markets?

Recently joined an industry firm but picked up low hour/commitment m consulting for a small company (freelancing). The two companies are in entirely different spaces, no conflict of interest. Should I be concerned about disclosing the freelancing work to my full time firm?

Has anyone here looked into starting a food / pastry side hustle? Looking for any tips


Any side hustle handypeople? Really enjoy getting my hands dirty doing demo, framing, plastering, painting… it’s healing to build something. Wondering if there’s a way to make a decent buck doing it?


Hey guys I’m really interested in being a tutor for MBA, high school, or other students teaching finance / other excel related subjects. Any thoughts where I could get started to find students?


Any massage therapists as a side hustle?