I’ve been interviewing with McKinsey for the role of Knowledge Analyst(in India) & so far I’ve had 1 PSG(Imbellus), 2 Rounds of Knowledge Interviews, 3 Rounds of PEI, 1 Discussion w/ an EM(not involving any case) & today I had a discussion with PD Manager to discuss overalls & financials. I’m guessing this was the last round. Wanted to check with McKinsey & Company folks that does this indicate that I’ve almost got in or am I getting my hopes high too soon. Any input/ anecdotes????

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Just adding to above points:
1. After PEI the recruitment coordinator did say that the overall feedback was +ve
2. QQ: what is the compensation for this role, I.e. Knowledge Analyst @McKinsey Gurgaon??

Too anxious to wait for final verdict. 😅😅😅😅


Thanks M1. How much is variable? Also are there other components to compensation as well

By my Experience, don't get excited too soon. I had the same hopes from Mckinsey. Everything was positive until the last day, but after a week they put me on the waitlist and sent me an offer 3 months later which was too late. I assumed at that point they had opening for a single guy and hired someone else and if his joining failed or something, they'd invite me or invite me for a new opening later.

Also compensation of KA's totally depend upon experience, they start at 13LPA and go further up depending upon experience and your college prestige.


K1, thanks for the insight. I guess you are right, they might be interviewing multiple candidates for one role.
Hoping for the best & preparing for the worst😅😅😅. Already stocked up on Legend🍹.

Also how long after the final interview does McKinsey provides the final verdict to the candidate?

How to apply for McKinsey?

You can go to the McKinsey career page & apply to different opportunities.



I have applied for the Knowledge Analyst role in McKinsey and would like to connect with you on the same.

Can you please dm me, my direct messaging is blocked at the moment!

Will be really helpful…

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Hey Fishes

Has anyone come across interview with Alvarez and Marsal ?

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Hi Folks ,
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Washington DC folks:
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Thank you


Hello Fishes,

Can anyone suggest should I join KPMG via third party payroll or not? It is a full-time opportunity and they are asking after 1 year you might get into direct payroll with KPMG.



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As we begin our preparations for Easter, I pray that you all have a blessed Lenten season.

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from which you were taken;

For you are dust,

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~ Genesis 3:19


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Dekho bhai dekho...🤓

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Hello Folks,

I have received opportunity to sit for McKinsey’s games assessment. I have no clue about it. It will be great if some one can advise me about it.


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Hi my sharks 🦈🙂👋🏻
I received a Welcome Kit from KPMG India as my joining date is just a month away.

However, I won't be joining KPMG as I have far better offers. Hence this welcome kit has put me in a very awkward and uncomfortable position.

So when I would be declining the joining via a mail /phone call, should I tell the HR that I want to return this welcome kit as I won't be joining?

Will they take it back? I feel it is morally and ethically wrong to keep this kit knowing I won't join.

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Hi Fishes, Got an offer from ZS Associates for Knowledge Management Consultant.
Can somebody plese clarify higest possible salary band for consultant as HR is saying that they can't pay consultant more than 26LPA. Also it would be helpful if someone can mention additional benefits (over and above CTC) that can help me in making decisions.
YoE 7


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Hi fishes,

Is there anyone from
Roland Berger India who can give some information about salary range for consultant and high level details about wlb, project culture?