We are a family with 2 kids under 3 years.
Yoe : 13 - 40 lpa
Yoe : 10 - 20 lpa.

Watched on YouTube about the Netherlands biking culture and how it's a good place for kids. Thinking of staying long term and sending kids to Dutch school.

Just beginning to apply via LinkedIn.
Both of us plan to work and needed inputs on what combined salary would make sense.
Would it be good to accept an opportunity if one us of us gets 60keuro and hope spouse would get an opportunity once we move there?

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How are firms in LCOL or MCOL competing with firms in HCOL that are offering 1st year tax seniors with 2-3 years experience $100k+ and the ability to work remote?!


I have received offer from IBM last week and have one more offer from L&T , I want to negotiate salary with IBM by showing this counter offer, I tried reaching onboarding spoc multiple times over phone she never picked nor called me back, I sent an email too but no response, can I wait or shall I accept the offer from L&T.


FDD S3 salary in a hcol?


Average NYC salary for a graphic/visual designer with 6 years of experience?


I am a Cyber Security Engineer located in MA (remote). Just wanted to gauge my salary in comparison to others in similar roles. I work for a sub on a large DoD contract. I have 5 years of relevant experience.

125k base

"Eligible for discretionary performance bonus based on company performance on an annual basis"

No equity

No sign-on


Hi Fishes,
I have recently joined NTT data ,i was offered fixed 27 lpa+ 16% variable.Will i get variable,if so how they will pay.What is teh max salary for 7 YOE Grade 11


My friend having yoe: 16.5 , currently working in USA, but want to return to India for family reason.

What is the salary he can expect as per current trend in India?


How much salary we can expect for 7year old SAP Native HANA consultant in CG!!


Hi All,

Can anyone suggest about RSK business solutions company in gurgaon.
How much employees are working over there?
How is the work culture?

Does anyone know the Manager and Senior Manager salary bands for Global Mobility Tax in London at Vialto Partners, EY, KPMG & Deloitte? Also would be great to know what the typical sign-on bonus is for these grades. Thanks


If I start a full-time position as a Product Engineer, what salary should I expect within the Metro-Detroit Area?


Been in FDD for about 15 years and was promoted to partner 5 years ago. Utilization is like 28%, should I be worried?


Associate 2 in front office trading, asked for an internal transfer from London to NYC in the same role and got an offer of $165k base. Currently on £115k in Lon and the US figure doesn't seem to cover the higher CoL. Does anyone have experience on what the figures should be for Aso2 in NY?


Anyone here at Margoils Edelstein’s Philadelphia office? How’s the compensation/culture/billables?


9 months Experienced Hire (technology) with a potential transition to SC or M at KPMG.

Current base is $125k, location is Midwest, YoE is 8+, MIS undergrad, no MBA.

What should the base be at KPMG?


Hello les fish,
Des idées de salaires de manager (fixe, bonus, total comp) à Paris en MBB ? J'ai en tête un package autour de 180-200 ça vous semble comment ?


Which one is a better choice?

YOE - 4.4 Years
Skill - QA Engineer

1. Oracle India - 18.2 LPA fixed
2. Amadeus Labs - 17 LPA fixed + 1.5 variable + 75k joining bonus.

I want to join Oracle for its brand, but Amadeus on the whole provides better benefits than Oracle like transportation, food facilities and better hikes. Is it true hikes in Oracle are terrible?

And how is the job security in Amadeus?


I’m having severe anxiety about my job search. I verbally accepted a job offer. Hours later I got a call from another job I was more interested in with better pay, double vacation time, and double 401k match. They know I accepted something else and were motivated to move quickly. I’m freaking out about potentially backing out of my accepted offer assuming all goes well with this other company.....


Hey - any insight on salary base at EY for a manager 4 in FAAS in MCOL city (east coast)? Richmond, Philadelphia, DC (although prob more expensive than the other two).

Also, are manager 4 and 5s normal in FAAS?

Thanks in advance!


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Setting-up my new home (esp. the dining space) Need some advice. What's your take on slightly raised square (instead of the rectangular ones) dining table like the one below?

Post Photo

Best book on personal finance?


I have attended interview with infosys for oracle ERP consultant. YOE is 14, Current ctc is 16lpa fixed, what is the max that we can ask for infy?


Growth equity: tips on sourcing? What happens if the founder isn’t as cordial in the initial meeting?How do you navigate the convo while still trying to pull info on key metrics etc?


What’s the cheapest way to get Solidcore? ClassPass? 20 classes package directly from Solidcore?


Can anyone recommend a recruiter that works with candidates?


"If you send Jon [Ossoff] and the reverend [Raphael Warnock] to Washington, those $2,000 checks will go out the door, restoring hope and decency for so many people who are struggling right now,"

That's what Joe Biden said beginning of January.


Can I get 11 likes to enable DM? Thanks in advance.


Anyone move from a Big 4 to Big 3? How long were you at Big 4 before moving? And how’d you manage the transition?

Is MBA from upgrad worth??

Is there a firm that does a lot of consulting work for hospitals in Texas Medical Center (MD Anderson, Texas Children's etc.)?


Any ideas for automating IP legal work?

How long did it take you to find a new job? Between when you first started looking to accepting an offer and then starting? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it to move back to my home office city (My project will be remote even after we go back into the office and I’m planning to start looking for exits in the fall)


How long did you study before the CSCP exam? Any advice for someone who just enrolled?


Whatsup my fellow workout enthusiasts! Are any of you familiar with ketones or ketosis? I see quite a few posts about being on the road and staying in shape...if you are looking for something to boost

Does anyone know any former elementary teacher who made a successful transition to UX or Product Design?

Of course, I have very little income to spare for additional training. I have an amateur freelance graphic design background and I’m teaching myself as much as I can, along with working on the Google UX Design certificate through Coursera.

I’m also trying to figure out how to best sell my teaching experience on a resume. I want to frame my data analysis skills, etc. any tips?

Any book recommendations? Mid 20s interested in health, neuropsychology, finance, leadership, and Christianity


Hey fishers, I have got selected in my technical round in Infosys and, ctc in my current company Capgemini is 6.3LPA with 2 YOE on paper but i have 1.2 YOE in freelance also in same domain i work on. What is the ECTC i can ask from Infosys ?


Fintechs with the best culture?


Additional Posts in Jobs in Europe for Indians

Hi all I am looking to move to europe any opportunity


Hi all ,
what are the prospects of Indians getting management or marketing related jobs in uk with masters from India ??
What courses would you suggest to get there ?


Hi! If anyone in this bowl works for Mars & Co. Can you please share some insight into what kind of case studies to expect in their interview panel round?
I have an interview coming up in the next couple of days and wanted to get some idea regarding the same. Thanks!

I'm a front end developer. Looking for opportunities in Europe(UK preferably). Can anyone refer me?
YOE- 4
Tech - ReactJS and Angular

Are there any internships or options where Indians can learn( certification or short term courses )and work as data scientist in European countries.


How are the opportunities in Europe for a person having experience in statutory audit in india.
I hold an ACCA degree with 2 years of audit experience in EY and 2.5 years experience in financial operations.
I also know German and have a C1 certification in German. Kindly advise.


Hi fishes, what is the average salary for 7 YoE in Frontend web development in Europe (Germany: Hamburg/ Berlin, to be specific)? Role might be Associate/ Staff Engineer. Appreciate any help.


Hi Fishes,

What is the average salary in Germany for SAP Integration Architect with 11 Years of Experience

Hello Fishes,
I am interviewing for IT Project Manager role at
IQVIA Germany in M&A group. I have 9 years of experience. What compensation should I ask for Germany? IQVIA


Hello All,

I got an interview call from Wooga a gaming company based in Berlin, I spoke with the interviewer and she told me to research more about the cost of living and expense in Berlin.
Please can you guide me with how much salary i should quote for Senior QA Engineer role.


Hi All - My husband has got an opportunity in UK (London) for 75k, and we are planning to move UK. I earn 20 LPA in India. Will I get job easily in London?? Currently, UK firms are not accepting applications since Visa is still in process. Looking for good advises from experienced folks. Thanks in advance.

Hi team
I recently got approached by a HR from Mars for a role based out of Germany. However, it seemed that she wasn't aware that I am an international candidate applying for the role even though my location was specified clearly in the application process. Does anyone know if Mars recruits non eu candidates ? The role really fits my skillsets and it would be a pity if they do not go ahead with the process just because I am a non-eu candidate.

Hi Fishes,Can you please help me assess between the two offers that I have .
Big4 - 90k £ in London Vs 40k £ (plus 8k £ RSU) in India .Young family of three.


Anyone who relocated to Krakow (Poland) for Motorola?

Anyone who can refer at Apple Uk. It would be a great help !


Hi Guys, i have a 42 lpa offer(fixed) from an start up and onsite opportunity for 110K Europe (Germany) with the existing firm. Which one should I pick.


Hi fishes,

Hope everyone is well !
I'm actively looking for a suitable opportunity ( Senior QA Automation Tester) in Europe / Switzerland which can provide Visa sponsorship as well.
By any chance, does anyone have references? I would be available immediately to join the organisation.

References will play an important role in the case of Foreigners.
Thanks in advance.


Happy new year everyone!
I am currently working as a sr. Site Merchandiser for Target and have previously worked as a Business Analyst with an Indian startup for a leading tech company.
I hold a master's degree in Strategic Marketing and Communication. In total I have a work exp of 54 months including a 2 month internship with Publicis Groupe.
I am looking for imilar opportunities in the EU region and I would be grateful if anyone could give me some information/advice regarding this.

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