What are the extra benefits given by IBM apart from Monthly Salary

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Blue points if you do well in your job or complete any certificationa

Dont expect anything else apart from blue point not even hike

Bonus + blue points... Other than ur ctc mentioned in ur offer letter... Bt sad part is hike can be even zero percent for many consecutive years if you have been hired at very higher pacakge as per IBM PMR system.

Do they even provide cab or shuttle service to men

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Thoughts on job offer for Senior Financial Analyst, private equity, pre IPO tech company in central London? Likely to IPO soonish. 73K GBP base salary, 4% employer pension contribution, ~120k USD worth of RSUs vesting over 4 years (note tech industry is going through a bad spell and that the RSUs are probably worth less right now)?

I have about 3 years of FP&A experience and 3 years Reporting & data tools (ETL cubes, bit of SQL..) experience for American corporates.


Need some feedback about Mastercard pune company as I got offer recently.

Howz work life balance?
Howz job security?
Howz annual hike?
Whether work from home is provided?
Howz the medical benefits ?



I recently joined EY GDS. May I know what will be the in-hand salary if the fixed salary is 12.5 LPA?


Looking for a position for IAM information Security within Healthcare. Provision, set up access, templates.
SaaS , Sailpoint, Azure . Any ideas ?
Thank you


Why do Singapore firms ask for my current compensation while negotiating for next job?
Trying to change company while being new to Singapore. I found out that I am underpaid and want to switch. Many offers from other firms but all asking for my current compensation before sharing compensation pkg. I don’t want to share it as I am on the lower side of pay scale and want the new offer to be based on my capabilities and market rates. Would like to hear your suggestions.


Hello. Need some advice on the salary range I should be seeking for a Student Recruiter position at a non-profit in nyc. I have 3.5 years of experience mainly in project management. Is 75K too high?


How are prospective software developers with a bootcamp background viewed v. Those with a BSc in comp science? All else equal, does a bootcamp background limit ones progression & future career prospects?

I'm researching potentially taking AppAcademy's 4 month long software engineering bootcamp then diving entirely into that space but I fear potentially limiting my growth opportunities

Background: 5 YOE, mostly as a multidisciplinary engineer & management trainee (degree in civil eng)


What salary would you say is needed to live comfortably in Dubai with the following:

Married (single income)
Two kids (1 and 2 years old)
House in an expat community near good schools (4 bedroom)


Any changes at Omnicom Health Group now that Matt McNally is on board?


Can someone dumb down how going through a Recruitor really works? I assume they make a % of what my starting salary would be? Is it true that I could make less by going through a recruiting agency?


Best way to develop your leadership skills for the healthcare field? Or books/resources you would recommend?


Hoping to get my PHR in the next year or so. Outside of employer reimbursement, are there other opportunities for this to get funded? I know SHRM Foundation offers scholarships for the CP, but I am looking for PHR specific help. Thank you! :)

My Salary growth over a total of 8 years of experience may be helpful to some career aspirants as a reference in the software Industry (Key for success is always upskill as per market needs and your passion)

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Anyone have any insights on the BCG full time associate timeline? I know the application deadline was aug 18th but when are interviews gonna be out? TIA!


Hi fishes,
Need your inputs/suggestion,
Anyone or your friends from Doha Qatar,
I've got an offer of Cyber Security Operations. They're offering me around 12k/month QAR in Mannai (On Third party payroll for first 3-6 months). Is this the good salary for 5 years experienced person, Willing to
relocate with my family ( wife and me).

How's the chances of increments and will salary be enough with some savings. Company Not giving accommodation. My current salary in India is 19LPA (16.5 fixed)


Does anyone know the salary for manager, LCOL, risk and reg financial services at PwC?


Best place/medium to learn all things personal finance? Would be nice if there was a specific guide where I could learn about investing, Roth IRA/401K, index funds, how to manage your money, etc.

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Trying to start reading more/ finding some blogs and inspiring resources. What are some of your favorite blogs/medium publications/online sources/etc of inspiration?

Recommendations for few days in Barcelona? Want some live music, cocktails, good food, beach maybe pool club?


Got a job as a PD! Very excited to start. Any tips?

#LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech is hiring for multiple #BFS job profiles.
#JAVA #AS400 #DOT NET# Selenium#Massive Hiring

Interested for below jobs opportunity can DM me with Jobcode with EmailID
4+ Yrs exp

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Hi, can some one provide me insights of the interview process for siemens healthineers, .net core full stack role, will their be any DSA or coding interview? , And how many interview rounds will be their for this role?

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Hi fishes,
I just joined EY gds on 14th March as senior test engineer. I wanted to know the following.
1. Will I be considered in this year end hike/perks
2. how is the average hike in ey gds


Unrelated. Looking for recommendations for appliance packages - fridge , gas range and dishwasher. Microwave optional. We still have the old white appliances from 20 years and looking to upgrade. Heard bad reviews for the newer dishwashers hence looking for suggestions from folks that upgraded in the last few years and are happy with their purchase. Looking for brand and model recommendations


What can correctional officers do to make sure that the prisoners life isn’t harder than it already is?


I have an offer of mastercard,netcracker,puresoft.
Exp 8.9 year
Netcracker 32 lpa fixed +transport
Puresoft 34 lpa fixed + wfh
Mastercard 28 fixed +2.8lpa variable + 1 L joining bonus and is not revising ctc also not giving assurance on latest technology stack.
Netcracker is giving fixes + trasport
Not really got reviews from puresoft so thinking to join netcracker? Any idea or does anyone joined netcracker recently?please suggest if I am selecting right one or should i go fr other option


I am interested in getting the AWS Cloud Practitioner cert (foundational). I’m tech-savvy, but have not been involved in Cloud work. Any idea on how difficult the exam is?


Hello professionals!
I am a B.tech CSE student and have two offers :-
1) EXL services:- Role( Business analyst Band A2)
6.5 ctc + 1lakh first anniversary bonus.

2) Fractal analytics:- Role(Imagineer :- on trainingit would depend on what technology you'll work in data science) 7.5 ctc + 3 lakh joining bonus.

Please don't ignore this and help me to choose the right decision.
So please if you are from EXL and Fractal or have any idea about these companies please help to make right decision as Fresher


Anyone in Orlando for AU this week?

Does anyone have a connection to the creative department at Beam? Would love to talk to someone there and possibly show my book...

Hi All ,

Looking for referrals .Exp:10+ yrs,
Tech stack : ML/Python/AWS/Mlops.
Please let me know if anyone can help

I want a Rolex Sub No Date, a few questions:
1. If I went to an AD for a new in box: how much would I pay? And:
2. Appx how long would I need to wait?

Wondering if better off buying a used one.


Seen some ovation awards coming through from the IAAS PPMD group! Appreciate they are sending out some thanks and recognition!


Looking for a new role in the industry, I have experience with Consumer brands and Saas. Anyone hiring?


Anyone on that CFE grind?


Additional Posts in IBM Consulting

Do we have any leave encashment policy in IBM? Can we carry forward leaves from current year to next year or is it going lapse?


Fishes, I need to get my PF transferred from IBM, but because some typo in the name from IBM's side PF transfer is failing. Spoke to PF office and they suggested to speak to IBM and get it corrected. Can anyone share details of someone in IBM who can help in this matter?

Guys, any idea if we can carry our personal laptop in IBM office (Pune, Hinjewadi phase-2).... if i keep it in my car and park inside campus, will it be violation of any IBM policy?? If i dont carry it inside the actual office bay and keep it inside car IBM IBM Consulting Wipro Infosys Tata Consultancy Accenture


What is the role of salesforce package consultant in IBM? Does it require coding and technical implementation or reviewing code written by team members?? Can someone answer the question, it helps me to decide whether I should join IBM or not IBM Infosys Tata Consultancy Accenture HCL Technologies Wipro

IBM GBS or IBM ISL is good?



I have offers from Tcs and IBM.

Wanted to know which one of the two gives better annual increments..

TIA !!


I have not received probation confirmation email at #IBM, Band 7B, completed 9 months but probation is for 6 months. Should I consider myself as confirmed. My PeM also don't have clear idea on my confirmation. IBM


Hi All,

My joining in ibm on 25th August..But I can join 4-5 days early. So I will ask hr to change my joining date 4-5 days earlier. So am I eligible for any joining bonus or can I ask hr about joining bonus? One other company providing the same CTC as IBM but with 1 lac joining bonus extra...TIA

How are the onsite opportunities @ IBM? I work on Ruby on Rails


Can any one tell me what kind of projects does IBM have in its Whitefield office at bangalore.
Is IBM working in hybrid mode or mandating work from office ?


Joined in IBM, 4.5YOE, 7A, 14L(15L with retirals).

PMR is 0.96.

I've read past posts here and got to know hike(if there is any) will be minimal for PMR above 1.

Can someone experienced in IBM can share below?

A)Will my current PMR increase or decrease with my tenure in IBM assuming there is no change in salary until next hike cycle?
B) What % could be the hike for PMR ranging 0.8-0.9?( I know there will be several other factors to be considered but curious to know general range)



Do ibm accept counter offer after they release offer letter


Is there any performance bonus or annual hike in IBM?


Hi Fishes ,

Want your suggestion . My DOJ is in last week August . Today my HR has called me and asked if I can join in June , then they will revise my CTC and give 20% more on current offered amount .
I have already mentioned that I have to serve 90 days in my current organization , So if i deny again , will that have any impact on my existing offer , they won't revoke right?


Hi, can any refer me for this 439324BR job I'd in IBM?


Hi, can anyone refer me to this job id: 526465BR