What are the next step after H1B petition approval? Do we have to book visa appointment or company does that on our behalf?

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The policy has changed in tcs now. You have to book appointment and claim for reimbursement and remember the wait time for getting appointment is crazy now atleast 4-6 months


What all information do we have to ask TCS RMG department before booking appointment?


Got my H1B approved yesterday. @ Tata consultancy is your visa appointment booked?

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Got H1B lottery picked up last year (2021). Now I have an approved petition. But I am not holding visa.

In this situation - can I able to switch company? Can I able to change the petitioner(new employer) in this approved petition?

Has anyone faced 221G during USA H1B visa process?

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AMEX Gold (or green) for membership rewards?
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I’ve been looking to get back into remote CSR work, have experience in SAAS


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Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to land my first product design role and I can’t seem to get my foot in the door. I’ve asked mentors from ADPlist to review my LinkedIn and resume as well as my portfolio and I haven’t had any luck. I graduated from uni in 2020, was bedridden for a whole year which led me to fall behind and I’m embarrassed that I can’t seem to get a job after months of actively trying - I desperately need help as I’m on a Visa that requires me to be employed.
Any advice?

What is the saving potential for a H1B on-site offer with ctc around 75k USD per annum


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Hi everyone, hoping and wondering if I could get any help with the deal memo part for O1 ? It’s hard explaining the recruiters about it.


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Is marriage LICENSE sufficient to apply for green card?
US citizen to-be spouse died the day before the wedding ceremony.
Can alien still apply using only the marriage LICENSE, and not the marriage CERTIFICATE?

How VISA in terms of flexibility and work Internationally on remote, do they allow to work from India during the holiday travel?

For all the anxious H1B extension candidates, I received my H1B extension approval this morning. Hopefully you all hear something soon. Good luck!


Friends - Starting the process for US visitor visa for my parents. My father is still working in a government job. While my research online, many sites have mentioned to get an affidavit signed contd.

For all the desi parents that visit from India/Pakistan, is there a way to get them health insurance in the US, even if they are not residents and are on a visitor visa?


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Hi fishes
Looking for a job in Marketing and sales having experience of 2 plus year with well versed experience of all the sales management tools .Expected CTC 15Lpa
Any referrals will be most welcomed.


I’m new fishbowl—could you please like my post to help unlock DMs? Here are some flowers in gratitude :)

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how does anyone actually bill 8.5 hours a day?? Even on my most productive days I can only hit 6, 6.5.


Got my first in house offer today after years and years in big law! I’m SO excited 😆 a *little* sad I won’t have the big senior associate paycheck anymore but also thrilled about my future life with hobbies and a hot boyfriend who I actually get to see during the week!


🐟 at sfdc. Why work at sfdc? I'm preparing for an interview and want to be ready for the "why are you interested in sfdc" question. (Cont.)

I have a customer who does not see the value of Salesforce as a direct result of poor implementation. Won’t spend money on professional services. Siloed systems and massive tech debt. Suggestions on how to move the needle here?


Ok here’s the sitch a: I need a job, I do not have a CPA license nor do I want one. I have 5-6 yrs of private company audit experience. I’m completely open to jumping fields or industries. Does anyone have any recommendations on directions to look into?


Got let go for the second time this year. I don’t know if I have the where with all to go hitting the pavement for another job. I’m so tired.


Just accepted an offer and start on 8/15, does anyone know when the first vest date is / if I'll be eligible for the first one? (e.g. if the first vest date is 8/20 like it is at many companies, would i vest immediately the week after starting?)


What do you think is the better option? Both offers are around the same salary (~100k EUR in Denmark).

Solutions Specialist (security) at Microsoft or Manager in digital solutions (security) at MasterCard? Also in respective of the long term career? I have 2.5 YOE


Hello all I am in Health Information Operations which I think is a title made up by company. Has anyone else heard of this title.


Hi All,
I have got Offer from Publicis Sapient, CTC 14LPA, Permanent Remote work. However I have heard recently they are firing lots of resources , they are engaged in hire and fire policy.

Not sure how true is it !! So should I consider my other offers (Mindtree , CTS ) instead of Sapient ? Do they revise offer and match !! Please suggest.
Skill set - QA Automation


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Anybody go from cyber consulting (assessment based/cyber maturity/incident response plan) to a more technical role? I really want to make this move but not sure if it’s possible without cutting my salary down significantly. Currently building up my skills in networking and VM so I have a path built to improve my skills. Just worried about finding a technical role when all my experience is self taught and home lab based.


Happy new year everyone
I wish my manager won't set unrealistic expectations this season :)
And the busy season is not a shit storm like always


Hey guys
I'm being offered a new grad product development engineer 2 position in AMD Canada
Can someone help me out with the salary range for this role?


Anyone use VA for adderall or similar medication? How does the process go? I know they’ll be hesitant to prescribe it but I feel like I need it bc I just can’t focus at work

Any other 2020 grads out there? How are you handling the job search without passing the bar or having any idea when it will be held? My plan was to pass the bar, then get a job so now I’m just in limbo.


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I have an H1b which I received in 2019 and was valid till august2021, due to covid I wasn't able to travel and then I switched to another firm last year in November. If I get visa transfer, will it provide me a validity back as I haven't used any on site time on that visa.


How much we can ask for 10+years guy? Company is giving less 90k


Hi All, currently Visa is approved, stamping is yet to be done... But the package is 60k only and I heard from colleagues who are already there, that this is not sufficient... I am working at a package of 12 LPA in India, and I think switching is the best option rather than going to US. Need your opinion please


Does H1B transfer in India need stamping again? Please let me know

When is a H1B eligible to initiate H4 ? Also what's the suggested time (when) for such initiation? Please help

i have one question guys, before visa stamping can we change petition's client? means if infosys has applied for my petition for client A will that petition will be valid for client B ?? or whole petition needs to be applied??


Holding H1 stamped visa but haven't travelled yet and expired. Am I eligible for Cap-Exempt from India ?

How long it takes for cap-exempt to be processed these days in normal processing ?

Hi Fishes.I have a H1B petition and about to get visa stamped.Petition vid for another 1 year .I need to know can Visa be transferred after interview to new employer without cancelling the Visa by current employer?


Hi…I am an Ex employee of Accenture..I need Employment verification letter for RFE For H1B visa.. Accenture has provided the letter, But in the letter the purpose Was written as “ for procuring Lawful Permanent Residency “…. Now I am not sure if I can use this letter as Employement verification letter


What salary can be expected for 8 years experienced .Net developer in USA? ( negotiation period for H1B with service based )

I have done BCA and have 5 yoe. Will I be eligible for H1B? Accenture
Asking this as I am worried if my 3 year graduation will be causing any issue.


Any leads to get Mechanical Job in US from India??!! I'm with 5 years of experience in Automotive field


When US visa process for 2021-2022 is going to commence?


Hi Fishes, Is it possible to process h1b as cap exempt if I had worked on USA in h1b status for few months and if the visa is expired now, once I join a new employer.

My H1B is processing but after hearing stories that company won't provide any projects for US even after H1B approval , should u take a jump. Have a offer in hand for another company which pays 50% hike on current package


H1B visa stamped.

While applying for visa my company quoted 80K as compensation. Now they want to reduce it to 75K.

This feels like unfair practice. Is it common? What should be my approach?


My h1b petition was approved till September 2022. I was not able to get it stamped through previous employer and now my current employer is willing to transfer the H1b. Since the petition got expired can someone guide me what is the process for this ?