What is a fair salary for a NYC data engineer with 1-2 years of experience?

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I'd say about 105K

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I have offer from ZS and Axtria for same kind of role. Can someone help which is better to join in terms of growth and benefits ?


I am working to create a commission structure for recruiters. What is everyone seeing?

Here are some of the options I am considering, using sample numbers:

Base Compensation of $70K, plus 10% commission on all jobs closed.

Base Compensation of $70K, plus 20% commission on all jobs closed after the first $140K in jobs. (This provides more upside, and also makes sure to cover salary, benefits, and administrative support that is offered.)


Any BCG partners willing to share compensation from first five years or so as a partner?


I recently interviewed at Facebook (Meta) for enterprise engineer E4. Feedback from recruiter was very positive. Everyone on panel recommended me. Received an offer for 223 TC. My current salary is significantly higher (amzn L5/sde2). I am walking out but curious:
1. Is that a standard meta offer? I thought meta pays better than amzn and googl.
2. I have been asked by my recruiter to provide my current salary as data point to go back and negotiate. Isn't that illegal? Facebook (Meta)


Trying to gauge the base compensation for Senior Project Manager with ERP experience in todays market.


Hi fellow nurses! I am an Emergency Nurse with 3 years of nursing experience to include med -surg. I am looking to transition to a lower acuity position such as pre op, or honestly work remote as the work life balance is not fulfilling for me. Any recommendations on hospital jobs that are less stressful or any companies that offer competitive pay to work remote? I make 38/hr currently and would like to maintain that rate. Thank you!


Can anyone concur the following, working on multimedia editor (Video) (4-6 YOE) requisition:
1. The average rate for freelancer - ₹700-1200 per hour
2. The average compensation package for a full time editor: 7-9 LPA

Grateful for any inputs.

Has any senior from EY been able to surpass the upper salary band of 135k?


Moving back to Ireland later this year and have the opportunity to move back with my current company and work fully remotely with North American clients. I’m hoping to just convert my salary directly to euro and get 75k. Just wondering if anyone has any insight to what a data analyst with 5 years experience should expect in case my company try to move my salary to match local salary ranges


I’m a judicial clerk and was offered an associate position. I received the info regarding billable hours, salary, and benefits. What are other things I should know about before deciding to accept?


Capital One vs Jp morgan?

Have offer from both. Cap1 is Tech Audit and JP morgan is Tech audit & control. Both paying same comp. Cap1 as senior associate and jpmc as only associate. JPMorgan Chase Capital One


I am joining Accenture on 23 May. Would I eligible for December appraisal hike and bonus payout.


What is the salary range of G8 with 7.5 yoe as business analyst ?


Does anyone here work as a client development manager at RGP consulting? Phone screening with them tomorrow and I would love some insight on the compensation package they offer before I ask about budget etc.


I joined on June 2021 to Accenture as transition project now when can i expect transition rewards or hike ? Do i want to wait till Dec 2022 or is there any chance to get hike earlier ?


If you do an MDP in a high cost of living city like New York, and you come from a smaller office, do they salary adjust you before you start?

I’m currently a medical assistant and I’m thinking about going back to school to become a Echocardiogram tech. The only problem is that all the programs around me are 8-5 and I still need to work my job to make sure my family is taken care of. Any advice ? I don’t want to be a medical assistant because of the salary is so low I don’t know how some people can be a MA for so many years.


What is the salary range for sr manager @Deloitte M+A In Boston
A buddy keeps bragging about his salary. He’s 29 and has 8 years exp. he came up through the ranks- started as a tax associate. Thx

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Rising audit senior thinking of pivoting to forensics. Not sure if I want to stay at EY, but should I wait to get any forensics certification until I make the switch? Also, is it better to have a CFE vs. CFF? I already have my CPA


We have a problem here. Girl that I’m seeing spends half her attention to my dog. How do I fix this?


Summer time is coming. Why are we not allowed to wear short to work? (Men related)


I need likes to unlock DM. Please like this post.
Thanks in advance.


Anyone live in Portland? What’s the cost of living like in comparison to a city like LA or NYC? Is $100k enough to live comfortably in Oregon?


My dating life summarized:

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Does anyone else just wipe out when they get home? I’m usually asleep an hour after dinner.


what is market salary for an HR generalist in Boston MA?


Hello fishes,
Societe Generale is hiring for the following roles. Anyone interested with the matching requirements please dm.

If you don't have dm enabled, leave a comment, I'll connect via dm.

Société Générale

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Hello, everyone!

I have an interview for a relatively new law firm early next week. However, upon doing more research about them, I noticed that their website has only a black-and-white website about only what the law firm is about.

My questions are:

1. Is this a red flag?

2. How do you guys prepare for interviews specifically with law firms that have little to some information on their website and Glassdoor?

Thank you so much in advance!


Ok so since we all know the best ethnic food (at lower prices) is on our side of the Potomac…. Everyone list your go-to spots. Go! 😋


Huge day for IFRS 17 consultants... Time to put your feet up while pretending to “stay the course so that the same rush doesn’t happen again a year from now"


Hi, will accenture blacklist for future employment if i accept the offer and rejected later?

I Have an offer with level 4 (Lead Analytics Consultant ) designation in Wells Fargo and 12 years of IT experience. Is it appropriate according to my experience or should I ask for next level?
Please reply I need to decide in 1 week. Thanks in advance


Today I hit the wall and got sad after wfh for nearly two months. Stay strong y’all.


Favorite athleisure brands and why ... GO!!


Is anybody (BB,EB) still hiring FT analysts out of undergrad for 2022. For context, I’m currently a 6 month intern at a reputable MM shop in a tech group with strong deal flow. I’m currently on two live deals and have done 3 pitches so decent experience. I also have 6 months experience working in equity research at a BB firm. The group i’m in is a sweatshop with regular 4 am nights and am looking for a way out before I get trapped.


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Hi guys,

Im a draftsperson and programmer in Perth Australia and now have just over 1 year experience in this role. Im just wondering how much other people similar to me are getting paid outthere as i feel like im being underpaid thanks

Hi i lost majority of my money in the stock market. I married and promised my family that I will not make the mistake I made 7 years ago. Gambling. Is this an addiction I have. I keep selling stocks and taking loses buying other stock hoping it will recover but never did and sell again taking loses and buy again. It now sink in to me. I borrow personal loan hoping that the market will do k and I pay it back but I even lost that. I can't stop crying that I hurt the one I love the most my family.


McKinsey & Company McKinsey & Company what band does a principal architect role fall in?


Hello, I am currently in Toronto, and have two year expereince as Development and Operations. With skills in AWS cloud and DevOps, how much salary is appropriate to ask during process? (per hour). Thank you for your consideration.


I'm curious if anyone on here is in Metrology/ calibration specifically and what their salary/ hourly rate is. I'm currently @ $33/hr with 3 years of experience. Appreciate the time anyone takes to read this.


I am currently a Junior Engineer with 5 years experience, I have been with the same company for 3 years now. I have my yearly review coming up and was asked to present a raise I desire. I feel my company underpays their employees but was wondering what the average salary is for someone in my position. My company has also mentioned wanting me to shift into the environmental engineering world which is where my strengths are


Mid level Electrical Engineer in the greater Baltimore, MD area making $115k base w/ $20k sign on bonus. No yearly bonus. I started this job in April of this year. 2-3 years experience. When I onboarded they told me to expect promotion to EE III in about a year. Performance reviews coming at the end of the this year and I’m wondering 1) if my salary is on par with what I should expect 2) how to approach conversations about raises and promotion with my supervisor. Thanks for any insights.


I want to ask for a 20%raise, knowing that the company is planning the year budget around now should I give my manager a heads up as to what I’m expecting before my salary review? I got a 0.6% raise at the start of 2020 and a 4% in April this year. The raise this year came with the title of “Lead” and more work responsibilities, talking with a co-worker we now make about the same amount. I started working here right out of college (10 years).



May I know what is a good salary for a R&D project engineer(2 YOE) in a semiconductor industry in Belgium?

I have many options to consider but two options below are what I’m thinking of right now.

I want to see your thoughts on which one I should pick.

Job A: Project Engineer. 135K/yr base. 10% signing bonus.

Job B: Senior Project Manager. Contract. $60/hr standard. $90/hr overtime.

Additional Information added / pinned in the comments.

Quality engineering VS software engineering. I am currently a quality engineer in medical device. I have 4.5 years of experience. I’m stuck between getting a degree and continuing in quality / manufacturing or switching to software where I know money is great. Thoughts?


What is the average salary of a project Engineer mechanical with 0-1 year of experience and with a Masters degree ? Talking about European countries precisely Nordic counties .


Anyone on here working/worked at Moderna Norwood location? What are you experiences and do you recommend? Are there any “buts” or red flags?


Hi all, I switching from academia to the private biotechnology sector in Montreal, Canada. Anyone has an idea of the payscale I should expect/ask as a Molecular Biology PhD with 15 years research experience?

Thank you


I interviewed for a Senior RA (life science) position in a mid-large sized company in Westchester county in NY. I am making a move from academia to industry with 4 years plus experience and several publications. But I do not have an idea as to how What salary range should I aim for? What factors should I take into consideration?


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to ask: What's the salary for a systems engineer in
Lockheed Martin? Also if someone who got hired as systems engineer (or any other engineer field) what are the recommendations and how much salary should be asked? Thank youLockheed Martin


Welcome to the Salaries in STEM bowl! 💸

For the best response to your post, please include the following:

Your location or HCOL/MCOL/LCOL ("high cost of living" city etc), years of experience, and any other relevant information for context.


"Engineer in a HCOL with 5 YOE currently making 85k and know I'm very underpaid. What should I be aiming for?"

These variables have a great affect on salary and you'll get better answers the more details you provide.



Hi everyone!

I recently just finished my interview with Accenture and is looking very promising. We have yet discuss salary, I would like to know other people's salary who work in the Industry X so that I'm not getting low-balled. I currently work at HDR inc. making 69K (Salary).

2 YOE., Mechanical Engineer

The position is "Analyst - Industry X Development Program" in Detroit, Michigan.


💲For those who DON'T think a six figure salary is possible:

👉Just ask for it. Really, you would be surprised. Might be easier to switch to a new company and ask. I did that 3 years into my career.

And 🛑 wasting your time at a company that under-values you severely. Sometimes switching companies every 2 years or so will allow you to keep raising the bar for yourself.