What is the usual hike % for a finance role in salesforce india ?

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Hi fishes,
I have the following offer, can you please review it and let me know if it's good or I'm being tricked by HR
Also, LTA mentioned is payable as reimbursement, what does that mean?
Tata Consultancy Infosys Accenture IBM

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How is the work culture in DBS for Software Engineers.


How much does an M1 in cyber make?


Hi folks, Are there any HRs in this group. Please help me to land an interview for roles like Data Analyst or Business Analyst or billing Analyst. Please do let me know if there is any position open for these roles in your company. I have almost 3 years of experience. Amazon IBM Bank of America Deutsche Bank Deloitte Morgan Stanley JPMorgan Chase Flipkart Myntra Cognizant Capgemini and many more. Thank you in advance 🙏


Anyone hiring a Social Media Manager? I just quit my job to escape a very toxic micro aggressive work environment and am open to work!


How many rounds are there in PWC India? I have an interview with the Director ? This is my second round


Was offered 105k plus 5k signing at Deloitte with 2 years of Oracle cloud experience. Is that fair?


First year associates:
How much is your salary?
City, firm size and practice area too.

80k. Chicago. Small (7 attorneys) insurance defense firm.


I have offer letter from IBM. IBM HR is continuously calling and asking to join 'Know your IBM' session. Is it a compulsion to join the session before joining the company? If i join the 'Know your IBM' session, would it be compulsory to join IBM further?

If you were laid off and in process of finding a new job, what interim position will you do? Driving Uber? Barista? Anybody?


Any update on EY GDS opening the offices?
If they are, I hope they are not going to make it mandatory for all!


Which is better L & T or TCS ?


Guys I have a offer for Penetration Testing Engineer L4 position, London location what should be the salary ?

Hey guys! I need a referral for a role in Meesho. Anyone can help?


I've struggled a lot with my ADHD in my new position. Lately I've had some really good days and done good work. I know I should be happy about it, but my thoughts keep getting negative, like I know it won't last. Do you guys ever get imposter syndrome like this? How do you deal with it?


Avg salary of data engineer at quantiphi for 4 years of experience?


How's the data analytics work in PwC LLC Advisory?


Any suggestions for manager level salary at Du telecom?

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Please save the tobacco hate. I smoke a cigar at least once a day. I grew up around the cigar (and rum) industry, so I genuinely appreciate it. It came out during a conversation with one of the partners in my practice group. He and I go to the same Cigar Lounge when I am not ordering from Cigars International. The Rum industry also came up (my ancestors were actual Rum Runners during prohibition.)

Nevertheless, he suggested that we meet up at our lounge for cigars. Thoughts?


Working for casual apparel clients and need to dress more trendy casual. Need recommendations on nicer jeans and shirts to fit the part so I can stop the dress shirt tucked into jeans and dress shoes

I graduated with my bachelor's in HRM and I'm wondering if there are any certifications or trainings I could do before I lock down on the SHRM-CP. I recently became HIPAA certified for my company and that got me thinking about what else I could do to add to my resume. Looking for good stepping stone certificates.


How much is the bench period in Capgemini..it is advisable to reject/get rejected from 5,6 offered projects ?


A fun sign I saw this weekend - irresponsible pet owners are the worst

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How is it in working with Delta Air Lines Bangalore? How is work life balance and is there any out of India travel opportunities involved?


What “self help” books are you guys reading? I just read Untamed by Glennon Doyle and wow, I want to start from the beginning again, but feel like I should read something else. Would love any suggestions.


Has any brand’s response to the coronavirus caught your attention? If so, what was it?


Hey anybody Joining on 28th December 2022 Pune location?


In the course of 8 months, I have been assaulted 3 times, threatened on multiple occasions, and work in a school with minimal consequences. New principal next year. Should I stay? Is there hope?


Hey fishes. How is job security with FIS Global , considering the recession forecast? I am a Mainframe developer with 4.5 yoe. TIA :)


Looking to apply to Microsoft for a program manager role. Any 🐠 here who can refer me for this ? Thanks in advance.


What training/external resources would you recommend someone who’s new to working in SAP Security?


ISO of creatives who can help me with branding and labels for my product, looking for something similar to the aesop aesthetic, DM me if interested or know anyone!


Azadi Mubarak 🇵🇰


Looking to move to Georgetown. What’s the night life for a male in his late 20s?

Hi Chicago Fish,

Anyone got a recommendation for an ENT doctor? Looking to get my deviated septum fixed.

Located downtown btw.



Best brands/places to get tank tops?

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Hello everyone

Is there any opening for Salesforce QA?

Please let me know!


Any changes to the work location flexibility for CSG group or Hyd only?


Which one is good company to work for as a Salesforce Developer


Would it be easy to to switch internally from Salesforce Industries to Core GDC?


Hi 🐟
Is anyone working as a Salesforce QA? Please let me know what are your daily tasks on a high level and what are the main areas a QA works on.. I'm planning to switch to Salesforce as QA.. Need some guidance..


Want to join Salesforce India, have 3.5 years experience as Salesforce developer what are ways I can apply?
20 days notice period remaining
Please let me know if have some reference.


Does anyone know what is the salary range for Senior technical consultant in Salesforce my experience is 6 year 4 months


I have two offers. Role: Senior Salesforce Developer Company 1: Jade Global Company 2: Cloudwerx

Considering the pay package is the same for both, Which one should I choose? Does anyone know the insights from these 2 companies? Jade Global @Cloudwerx My preference is work-life balance.

Hi folks help me which company I can join
Citius Tech -17.8 Lpa (Java developer)
Salesforce -17.8 Lpa (Support engineer)
L&T infotech - 13Lpa



Hi guys,
I am working since a year in my first job and I don't feel like I'm getting to learn much here or see any opportunities for growth. I am thinking about learning Salesforce development and applying for specific Salesforce jobs.
Either that or I will join another company as java developer.
Which of the two has better scope in the future, java development or Salesforce?
Any advice is appreciated.


Hey Guys

I had my technical interview with Salesforce for DevOps role on Wednesday. Recruiter said HR will get back to you by evening or tomorrow. I haven't heard back from them yet. How long will it take to process? . I just want to know if am qualified for next round of interview.
Please provide some guidance.

How much Salesforce can offer for a 4 years Salesforce developer? Considering programming skills are good and have good knowledge on LWC and integrations?


Looking for Product Manager profile at Salesforce Delhi-NCR(Gugurgam).
Can someone help on the process and type of rounds at SF along with teams hiring a PM in the region. Appreciate all the help in advance. Currently, a PM at MS. Salesforce


Hiring for ATC is closed in Salesforce for this Year. Salesforce

Be ready for wave coming to India


Please suggest what to choose between IBM and Deloitte US for salesforce technology.

I am offered almost same package in both but IBM is giving 5 lakhs joining bonus whereas Deloitte US is giving 2 lakhs



Salesforce put on blacklist, if we don't join after accepting it's offer ?



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