Wow! What a day! What type of company starts layoffs right before the holidays? Lost my job this morning and I am stressed out. Is there any chance of finding a new job before the holidays? I'm doubting it.

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I found a job in the last quarter within a week and I thought that was impossible. You will not have a start date before Jan 1 but you can be hired and go through the interview process. I’m sorry to hear that, but my layoff was the best thing that happened to me this year. I’m making 30% more with more chance at advancement. Hire a resume professional, use recruiters. You will be better than ok


Hello! I got laid off on October 11 and applied for a LOT of jobs and had quite a few interviews. (Probably around a dozen or a little more.) I finally was hired two weeks ago to start next Monday. My pay is going from $58,448 from my last company to $82,000 for my new job! It's a whooping 33.5% increase! Getting laid off ultimately worked out for the best for me getting me a much better paying job. That type of increase in pay would take forever at my old company. I am sorry that you lost your job. Hopefully you should be able to get unemployment in the mean time and your company provided a severance to keep you afloat until you are hired and get your first paycheck. Good luck!! Things can and will work out for the better on the other side!!!


What company and position are you in now?


Thank you for the response I’m on eastern LongIsland New York.

So sorry to hear this. What company ?

What’s company?

Awe man, I’m sorry to hear that!

Lockton is always hiring! I’m not sure you would be hired before the holidays, though, as my hiring process took some time

If qualified Lockton would def hire.


You're not alone. Duck Creek did that too. Reach out to your network. It's your best bet.

It seems to have impacted folks from engineering, saas operations, and customer service teams. Lots of people impacted have been posting their stories on LinkedIn.

Just had the same thing happen.. brutal timing

Where are you located?

I am hiring producers, if you're interested.

Yes, we are fully remote.

We also had company layoffs on Dec 1. My husband was impacted (we worked at the same company). This past week has been so hard to stay motivated with morale being really low and continuously learning of more people I knew that were also laid off.

Times are rough right now but I promise better opportunities are around the corner. It’s hard to see it now, but chances are you’ll look back and be grateful for the new path it put you on. Keep looking and don’t give up!

Sorry to hear that try LM

I've tried referrals through LM and applying on my own no luck yet. 🥹

CNA Surety/CNA Insurance are hiring!

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Hey guys! I was just laid off from my job as a SDR right before my promotion to CSM. Im looking to get into customer on-boarding or a CSM role. I know on-boarding is more likely since I can start as entry level. Any tips or referrals?


Can a law firm in CA rescind an offer if background check reveals an omitted employment history? Worked at a firm for 2-3 months back in 2019 that wasn’t a good fit. Not fired but left to really drive my career in a better direction. I now have an offer from a great firm and scared background check will affect my chances.

are the rumours about layoffs true ?
any insider information ?

Follow up post to my last post…My husband was laid off from the company where I also work. I am feeling really isolated / depressed about working and moving forward. I’m also getting to a stage where I’m really sad that people haven’t reached out to either my husband or myself to send well wishes or provide support. It’s like they don’t know what to say or I make them feel awkward so they don’t bother…I’m trying to focus on a few that have been supportive but it’s hard…Any words of advice? 😞


Does anyone have any knowledge re: typical severance packages for NPs that are laid off?

Hello guys,

Could someone please help me to know about job security at
Natwest group , I heard that in past they layoff some employees due to closing of the mumbai office and they were in constant loss.

Also, they have shut down their operations in India, so will it impact on us.

Thanks in advance

What’s the difference between being fired and furloughed?


Has anyone heard of Big 4 TAS layoffs?

Do you guys think cyber is somewhat relatively safer from more layoffs given there revenues vs other advisory groups?


Looking for advice. Submitted Reasonable Accommodations to HR three months ago, and instead of accepting/negotiating, my company fired me. Aren’t they required to engage in an interactive process with me?


Hi All, I have an offer for SA - Agile Program Management . Have few queries:

What is typical wait time on bench to get projects (for non Java people)?
Are there any salary deductions on bench?
I heard Sapient have fired people on bench in past. Some have mentioned it is no more a practice currently. Need insights on this?

Thanks in advance.


So are the layoffs at Deloitte over ?

Does Accenture strategy (Capability network) India lay off folks every year ?

Any hiring freezes, retracted offers, or layoffs at BCG? I’ve got an offer to join and am really hoping it doesn’t get retracted.


Let’s say I moved to a new state in Jan 2020 to take a new position with my existing company (new job at same company). I get laid off in July 2020 by this company. I was going to leave end of August 2020 anyway due to starting an MBA program, and they knew this. Am I eligible for unemployment for July and August?


Anyone know Deloitte core business group in Deloitte consulting LLP?

Salary range, business outlook of this group amid layoffs and green card initiation timeline?

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Got laid off. Have savings to hold me until I find a new position but mostly I'm just embarrassed. Has anyone ever gotten laid off and not told their friends/partner about it? I just don't want people in my circle to know I failed basically.


I feel maybe this is the last thing people wanna hear rn but I just landed an ACD role at an amazing tech company after getting laid off from an awful AD agency role last fall and i’m just...😭🙏🏻


Currently seeking opportunities at the moment due to being laid off during COVID. If anyone is hiring, please let me know!


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I’m pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. I’m still not sure which area I want to focus on. I don’t want to focus too much on numbers or spend my days till 9pm in the office. Would really appreciate some advice considering the volatile US job market.


In the heat of combat, there's no second to waste. I've never felt more focused in my life than when I'm holding a rifle, it is like the rest of the world disappears, and it's just me and the instinct to survive.


What’s everyone’s thoughts on buying investment properties outside the us? (Canada,Mexico, etc). Is it harder to manage/profitable compared to US?


So i recently quit an organisation. I had been working with them for a few years. It was a full time job with them but on contract. They didn't provide me any kind of maternity benefit not even paid leave. Can anything be done about it? Or is it normal for companies to not give contract workers any kinda benifit? There was no 3rd party involved. I got my form16 directly from the company but no pf was deducted.

P.S I am from India. I worked there till my delivery and then got unpaid leave


EY has an opening for experienced associates in FDD that explicitly states 18 months of audit experience or 2 busy seasons. I have 7 months of audit experience at this point. Is it worth shooting my shot?


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I am updating my resume and prepping for interviews, but need to refresh my memory on certain specific details. For some work, my former teammates also don’t remember and have left the firm. Do firms let you reaccess docs in these instances so you can remember your work experience? What options are there?




Financial planning / budgeting:
What app do you use? Looking for one with collaborative functionality for the family.

Any essential books or resources you would also recommend?


I tend to feel so demoralized sometimes during deployment… does this happen to anyone else?


Is there any sort of GIT-like version control in alteryx that allows you to automatically update macros/nodes in other people's alteryx Designer.

Poorly phrased but I'm looking for some sort centralized release/version control.


Im starting a new job but still employed somewhere else. I was trying to be open about staying at BOTH places. My current job won’t let me be part time because they don’t allow “set schedules”. Yet I am one of the only reliable and loyal employees in the department, and currently working a set schedule. So why will they not let me continue a set schedule but with different hours? This place is more focused on strict policies and not actually trying to work their employees and being flexible.

How is Hexaware in term of Mainframe Technology or Legacy Modernization project ? Good number of projects in Hexaware related to Mainframe Technology?

And how is Job security in Hexaware ?



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I work for the Italian Export Credit Agency as an Underwriter with a team specialized in power and infrastructures. I would like to know about some career changes that are possible/ plausible, even outside my line of work


Hey Fishes, any remote opportunities within Canada ? Let me know please

What would you do?

(Or really this is just me typing out loud. )

Currently 6 years at job A at 100K and 10K annual bonus but lil to no upward mobility. It's safe if not going anywhere.

Recruiter reached out regarding Job B at 130K with greater advancement potential but it starts out at 6 Months Contract to Hire per the agency contract. No bonus, benefits adequate by comparison. There is no guarantee to go full time.

Interview just for practice?


I found a company I was really excited about working at. I applied for the job and went through 5 rounds of interviews. At the end they said I was OVER qualified and they want me for a different position higher up in the company. I was super excited they then had me go through 5 more rounds, 3/5 people were the same. The interviews mostly went "didn't you get the job, I highly recommend you? I'll just put you down as a 10". After those were done they told me I was UNDER qualified. Can't win!


I just did my pre-licencing certification and passed my CA state exam for property and casualty. No I have no idea what to do or where to start my career as an insurance agent since I have no experience in the real world, just lots of knowledge. Please help!


I am new here and looking for job anything about assistant accountant or auto insurance company


I’m currently working in Australia and I’m thinking of relocating to the UK next year. Just trying to get some insights on what the average salary for a senior BA would be in London. Also trying to figure out how likely I would survive financially because I’ve heard accomodation in London is quite expensive 😂


I have my P&C license, work at an insurance agency in houston and I make 60k a year. I’ve been in insurance 12 yrs. Is that a decent salary?, I’ve never really looked around at other agencies.



I’m a claims adjuster and have been working in the property & casualty industry for about 15 years. Can anyone recommend any companies that pay well, have good benefits and a good culture? My current company has great benefits, and a great culture but I feel I’m severely underpaid.