Anyone here working on netcool in Tech Mahindra ? How's work culture and how much compensation should candidate with 7 years experience in netcool development should ask for?

IBM Infosys Accenture

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How long does it take EY GDS to hire? I've applied for some positions (bcom fresher) on June last week. For 2 positions (Core AMS- Staff & GDS.SaT_VME_BVals_Analyst) it's showing "we'd like to progress you to the next step in our recruiting process" since July 1st. It's been 10 days, but no update/email/phone calls. Can somebody help?


I am an entry level design engineer in Bozeman MT. I have a BS in Mech E. I was signed on at $55k annually, curious if anyone has any insight as to similar jobs salaries? I am almost at the 1 year mark and going to ask for a raise, curious what seems fair


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Anyone from gurgaon BPC team? Would like to get some insights for wlb,work culture and different clients.


I have 4.8 years of exp in performance engineering and cleared technical interview of Accenture management level 10
My current CTC is 8.5 fixed
What should i ask them as expected CTC in fixed and joining bonus which not very unreasonable.

Anyone know anything about working at Lacework?


I have 2 questions from Wipro offer:
1) What is Career Stream : Project Stream in Wipro Offer letter?
2) your relevant experience has been taken as 123

what these means?


Hi fishes, need some help in deciding whether to join Legato Health Technology or not. Details below- Years of experience -6.5 yrs Designation - Business Analyst Offer - 22 LPA ( all fixed ) Counter offers- Ericsson Global Services - Business Analyst Specialist - 17 fixed + 85k variable Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Insight Analyst 18 fixed + 3.4 variable. Thanks in advance


Partners in EY or big 4 cyber - what was your total comp last year ? What was your take home amount ?


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Can anyone here familiar with FDM Group shed more light on their contracts and operations? All I know about them is that their pay is grossly under market value even as a junior developer in training. Also you are locked into a 2 year contract in which you have to pay them should you leave for a higher paying job for example.

Does this group also have a non-compete which prevents you from working a second job should you need more money?


I have accepted offer with JPMC last week. Today I got mail that, my joining date with JPMC extended by 1 week, as BGV is still in progress. Anything to worry about it?


Does Salesforce negotiate salary? Anyone had success with this? Glassdoor would lead to believe they do not.


Hi Fishes,

Anyone one from virtusa working with Citi client?

How much do mid-level sales people do in SaaS? (Base Salary and commission structure)


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Currently in a SysAdmin role with almost 2 YOE here and I’ve been trying to break into a Cloud Engineer or DevOps Engineer role for almost a year now. I’ve gotten a few interviews and most recently made it to the final round of interviews at a company but unfortunately didn’t make it. Any pointers or possible referrals? I’m really trying to find a place I can soak up knowledge in the field and learn.


Help me choose between two offers :

Deloitte USI : 15 lpa fixed + 5 lac JB
L&T infotech : 21 lpa fixed + 2 lac JB

Thanks in advance.

CCTC : 13 lpa fixed
YOE : 4.4


normal salary range for a new senior? in LA?


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[Serious] Is working in pharma really that bad?


Hi fishes, I am as SAP ABAP consultant having 5+ yrs of YOE . Please suggest me which technical skills I should have to excel in my career as a technical consultant. Please guide me how to have those.


Ever find it hard to distinguish flirting from friendliness?


Thoughts on going in house in year 3? I’m coming from a somewhat niche 100 attorney boutique in so cal and now looking at in house roles for several reasons. I think my current firm would welcome me back if I hate in house life. Would other firms take me after an in house role? Once in house, is it common to move from one company to the next? Starting to think about my career more big picture and just wondering what it looks like if you leave firm life


Which books would you recommend to a product counel for tech startup about strategy, management, and leadership?


Are you a female?

Additional Posts in Tech mahindra offer letter

How many YOE should be given P1 BAND

Hello how's the variable pay given in Tech Mahindra. Is it monthly and do they do any deductions in it every month and will the variable pay get affected after a year rating and performance. Please share your suggestion Tech Mahindra


Hi guys,
How is the work culture at Tech Mahindra, specially for Business Consultants? I have come across a lot of reviews stating bad elbow and low job security. Can someone pls throw some light on it?

Tech Mahindra How long does Tech M take to release an offer once shortlisted.


Anyone know onboarding url for tech Mahindra and where can I find an offer letter.. yesterday i called HR for my offer letter status they said url is not working .. can i trust that statement or they put my offer on hold?


Is there a way to know your business unit prior to joining in techM?

How much time it take to release the offer by Tech M?
They just confirm the salary and not asked for any documents yet. Do they release offer without taking any document.

Please advise!

Hi Sharks

Any one working as QA in AT&T project in
Tech Mahindra ??

I just wanted to know about project, client and work culture.Any one currently working or already worked in same account please throw some light here..

What would be the take home salary for the below structure

Components of Total Cost to Company

Rs. (Per Annum)

Basic (@40% of Total Fixed Pay)


HRA (@70% of Basic Pay)


Bonus/Statutory Bonus


Employer's contribution to Provident Fund (@12% of Basic Pay)


Flexible Components of TFP ^


Total Fixed Pay (Per Annum)



After technical rounds, HR asked me to submit the documents and BGC related forms. I sent the all documents, it's been one week and no call back. Usually how much time they will take ?


I have 2 offers in hand - Global Logic - 23 LPA fixed , Tech Mahindra - 26.5 (including variable).
Which one is good for job security , work life balance and hike and all.
Need your suggestions pls

Hi fishes, need your help deciding offers from Nagarro, Jio, Boomi and Telstra What is better in terms of learning, wlb ?
Tech stack - java microservices 3.9 yoe


I got call from tech Mahindra for selection on Friday But still waiting for any mail confirmation.

(1)How much time it will take to get confirmed selection mail and further process upto joining?
(2) They will call for salary negotiation or not?
(3) Upto what range they negotiate?
(4) What will be the salary negotiation range for 6 years experience person having 9lpa is the current package?


IBM or tech mahindra for same package?


I cleared the interview of Tech Mahindra and got mail to submit the documents.

I have 6.7 years of experience in a niche technology. Current package is 14.5lpa.
My interview went good.

How much should i ask for ?
And, will i get the offer after i submit the documents?Tech Mahindra

How is tech Mahindra.

Client : Gavi, tha vaccine allaince

How is job security and work Life balance?

Need recent reviews

Please suggest

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