Anyone join jp morgan Bangalore on sept 20th for the Asset and wealth management LOB

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Hey, in AWM Lob what is the precise role ?
I also have been offered in the same LOB

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Visa consulting and analytics. Thoughts? Worse than consulting firms or better?


It is very much probable that the US and some of the EU countries might venture into recession.

Considering the same, is it advisable to join EY GDS at this juncture as there is a probation period?


I am confused in between choosing my next employer , Please suggest which could be the better organization to join. I am an SAP functional consultant with around 4.5 yrs of Exp. I have two offers with the same salary compensation i.e -15LPA - 1 IBM with 7A job band and 2. Bosch global software technologies Pvt ltd. formerly known as RBEI with job level 51. Both job Locations are also the same.
I am certified in S/4 HANA and have exp in S/4 HANA implementation.


Does anyone have any knowledge on experience with Paycom Paycom as a company? I was reached out to by a recruiter and have an interview but I’m very oblivious to the industry. Seems almost too good to be true, I hope it’s not. Currently working 65+ hours a week making 60k with no commission and delivery results above everyone else. Really looking to find a company that values my commitment and compensates results fairly.


Does BCG Dallas do any PIP work?


Anyone having any idea on Euroclear project in Capgemini in terms of work and WLB ?@ Capgemini


Hi Can someone please tell me difference between Capgemini invent and DFRC and Capgemini?


Hello guys I got offer from below three companies 9lpa from Capgemini, 12lap from Accenture and 13lpa from Infosys (capgemini can give counter offer) considering work life balance, job security and hike, Learnig growth which company would be better please suggest me I have left out with 15days to join. Yoe 6yeras and Technology Sap Ewm consultant. Accenture Infosys Capgemini


Hello fishes,

Please help me to chose between 2 companies. Either a branded service based company or developing Product based company.

YOE - 9 Years (Manual + Automation)
CCTC : 12 Lacs
TCS : 18 Lacs
Appian Corp : 21.1 Lacs + 1 lakh stock

Help me to chose the better one

Is there a difference in EY-GDS SaT team vs EY-Parthenon SaT team in India? I have an offer from EY-GDS, hence curious. EY-Parthenon


Is PwC data analytics team still hiring? I applied like 3 weeks ago and status is still 'under review'


What is the hierarchy at Amex and how many YOE needed to become a Manager in Risk Management?

Anybody interview with or know anything about the healthcare startup Forward?


Just wondering about how is the WLB in HSBC account of Synechron? I am reading so much of pros and cons on Glassdoor and here. Some are saying the cons like Hire and fire are a FAKE news.

I have the highest offer in hand from Synechron with HSBC client. PLease help me make up my mind that I should join them or not?

I have another offer with LTI as well but just a marginal difference in pay, and Location being Mumbai. Should I choose LTI instead?

Please Help!!

#LTI #Synechron


Hi all,

I am a lateral joinee in accentureat level 11 with 3 yrs of exp .In sep 2022 I have completed 1 yr at accenture. Do I get hike now?

How much time take to release Tech mahindra offer letter

Hi Fishes, Please update soon.

Need to know the designation hierarchy of LTI for IT infrastructure division, also need to know the P3 and P4 grades if possible explains all the P grades with designation as of now in LTI. I am working as a lead for 3 years (total 9.5 years) currently i need to accept manager role so which role will be suitable for me in LTI. Also need to know the specialist role is Managerial position in LTI ?


What is the base range for C level at Deloitte in DC area. I am targeting 110k (10% bump from current ) and recruiter is telling me this is too high. I’m an analytics practitioner


Hi, how much can I ask from Informatica for the position of Associate Software Engineer. Techstack would be DevOps.
Certs - AWS associate, CKA
Aws, Kubernetes, terraform, grafana & prometheus, jenkins, etc.
YOE - 2.5 years
Current Base - 13 LPA.


Recently got an offer to join McKinsey in London. Didn’t negotiate my salary, but heard salaries are getting increased soon. Has anyone who works there heard of anything or know s when the salary increase is meant to be?McKinsey & Company


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Just made me laugh, . . Because it’s true!

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JPMorgan Chase offered me a job. Please help me evaluate if it's a good offer.
Role : associate product grade 602.
Base : 108k
Current Base : 105k
Exp : 5+ years

No other allowance offered by JP Morgan.


Hi Fishes,

Please help me choose an offer,


17LPA CTC including 1.27 Variable (Paid 100% usually)


13.24 L Fixed
2.78 Performance bonus (Usually paid 50-60%)
1.3 L Skill bonus (This I think they can be remove anytime)

Both are for same location
YOE : 5.2
Domain : Cybersecurity

With Wipro it was a client interview (Blackstone) and Accenture is a bench allocation initially.

I would really appreciate if you can share your thoughts.


Has anyone here worked on CoE/Shared Services - Transformation projects? I have an interview on Wednesday and am looking to better understand the day-to-day role and responsibilities.

Hey Admin! Make this community active man! I wanna go abroad but getting no advise of helpful stuff from here. 😡


VFX / post production jobs in London... Where are they all hiding?


Hello Everyone,

Can anyone tell how is the work culture & job security in mindtree especially after merger with LTI? Also work life balance…

YOE - 4 years
Tech Stack- Powerapps, power automate, SharePoint



Hi guys,

I earned a BSc in Mathematics, currently about to become a part-time Data Science student at the Masters level.
I'm looking for a junior-level role in the Data Analysis sector. If anyone has openings in the UK, please let me know.
Thank you


מה קורה חברים, יש לי הצעה מBCG וממקינזי לתפקיד יועץ מתחיל ואני מתלבט איזו הצעה לקבל.
הייתי שמח לשמוע מכם על המשרדים בארץ והאם יש בחירה ברורה בין השניים.

Is it bad to resign during busy audit season? How to resign during busy audit season? I have been offered amazing opportunities somewhere which my managers and partner could not offer (I already asked them several time), however I feel guilty by leaving them. Help anyone?


Hi All,

I need a referral in Barclays.

Job id - 90323997

Could anyone please refer me?

Thanks in advance.


I’m a new CSM (9 months) and I work at a company that doesn’t invest much in its CSM team. I’ve been struggling because as time goes on I feel more and more like a token hire. We have no play book/structure, no CSM tool and I’m current organizing all 95 of my clients on spreadsheets while also handling presales trials with a salary under 50k.

Long story short: I’m searching for mentorship or to be pointed in the direction of a good course so I can help the clients I do have while I’m here

Is it even possible to get HSW with a low GPA (3.3-3.5 range) if you’re an ORM guy? Even if you went to top 20 undergrad, top GMAT (780-800), good work experience (top consulting firms+FAANG)?


Looking for a job,
I have around 3 years of javascript development exp,
jquery html css and django
I want to work on Reactjs looking for oppurtinity since long time.
Referal would help. Thank you


Imagine you're looking for a remote job at a large company with a sophisticated marketing function, strong manager, and room for growth. Making good traction, but then you're contacted by a company in a niche that FASCINATES you read books about this subject for fun, you'd probably love this job. It's remote, the salary is good, the manager is nice, but you'd be the most senior marketing person; the company is about 200 people. What would you do?


Anyone have experience negotiating with bschools about scholarship packages? Will be hearing back shortly and want to be prepared to have those conversations if needed


What was the percentage of the most recent COLA increase given by your employer? I'm looking for standard or budgeted amounts rather than your personal increase due to promotion or request. Thanks!


Some one help which company I can choose for work culture, Life balance , company shift timings

Tech Mahindra 12 LPA (50k) joining bonus


Moving out of my studio apt in AdMo this December. Anyone interested in moving in? Rent is $1450 and you get a pretty good size space


Is 2 weeks notice after busy season enough? Without burning bridges.


Additional Posts in JP MORGAN India


My joining is in next week, Still haven't heard anything from HR

What should I do?


Hello fishes.

I have approx 2 years of work ex. I have pursued my MBA from a good institute and also appeared for my L2 CFA recently. Would love to work in profiles relating to security valuation, portfolio management, or fixed income. Kindly send referrals.


dm if you want refferal in infosys, all positions needs minimum 2+ yoe, dm me on whatsapp 9315177193,

(anyone else should not have reffered you in infosys till last 6 months)


Hello fishes. Could anyone please share their interview experiences with JP Morgan

How do I claim the relocation lumpsump amount? Should I reach out to my global mobility advisor or will it be directly included in my first salary?


Does the HR send a mail incase of rejection? If yes, how long do they take?please help


What should be the average cost for renting a furnished single bhk near jp Morgan Bangalore?


Hii fishes, i am starting to interview at jpm, can anyone guide me on the process and what should be my salary expectations be for Software Engineer python, yoe 1.5+ at mumbai



My joining in JPMC is on 12th Sept. My BU is CIB and department is given as NAMR asset servicing India. Could anyone please let me know about the wlb/ work culture in this department.

Thanks in advance:)

Hi JPMorgan Chase,

I have joined the company this Monday and I am partially aware of the reimbursement policy.
Just wanted to confirm Max Air M1 having 8GB Ram and 256GB space will work as per the JPMC tech reimbursement policy?


JPMorgan Chase Hi Fishers,

I have recently interviewed for jpmc chase.
Could you please let me know what is the salary range for a 602 position.
Yoe : 7.3
Stack : ETL Developer


Today I got the relocation letter mentioning benefits by JPMC.
I have exactly 1 month from now to join.
I have an offer of 12% more than JPMC in fixed pay.
When should I ask for counter offer and in which way?
If anyone has done so please help me.


Can we compare some of the material pros and cons between Morgan Stanley & JPMC, for eg. Morgan Stanley has 90 Days SL compared to 12 Days in JPMC..please comment if you are aware other points


I am getting interviewed in JP Morgan Chase mumbai for the role of Testing Analyst -UAT what should be the aspired CTC range for around 1.6 years of total work experience.


Do we need to submit rent agreement for claiming rent or just rent receipts?


How much raise can I expect for 601 to 602 this year. Current comp - 19 LPA. YOE- 7. CCB
What will the comp look like after getting promoted?


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