Does anyone know when we will receive promotion for July 2021 quarter?

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Someone on the similar post had replied it will be out on 18th dec but I still can't see the email😒

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It’s one thing daydreaming about leaving your company and getting that 20-50% raise offer to stay…it’s another when you actually resign and get that offer. Becomes a lot harder to turn away from.


Hi Guys, Can anyone please let me know yearly hike/ promotion hike percentage in Wipro. Also do we get any furniture Allowances or any joining kit or any other perks from Wipro?

- Thanks in Advance.


Any idea about Accenture yearly hike percentage for level 7. And promotion time to move up to level 6


(Salary raise - EU/Brussels) : Does anyone have or know where to find updates on salary increases/ranges in the EU and more specifically Brussels? Many thanks!


I’m asking for a raise tomorrow and am super nervous about it. Send me good thoughts ladies!!! 🙏🏼


Are there any HR Managers located in Atlanta Georgia on here? I got an offer and I’m curious if the salary range is fair. Please specify how many years of HR experience you have. I have 6 years and the offer was a range of $100-120k for a promotion with relocation to ATL.


JL Associates, do you think we are getting another raise?


Job offering me a rph role for a store if I accept being a temporary rxm which doesn’t come with any pay raise. Do they have the ability to force me to accept temp rxm in order to get the regular rph assignment?


What should one expect for M1 to M2 raise? Currently at $151K in Tier 2 city

Work 60 hours a week for 2 years just to get a 2% raise. Deloitte is a joke.


Let's bet on the promotion/hike mail dates!

12 July


I have joined Accenture in May 2022, Will I be eligible for promotion in December 2022?


Does CTS matches or raise the offer made by other organizations 2 days before joining date, I have got an offer over x+5 from another organization, but still interested in cts.
How do I proceed from here?

They say money doesn't bring true happiness but I just got a huge raise and I'm smiling ear to ear. Haven't been this happy in a while


Anyone get their raise yet? If so, what percent did you get? Was promotion included?

I am thinking of leaving my stable full time job for a contract position (ongoing with no time frame) for a bigger raise (making an exra $20/hour) with a large tech company. I'll still get benefits through Aquent so it's not a huge loss. It just feels risky in terms of being a contractor and the potential for it to end at anytime. Seems like a good opportunity though to get my foot in the door and potentially apply for full time jobs later on

My office recently was acquired by a new owner. He's shown interest in me being his office manager. He's said after this transition period, that they want to give me the official title and pay yo compensate that. But it's been 4 months. The transition is over and I've been busting my butt. On all the documents I am the manager, yet I feel like they just gave me the title without the pay for it. Should I wait a bit longer and be patient, or should I speak up and ask for the raise?


Looking for thoughts and opinions about HR involvement in employee promotions. More specifically passing up an experienced employee for not having a college degree. We have an employee in our office, who applied for a promotion and despite having a degree, would be a perfect fit. Several supervisors recommended this employee for the position but HR denied the promotion for lack of a degree. I have a graduate degree and I still feel that experience is sometimes more valuable. Thoughts?


Hey everyone, I'm looking for new opportunities. Currently, I'm a business coordinator in the medical service field but I focus on invoices. I have about 6 years accounting and office manager experience. Add a few years of customer service in retail and show promotion. I'm dedicated and love a challenge, thriving in environments with deadlines and strict KPIs. Located in Florida. I love working remotely but am willing to relocate based on the position. Thanks!


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Will Deloitte have their GC enrollment again in April?


Based on the fed planning to raise interest rates by 50 basis points at their meeting this coming week, along with several other raises later this year, where do you think rates will be by year end?

Do you foresee any relief in the coming 1-3 years?


I’m back with another GME post.. What price do you think it’s heading to?


Just picked up Sony’s latest wireless noise cancelling headphones (WH1000XM3). Holy hell, these things smoke everything out there. If you’re in the market seriously consider these


Has anyone considered Trump might have body snatched/get outted Kanye? 🤔💡


How do you go about having/starting a family but being able to handle work obligations in this industry? Any tips on how are you able to keep up without sacrificing your sanity?


There's no safe team with work/life balance to hide. The work will find you.


Deloitte India What is role of engagement manager and reporting manager. I am on probation and i think i have bad repo with engagement manager.Deloitte India


Is it worth becoming an LLC, specifically in the LA market? And how would you go about letting agencies know you have one? These recruiter rates are killing me 😑

Getting an opportunity in Capgemini Sweden. What should be my salary expectations in Krona. India drawing 50 LPA. City is Helsingborg.

Is it a good idea to move in Sweden?


Recruiter reaches out for my availability and a good phone number to schedule a phone screen. I give her my info and I’m sent a Google Meet invite. Wait, what? I thought you said phone? Is this a test? 🤔😆


Any recs on Cartier / David Yurman rings? Mid 20s and have gold jewelry Id like to match with


Hi. I'm looking for recommendations for an easy to set up and administer intranet solution that you have used for onboarding.


Hello Techies,
I got offers from IBM kyndryl, BNP Paribas and Brilasoft. Please help me identify which one is best for career growth and WLB.

IBM-17 lakhs
BNP Paribas-15 lakhs
Brilasoft -19 lakhs 10% variable.

Also let me know the percentage of package revision in BNP Paribas for counter offers.


Any openings for .Net developer in Pune.
Am having 3 yrs of experience in .net technology (wpf, winform, mvc) and Sql server


When did you start to feel like yourself post birth. I have an 8 month old and some days I feel great...others like hot shit with no energy


Persistant Systems 12 LPA with 10% variables
Harman Technologies 13 LPA

Which offer is better?


I find that daily exercise severely diminishes depressive symptoms, yet my job often prevents me from working out. Would outing myself to HR under ADA read as a cop out, or is this a valid use case?


Additional Posts in TCS Promotion 2021


Anyone got info about AST promotions for current quater?

Hi fishes,
What is the process of resignation in tcs? Where can i apply? Is there a portal or is it mail based? If mail based do I have to wait for more than 5 days for it to be accepted? As I hv only 5 days extra in notice period ie 95 days to join new company as per offer letter


Is tcs lucknow has job opening for network Engineer?

I have tcs offer of 23 LPA and birlasoft offer of 25.5 LPA + 2 L joining bonus.

Please suggest which one is good.

Hello Guys,

I have 8 years of experience with more than 4 years in the current organization. Current package is 9.5 LPA. I have offers with Accenture (14L fixed and 4L variable) and CTS (15.5L fixed and 70k variable) both having more than 75% hike.
In my current organization, I see a scope for onsite assignment (not 100% confirmed though). I am confused of which one to choose - Wheather to stay back or switch to which company.

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks

Any idea about when the promotion letter will released?


Guys how much tcs can pay
to 2.5 years of experience in
Microservices technology.
Exp - 2.5
Current ctc - 2.5
Expected ??
Note :- i have cleared my interview
only hr round is pending

How much time tcs takes to share the feedback? I given interview on 10th March

Tata Consultancy I got the pune location in my offer it possible it can be changed to TCS indore.....I have asked HR but he say Indore is not available.

please advise!!!


What should be your CTC in TCS after 8 years of experience ? With average increments and 2-3 promotions

When is the promotion letter June 2022 releasing for IT Analyst

Promotion letter received for October cycle 2021?

Hi all,

I have completed 1 year in tcs on Oct 2022, can I eligible for promotion for next year..? Or I have to wait for 2 years.?

I got 5 rating.


Hi Friends,

I have tcs offer of X and other company offer of X+2.5 Lac.

Can I ask tcs hr to match the new offer?
Will there be any issues? Any chances that HR cancelling the current offer?

Please suggest

Any update on promotion??

Last quarter TCS holds all promotions. Any idea about this quarter? Will TCS plan to release letters?


Hi All,
Promotion letters are out for C2 and C3A

Anyone got C3A promotion letters from July 2021? Please comment

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