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Just take implementation or pmo projects instead of strategy/due diligence. Much better wlb


Take a gig in MBB back office...50% chance that you will get a role with wlb
However it would be more of research and support rather than consulting.


Work life balance is not guaranteed in a back office role at MBB. Highly likely that the work will be monotonous though and you won't be learning anything new.


Seriously, PMO has few lengthy days in a month. But stratgey due diligence have all days lengthy in month.




WLB in Consulting seems to be a myth..
@OP If you find one, please do refer me :)

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Which one to join-
Accenture- 11.5 LPA including variable, no JB, Level 10
Mindtree- 12 LPA fixed, no JB, Full stack module lead
PwC- 13 LPA fixed, 1L JB, Senior associate, Emerging Technology vertical
Looking for work-life balance, work culture, job security. I'm ok to work 10-11 hrs in weekdays but 0 work on weekends.
Tech stack- Java, Springboot, Webservices
YoE- 5 years
Please suggest.
Accenture PwC Mindtree


Wondering what other Business Analysts make? And what should I be making, I have been in this role for 1 year now


A report opened to me that they are having money problems and wants a raise. We are remote and they moved to a high CoL city. We gave an increase to help with retention 6mths ago. In my response, I helped mentor with best practices on how to ask for a raise professionally since I need to make a case to my Head on finances. But their performance has been avg and not seemingly worthy of another large raise within a short period of time. But how do I respond when they talk about personal finances?


Accenture fish, I have a Teams first interview call (video on) for a strategy role Monday. Suggestions on attire? Thinking open collar dress shirt + jacket. Too much or on point?


We're looking to formalize our candidate expense reimbursement policy. Our hiring is usually within a few state region. Does anyone have information on their policies they could share?

Hi all, is anyone hiring entry level analysts?

I am a fresh graduate, born and raised in the U.K., who has recently moved to the region looking for work opportunities. I have completed various internships but am struggling to find a full-time job. Everywhere I interview says they are looking for experienced people, despite advertising entry level positions.

I achieved a 3.85 gpa from a Russell Group uni.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Hi guys, I am looking for an entry level position in wealth management/advisory in Canada. Any leads will be very helpful.


Anyone at Workday willing to talk about the company and potentially give me a referral?


what are all the benefits in Nagarro? Like non taxable flexi plans(meal card, fuel, internet, WFH enablers, postpaid mobile, driver) , LTA, Car lease, Dental, Vision, health insurance ?


Might be starting at a small agency as a full time Junior AD soon, fingers crossed. The only other roles I’ve had at agencies were freelance and intern before WFH.

What equipment do I absolutely need at home? And how should I bring it up?

I currently have a 2015 MacBook Pro that’s running on fumes. An Wacom Intuos Pro. A mouse. A few external hard drives. And a second screen.

Hi Fishes,
Can anyone please refer me
Cognizant for analyst position. I have job id with me


Any cyber security job opening in banglore ? Looking for change please help

Hi All,

Mindbody (US- based Product Company) is hiring for below position in Pune Location.

All Flexible option available to work from Anywhere. (WFH/WFO/Hybrid)

If anyone need a referral then DM me. Kindly confirm your full name and position you are interested in..

Thank you.

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Protip: If you're trying to get a referral/coffee chat at an obscure company or one that doesn't have a lot of Fishbowl user participation, you can "search" for the company name you're targeting, filter by "people," and now you see everyone on the app who works for that company. You can scroll down to the title most relevant to the position you're seeking, and cold message them for a referral. Just be extra polite, because you're reaching out to them, not the other way around. E.g., Starbucks:

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Has anyone worked at Remitly? Curious about culture, remote work, future outlook, etc


Applied for Director role within A&M healthcare practice. Partner and I were aligned on me coming in at Director. Now, i am being offered Sr. Associate role. Dont know how to proceed. Part of me wants to no longer continue the conversation.

About me- 7 years post MBA. 4 years experience working at UHG at Associate director level role, 2 years at Accenture. Currently a Director at CVS health.

Would love this group's advice


Deloitte India (not USI) work culture? Any freedom to shut down laptops in evening? Encouragement to have a family life after work hours? Or ruthless working expected all day night?


Hello Fishes, looking for a c++ developer role in any of the automotive industries in EU who can provide visa sponsorship
YoE : 7 years
Currently working on ADAS functions
Any referrals or leads?


Can anyone refer me for sap successfactors lms Consultant position

Would leaving Big 4 for regional firms likely cause me to work fewer hours?


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Do you have guidelines of what you expect a transactional associate to know at X years into their license?


I wonder if anyone will join this group :)

Another Partner Track post:

That’s all


Is today a chance to buy? Or should we wait for more dip.

Please don’t reply “Don’t time the market” :) Already in the market for long term. Little bit of speculation won’t hurt :)


Which is the best salary account in Nagarro


What's the going salary for a vp strategy director role at a good sized agency?


How do you answer the question about yourself in i-944 where you can indicate "self" and it asks you if you live with said individual "self", and if this individual is filing for an immigration benefit with you or has in the past (again it's weird because you're talking about yourself.. ).

I’m geotechnical engineer, but I couldn’t get a good position to allow me to learn more especially, I want to turn to design and softwares , any recommendations please


Hoping to get my PHR in the next year or so. Outside of employer reimbursement, are there other opportunities for this to get funded? I know SHRM Foundation offers scholarships for the CP, but I am looking for PHR specific help. Thank you! :)

What's a case you're really proud of having been able to help with? Could use some positive inspo today.


Can anyone share their experience for "Wealth Management Americas(WMA) Investment Products IT Change the Bank(CTB) team"? How are projects I mean newer or legacy technology, WLB, team's culture?


Does Trinity have an offshore team? Or all work is done by onshore folks only?
I also wanted to understand if trinity does any advanced analytics projects with their clients.



Do we have to serve notice period, if resigned when in redeployment stage?


Is it worth it to buy a townhome as an investment property? Do people AirBnB? I've heard mixed things.


So it seems like (almost overnight) everyone became a stock trader. I’m curious 1) how many people actually trade, and 2) how many people unironically follow WSB for advice


Hi all - anyone tried out Manhattan Prep online class (live)? How did you make the most of it? Reason I ask is because I took the exam but want to make sure the class focuses on strategies


Any tips on going in-house in the renewable energy industry (wind)? How do I prep? How can I stand out?


Ill be an HFA after I pass my last test. Is there anyone in Indiana looking for a new, moldable administrator that also has a double major with my B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Science degree, majoring in criminology and psychology, a Masters in Business Administration and am currently licensed as a licensed practical nurse for 8 years. Is it best to start out with a big company for training? A locally owned so theres not so many different people above you, or as an assistant administrator?


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Hi Mentors, seek your advice. I have done civil engineering + Project Management. Currently I'm working with project management team as planning engineer in a real estate firm.
Now I am willing to switch into Consulting domain but not getting any leads, also daily I'm applying n numbers of company on LinkedIn, Naukri and Indeed but not a single light of hope I'm seeing.

Can anyone please guide me, how should I approach to a company. It'll be a great help indeed.


Hello Everyone,

I am working since last 8.5 years. But my prosperous growth is very average. To overcome that i also completed my MBA ans BA course but it's just another piece of paper in my case right now. My basic Education is Electrical Engineering and i work with an OEM. Starting was a struggling phase, did't get the very good start. Thought of changing domain too but always felt short of opportunities. Trying outside India but no luck there too. I want to be into management, suggestions?


Guys I’m in a big dilemma and needs your advise
Last week I got my PR invitation for Canada for which I’ve been working and waiting for years and….
Today I’ve received an offer from McKinsey after months of preparation and achieving my dream

Canada - No job there as of now
McK - extremely good package

If I choose either I need to drop the other

Now I feel completely lost to go with which option and would really appreciate if you all can share your two cents on this. Thanks
McKinsey & Company


What are some good certifications one can do for Management / Business consulting?


Hi Fishes, Got an offer from ZS Associates for Knowledge Management Consultant.
Can somebody plese clarify higest possible salary band for consultant as HR is saying that they can't pay consultant more than 26LPA. Also it would be helpful if someone can mention additional benefits (over and above CTC) that can help me in making decisions.
YoE 7


Hi Nayone has matrimony confession bowl link? Not able to find it on search


Hi my sharks 🦈🙂👋🏻
I received a Welcome Kit from KPMG India as my joining date is just a month away.

However, I won't be joining KPMG as I have far better offers. Hence this welcome kit has put me in a very awkward and uncomfortable position.

So when I would be declining the joining via a mail /phone call, should I tell the HR that I want to return this welcome kit as I won't be joining?

Will they take it back? I feel it is morally and ethically wrong to keep this kit knowing I won't join.

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acenture AI (level 7) or IBM ( band 8) ?

whixh one will be bettr in terms of
learning and WLB?


Planning for my Master's in US/Canada. What course other than an MBA would you guys recommend if consulting is my go-to career choice?


Hello fishes. Wanted to ask you guys what does Auctus Pay at ( IIM A,B,C , ISB)for consulting roles?


Hey MC fish!

Can you name the Management Consulting firms which are next best to MBBs and Big4s?


Hi, I have an offer from Capgemini Invent. Want to know if anyone asked if we have wfh option?
How is WLB? Capgemini