Hi!! Transitioning to a remote work situation and have decided to leave my Texas roots for the west coat rays! Trying to move around September of this year but would love to chat with anyone also in San Diego! I won’t know many people so even if you wanted to work remote together a day of the year that works too! I have a chocolate lab and love a good HH! maybe will start a group chat?

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Welcome to San Diego!


Where in SD will you be living?


Hopefully Northpark, mission valley or PB area ! But open to any suggestions it’s been hard to find an apartment!




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San Francisco morning

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Hi guys.. I wanted to know what should be the ideal number of ATL and BTL activities in year for a consumer durable company? Considering x as the number of product lines/sub brands.


Comment down your company name if it's permanent WFH.🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡

Note: Like the comment if your company name is already mentioned.🚧🙏🚥🤝

Let's go💥💥💥💥


Hi Friends
I am an HR professional with over 16 years of experience.I am heading the HR front for a US based IT Trainings organization. I am currently serving notice as the shift times were not suiting anymore. I am looking for a hybrid opportunity within an organization having an office in Noida or remote opportunity in Indian/APAC shift.

Any leads/ references will be greatly appreciated. I am an early joiner (with 20 days)



I know we got some Amazon folks in this bowl. Anyone AWS in ATL?


How are firms in LCOL or MCOL competing with firms in HCOL that are offering 1st year tax seniors with 2-3 years experience $100k+ and the ability to work remote?!


Scored an awesome midlevel role at a remote agency that I negotiated to start in the new year.
I wanted a nice winter break before starting but also wanted to give my bosses plenty of time to find a replacement. I’m happy to stay till the holidays so I can finish up my responsibilities. We’re a small agency and I’m one of two ADs.
I know my leaving will be a shock to my team. Any tips for quitting a job when you really like the people? I have a meeting with my CD scheduled for tomorrow.


My company is in need of a update online, could use your opinions! We need to better showcase our culture (caring, supportive, fun, intelligent IT industry leaders) as well as diversity. We are predominantly white still but making strides to improve here. What’s the best way to approach? I don’t want to seem disingenuous or that we are singling out our diverse employees (asking for photos). We have a remote and on-site workforce about 350+ EEs. Non white EEs make up about 35% of the company rn.


Cloud architect here heading home to the uk, 6 years at Microsoft and ex-aws.
How’s the job market currently? I may stay with MS but fancy something a bit more hands-on, maybe a startup? Also is wfh still a thing over there?


Hi - can someone from globant please let me know if the company is providing permanent WFH. If not, are there any possibilities to ask for at least 1 yr WFH.


What are some best practices when working remote? I’m never be as productive while remote as I am in the office but will be increasing my remote work moving forward.

Anyone recently joined ServiceNow? Are they giving remote joining or calling to office?

Is this Offer good for SR manager?

Sr Manager offer for DFW in SAP Technology. Is this compensation good?
210 Base 40K Joining Bonus and 40K RSU
9 to 11% Bonus

The base is not changing much for me. I am Senior Managing Consultant at IBM.

Never saw IBM giving 10% bonus for last 10 years anyway. But heard Accenture gives 15K roughly to SM.

Tried to negotiate but Accenture is not willing to change base. They added 10K in RSU and Joining to make 40 each.


Hi! I want to go back to working with other humans (in person) after a successful 10 yrs of freelance/remote Creative services on my own. I am excited about working for brand development agencies, but I keep reading that in my late 40s, advertising might not be the most welcoming scenario. Are there any suggestions for "mature" diverse agencies (any size) to check out in NYC? I'm a bilingual, hard-working AD/Designer with a ton of design management experience. Gracias!!

Anyone know where to play some Texas NL Hold’em in ATL?

One silver lining in all this is, in my case is being able to watch my daughter grow while wfh. It's amazing how in the first year of life so much happens that I for sure would of missed out.


Hello everyone I have 29 years as a dental professional in Texas. I started as a dental assistant back in 1993. As my career progressed as a RDA, I moved to the front office and eventually management. I even taught dental assistants and became the Program Director of a DA program. COVID opened up remote work for me, I manage eclaims, claims corrections and billing for two offices. $20 per hour, no bonuses or incentives, I know I am not getting paid enough! Any input would be appreciated.


How is return to site policy for bny ? How many days WFO & wfh ? Any input on this policy ?

I manage a team of about 150 remote fe insurance telesales agents, recruit about 25 new agents monthly and am 100% remote. At one time we were paid based on our agents production but now we can only earn on their first month and a half of production. Is this common? What should I expect to make while managing $9mil a year in production. While writing I was posting $40k monthly. I made a lot more selling than I am now 3 years later and having trained hundreds of agents. Thoughts? Opportunities?


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How to apply for SM at Amazon in NCR


Going to shoot my shot here...is there anyone currently working in the pharma space that is open to networking? I'm currently a consultant in the life science space. Have 2 YOE between consulting and industry. I know it is not much but I miss industry already and wouldn't mind going back, hopefully in a year or two. Would like to know more about the kinds of skills I need that would make the transition back to indusry smooth


Is it appropriate to email a hiring manager for an update? I emailed HR on Monday. I had an interview two weeks ago (the third interview) for a position I really want. I haven’t heard anything and I keep checking the status and I’m not rejected yet. I thought about emailing the director who I initially interviewed with today since I haven’t heard from HR.


Cashmere sweater season. Anyone try Uniqlo sweaters? I like most there other stuff. Any other places to find cashmere for under $100?


Having worked in big law for 7 years (4 years as paralegal 3 years as associate), if junior folks ask me who should they avoid working for, my answer is: the one who asks you to run just one redline for him/her😢😢


Can anyone please explain how Own SAP works ? with example would be really helpful


What is the next career growth choice for datastage ETL developer with 10 years of experience


How does one handle dating with consulting? Seems too much with travel and trying to maintain a social life with friends?

Indian couples with small kids, how does one of the spouse manage when the other one has to go to India for a short trip?


Anyone in Vancouver want a Programmer Analyst role doing data conversion from Oracle into WD? UBC is a great employer that pays well for Vancouver / Canada and the work is remote, though you have to be in Canada. 4 weeks vacation and benefits start on day 1


I've been trying to figure out why my paper is still marked as "in review" even though I submitted it 4 months ago. I even submitted a new version of the paper, and they said they'd review it within 2 weeks, but still nothing!


What is the brand strategy team like at BGB group in NYC? Pros and cons?


When does accenture starts background verification for upcoming employees? I received offer in July and have to join in Oct!


acenture AI (level 7) or IBM ( band 8) ?

whixh one will be bettr in terms of
learning and WLB?

How is the IOT practice unit in Birlasoft? Is there any chances of wfo for Mumbai location?


Shot in the dark: I have a condo in Boston. Willing to give someone the deal of a lifetime (aka you’ll net at least $50-80k in equity at purchase) if they can work direct without brokers. Would be for a $750k+ transaction to set expectations. I need to move to help my parents.


Kelt XO and Counter Strike GO.... Yeah it's that kind of a Friday


Hi Fishes,

Wanted to get overview of workday practice in
Deloitte India.
Hope some one can share some insight on culture and hikes.Deloitte

Additional Posts in San Diego

Anyone know anything about the apartment building downtown called “Diega”? How’s the building and neighborhood? My wife and I are out of state but planing to sign a lease there? Will you recommend or avoid?

Hey everyone,
I'm having some trouble finding a furnished room to rent in downtown for about four months, any suggestions or tips?

Anyone want to grab drinks tonight - just moved to Encinitas from Pennsylvania and looking to branch out

Hey fishes, curious which San Diego companies you think give the best work-life balance. Can be public, private, start-up, etc. BONUS: If you work for one, do you like it there?

Little Italy, SD - I’m looking for a room or sublet ASAP for ~1month to start. Please let me know if you have any leads or suggestions on how to find a place. Thank you!!

SD🐠🐟 How is everyone holding up? My Fiance and I are volunteering with Team Rubicon tomorrow!

Moved to SD recently with wife without a lot of friends, would someone be down to grab a coffee or drink?

Anyone living in San Diego that is a Senior Analyst (role above a grad hire) how much are you making?

Hey, work at Big 4 in San Diego office doing fin services - want to move into something techish related in San Diego. Any thoughts?


My wife got a job that requires us to relocate to San Diego. We have never lived there and know little about the city. We are planning to rent. We stayed in a hotel in little Italy and really loved the vibe there, but it’s too expensive for us. Are there other neighborhoods with similar vibes - restaurants, bars, lively, good for walking, clean, safe, young, diverse and accessible that are more affordable? Please share recommendations. How much should we reasonably budget to rent a 2bd/2bath?

I have solid experience in technical program management, any recommendations on companies in San Diego that are looking for program mangers or general technical leadership

Best companies/startups local to San Diego/LA for exiting consulting?

Best neighborhoods to live for a young adult in San Diego budget of 3k ish for a 2 bedroom

Anyone know of adult recreational soccer leagues in San Diego? Any informal pickup leagues should work too. Would prefer something in La Jolla/north county but willing to drive to downtown!

Just moved to San Diego. Anyone wanna get together??


People that moved to San Diego, how did you move your stuff and do you recommend a moving company ??

Any recommendations are appreciated

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