Moving to San Diego in the spring from the central coast. Any recs on places to live (late 30’s with a kid)? Want to be close to restaurants and things to do, but a little too old and tired for gas lamp!

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I just moved from san diego to the central coast! Look at Carlsbad, oceanside, encinitas in north county. Beautiful beach vibe and kid friendly. Feel free to DM if u have any questions!


Carmel Valley, Delmar are good areas. Schools are good , close to beaches and good food

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I am about to meet my bf's parents who r frm different cast- culture all together. I m Hindu Rajput n they are Marathi Brahims.Although his parents said they are fine with marriage but i can sense they are not actually happy. They are taking it ahead just for the sake of it.Does this culture difference matters a lot after marriage.??
In-laws not liking me will be a problem after marriage.? What should i really focus on?? Is getting married be good idea in such scenerio ?


Happy to be here! Politically speaking: I consider myself a Classic Liberal (JFK Liberal: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”) Constitutional conservative, fiscally moderate, socially liberal.


Graduating from part-time MBA in May, have been working as a product manager in tech for 2 years and prior to that 5 years in BI/data analytics. I’m at a new company now and I’m disliking PM more every day. I’m thinking about doing JIT recruiting for investment banking to get strategic finance jobs in tech in 1-2 years but we’re having a baby in August. Is it stupid to try to pull off a pivot like that? I value WLB and want to be able to take paternity leave when our daughter is born


My fiancé moved abroad for med school. Long distance is hard but I love my job, the work, the people, and the culture. I wish there were roles where you could work abroad. I wish I could work here forever, but I’ll likely need to switch to a firm that allows working abroad at some point to save the marriage. I’m afraid to tell anyone because I want to maximize my time/contribution here. Thoughts? Advice? Does anyone know of good firms that allow abroad work?

Hi Sharks,

Need a suggestion : 

How many members does HSBC India HSBC allow to be enrolled to be part of the Medical Insurance policy ? Does it allow Parents and Parent-in-laws both ?


Have any of your held a zoom meeting or session with parents? My experiences so far have shown me the importance of computer literacy and i think parents need a training session.


Does anyone know French speakers looking for employment in the DFW area? My company is in need of French speakers!!


Do you think it’s worth waiting for Black Friday sale for strollers etc.? Or generally there are no discounts on baby stuff. Wondering if I should buy now or wait - baby is due in Jan.

Hey San Jose!

Any F 🐠s around?

Anyone ever tried using skiplagged to book a flight? Planning on going to DCA but booking a flight to ORD with the DCA connection is way less money.


PHX -5, let’s go

Somebody told me I have a baby face today and that I look like a 15 year old. Is that a good or bad thing? Will people not take me seriously, or want to help me out more because of that?


A reminder to those who are stressed about your billable hours that your value is more than your pure productivity. To those stressed about relationships, relationships are hard even for non-lawyers, but you are absolutely worthy of love. It is an important reminder for all of us that you are worthy and you are valuable. Keep fighting!


May I know what kind of projects are there at Bain SEA?


My other half (currently a Sr. Mgr in the data analytics consulting industry in UK) wants to work in Singapore - is there some sort of parents' visa so that his parents can tag along to stay in SG for the long term? Worried about them as he is the only child. His parents have the money to buy a condo if it helps with their long term stay situation.


This is going to sound weird but ever since I was a kid, the sound of people smacking/slurping their food instantly triggers me and I feel intense rage. For folks who smack/slurp your food - why do you do this? Do you realize you’re doing it? Does it somehow make food taste better?


My husband and I are both very ready to start a family. For those who have finished their PhD while pregnant or with a young child, do you have any regrets?


Going to San Juan next week for valentines weekend with my partner, any recommendations for dinner? Looking for something upscale with good views, night time vibes (maybe live performance) and good food. Thank you!


How are friendships post covid, are people still making friends depending on where they live?


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Has anyone actually tried making low content and medium content books? If so, how did it go?


I’m up for a position within the production dept of tbwa/Chiat and pm and BBDO. I’ve read horror stories about working at both places. Can anyone share a personal experience working at either agency?


Is anyone hiring for a Project Manager ?

Hi folks,

I am joining thoughtworks Hyderabad location on June 15 . Can anyone tell me about the work timings.


Anyone at Bain willing to chat? Looking for insights and a referral


Hey mates,

What we got in tcs welcome kit??


Good evening sharks 🦈👋🏻

So here is my IBM offer(YOE- 4, Tech Stack- Microsoft Dynamics 365(Functional)). Can anyone please tell me how much will be my in-hand salary?

Note: I will make deduction of 1.5 lakhs under section 80C and I am already paying interest of 48,500 on my education loan under section 80E. Hence would need calculations based on that.

Thanks in advance for your inputs🙂

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Have you guys heard that D stopped sponsoring GC ? I was expecting my GC will start this year, if that’s not the case I need to look for other opportunities. True ?

Is anyone a part of a good book club in nyc? Or have one they’d recommend?


Are you a PA in the San Francisco Bay Area? If so, what is your specialty and salary?


How has the interview experience been for people appearing for roles with the People Advisory practice of EY GDS?


Anyone join this bowl yet? Sound off!


Planning a bachelorette holiday for BFF. We are all desi girls and looking for an ideal destination with at least some sort of a desi demographic- can be in US or abroad! Any suggestions?


I have a video interview this afternoon for a role I applied to even though I didn’t think I was quite qualified for yet. I applied because it does align with everything I know besides bookkeeping. I figure they must be interested to request a video interview. Any tips on how I should go about selling myself and making myself stand out even though I am not experienced in the bookkeeping part of this job?


Looking for resume assistance - DM to connect

Target companies: Lippincott, Vivaldi, SeedInvest... smaller firms in the strategy, growth, startup, brand, innovation space

Grad year 2016.
Have accomplished but complex/non-traditional story I need help communicating.

Budget: $200+


Anybody want to case prep this evening?


Looking for clarification about 529 plans. Tried to open 1 through Merrill and Fidelity and both gave me plans out of state only (Maine and NH). I live in TX. I am confused why they are not showing me options for Texas. Does it matter? If I get these out of state plans, can I still use them in Texas? TIA.


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Best companies/startups local to San Diego/LA for exiting consulting?

SD🐠🐟 How is everyone holding up? My Fiance and I are volunteering with Team Rubicon tomorrow!

Moved to SD recently with wife without a lot of friends, would someone be down to grab a coffee or drink?

Hey everyone,
I'm having some trouble finding a furnished room to rent in downtown for about four months, any suggestions or tips?

Hey SD bowl, I recently relocated and I’m hoping to meet some new folks!


Anyone know anything about the apartment building downtown called “Diega”? How’s the building and neighborhood? My wife and I are out of state but planing to sign a lease there? Will you recommend or avoid?

Moving to San Diego soon and would like to know How’s the East Village neighborhood? Would you recommend to live there? What’s the neighborhood like?

Hi!! Transitioning to a remote work situation and have decided to leave my Texas roots for the west coat rays! Trying to move around September of this year but would love to chat with anyone also in San Diego! I won’t know many people so even if you wanted to work remote together a day of the year that works too! I have a chocolate lab and love a good HH! maybe will start a group chat?


Hey, work at Big 4 in San Diego office doing fin services - want to move into something techish related in San Diego. Any thoughts?


People that moved to San Diego, how did you move your stuff and do you recommend a moving company ??

Any recommendations are appreciated

Little Italy, SD - I’m looking for a room or sublet ASAP for ~1month to start. Please let me know if you have any leads or suggestions on how to find a place. Thank you!!

Anyone want to grab drinks tonight - just moved to Encinitas from Pennsylvania and looking to branch out

Just moved to San Diego. Anyone wanna get together??


Anyone know which management consulting firms have the best office culture in San Diego?


Anyone know of adult recreational soccer leagues in San Diego? Any informal pickup leagues should work too. Would prefer something in La Jolla/north county but willing to drive to downtown!

Anyone living in San Diego that is a Senior Analyst (role above a grad hire) how much are you making?

I need a new job but it seems that the job market in SAn Diego is pretty abysmal. I want to leave but only to something better. 😩

My wife got a job that requires us to relocate to San Diego. We have never lived there and know little about the city. We are planning to rent. We stayed in a hotel in little Italy and really loved the vibe there, but it’s too expensive for us. Are there other neighborhoods with similar vibes - restaurants, bars, lively, good for walking, clean, safe, young, diverse and accessible that are more affordable? Please share recommendations. How much should we reasonably budget to rent a 2bd/2bath?

I have solid experience in technical program management, any recommendations on companies in San Diego that are looking for program mangers or general technical leadership

Hey fishes, curious which San Diego companies you think give the best work-life balance. Can be public, private, start-up, etc. BONUS: If you work for one, do you like it there?

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