Iam 5 month pregnant , thinking to get release from project due to health issue and taking maternity leave from april 1st, at this situation can I be in bench for 3 months and go in maternity leave ? Will this affect my job in Accenture? Will the organization allow to be in bench for 3 months? If iam in bench during maternity leave will i get variable pay

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No company pay variable pay for bench time

No project can release you if you're going on maternity leave. You should raise this concern to HR

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Is it worth staying through project leader role before exiting? For context, I have a biology PhD, approaching 2 years at an MBB firm and set on exiting to pharma (Strategy, BD roles). Not looking forward to the increased stress that comes with becoming a project leader but unclear if a year of leading teams will greatly improve exit opportunities (vs growing at the pharma company)


What is the organisation offering to qualified CAs for Associate/ Experienced Associate/ Senior Associate position (Assurance) at Bangalore location?


What is MBA product operations internship about at Google (in terms of intern roles & responsibilities specifically)? Also, is there a large pay gap with a product manager role?


Manager gives me hard to solve, complex problems like getting a multi stakeholder project organized. This is not my primary job but the chaos was making progress impossible. I create the solution diagrams, drew up project plan, drove discussions to arrive at tech solutions (the team was in analysis paralysis mode) to land a solution with a hard deadline. When the structures are in place, mgr takes it away from me saying this is not my day job - twice, leaving me angry & confused. Thoughts?


I’m currently a Project Manager but looking for a career change. I have 3 YOE with a Bachelors, am interested in becoming a data analyst but I feel like I lack technical skills (no SQL experience, but willing to learn!). I take pride in asking thoughtful, purposeful questions so I have considered consulting, but it seems like that’s more for senior leaders. I also have an interest in market research but no professional experience there, just big projects in college. Any thought help - thank you!


Hi everyone,
I want to learn Salesforce Tableau CRM (formerly known as Einstein Analytics) and switch to a different organisation. In my current company stuck in a project where there's no learning scope, no growth and work culture is toxic. Now I'm only going through Trailhead, YouTube playlist videos and practicing hands on in my free personal org. Are these enough to crack interviews or not? I don't have real-time project experience.

Im a BDM 22 year old on £25k per + commission. Over £500k sales this year and I’m thinking of asking for a salary increase.

Is there a smart way to propose this?

I don’t want to undercut myself and I don’t want to overshoot the mark. Im keen energetic and confident in my sales abilities.
I believe I should be earning more base salary and promoted to a higher position.

Should I wait for things like this or is don’t ask don’t get really important here?


Is it possible to get a strategy/ops role in google without a consulting background, but with top30 MBA ?


Hello Fishes,
I gave an L1 tech interview at Honeywell for SE2 .NET full stack role.
How long will it take for me to hear back from the HR ?
What could be further rounds ?
If all goes well how much can I ask for ?

YOE - 3
Skills - .NET, Azure data stack

Hi All,

I have 4 years years of experience ,preparing to give salesforce technical consultant interview, wanted to know what is the salary range and how many rounds of interview and what type of rounds.
My current ctc is 18.5(16.8 fixed)

Thanks in Advance.


Engineers, have you ever regretted accepting a promotion to management? What should I consider before saying yes?


Feel like I missed the boat years back to get into Director of Product role. Back in the day there was only Senior in between a Director role, now there’s Lead and Group levels, so much hierarchy now.


How do I break into the industry as a scrum master/project manager type role? I’ve already completed multiple certifications but am struggling to find opportunities to build experience.


I have a degrees in biological science and public health, but I have mainly worked as a recruiter. I have always wanted to work for big Pharma companies or Biotechnology companies as a scientist. Any tips on entering the industry? Any companies hiring?


Wanted to get your advice/thoughts.

I'm a non-traditional CD analyst working in a niche industry (gambling)

My experience is as follows: BIG4 Audit > FP&A (CPG) > CD analyst (1 year)

I like my role (sourcing, modelling and strategy integration), however I don't see myself working in this industry long term. Without a generalist IB background, are my chances of transitioning over to a different Industry low? If so, is there anything I can learn or do (excluding IB)?



Unify Technologies Hyderabad based.

What should I expect from Unify if i join them ..?
Role : Sdet
Is it permanent remote?

Please helUnify


Hi Folks,
Does mastercard allows WFH, or it is operating on hybrid mode. i will be joining Mastercard in Jan 2023


Is Vonage good ( India location) ? Since its completely remote work I am not sure about the WLB and job security

Role offered SDET 3


Went through two rounds of interview Akamai but it’s been a week , haven’t heard back . Personally felt the second round well . Is it similar with other guys who interviewed with them?Akamai


MedStar Health surgical tech salary?


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What are y’all doing to recruit new talent to agencies right now? My firm (NY-based) is having a challenging time finding qualified people across all levels (except entry level/AC/AAE). We have recruiters on the case but they are bringing us zero candidates. So many roles open but cannot find people for them. Is it the same everywhere?


Does anyone have any experience/knowledge regarding PwC's Emerging Company Solutions group?


So I recently found out that my current company is underpaying me. And by that I mean that literally any other company is willing to pay me 15-20k more than what I make now. In my current role they've asked me to take on extra responsibilities with no financial compensation (scrum master type stuff) while still doing my engineering stuff. I don't necessarily mind it, but I'm starting to feel like I'm being taken advantage of. Is it reasonable for me to ask for a raise? Or do I go somewhere else?


Received an extra windfall of 5k (tax return+ lower than budgeted expenses). Should I use it to pay off a quarter of my student loans (20k at 4.75%) or start an IRA?


Has anyone spent New Years Eve in London and have any tips/advice?

Looking for fresher job for my younger brother.
He is a fresher( M. Sc in computer science)
He is having good knowledge around Data science, good in programming skills(Java, python).


What are the most typical models you all build


Hi, currently I am working as python developer and having package of 13 lpa.

YOE - 6.5 years

and I am two having two offers
1) citi group -- Bangalore -- INR 26 lpa ( fixed) -- python backend developer role.
2) rakuten - Tokyo Japan -- JPY 70 lpa ( 48 fixed+16 bonus - paid twice annually+ 4 shares) -- AI/ML engineer

Could you suggest which offer is better


I am currently working as an automation tester using Java & Selenium to write and maintain a testing codebase for one of the major Indian consulting firms - I’m looking to pivot into front end development professionally in ~3 months at a medium or large US-based company. I have some experience working on personal projects in Vanilla JS and React. Anyone have some recommendations of projects to add to my portfolio or certs to get?


What is your favorite part about being a realtor?


Marriott or Sheraton mattress? Anyone knows the factory or commercial brand that produces them?


For those who rent, how much do you pay in rent? Location & how much do you make?


Is there any restriction for css org to apply for roles abroad ? For engineering roles in abroad, can you apply if you are not 62 but working in CSS org


After waiting for several months for my SBGA413, I can finally join the Grand Seiko family! The dial is absolutely mesmerizing as it changes from white, silver, pink / salmon under different light. Thanks Watch fam for the recs to go with Timeless Luxury!

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I’ve been asked to do an accounting assessment for a role in FAAS at EY as a Senior. Anyone have any idea what sort of questions I should expect?

Hi all,
I am coming to the end of a two year stint as a lumber broker, where I had to build my own book. Looking for my next move that does not require cold calling. I have about 6 months until I feel that I need to make a decision. Any thoughts or opportunities come to mind that I could make a lateral move towards?

Spring is coming, enjoy the first rays of warm sunshine!

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Hey guys lease post some informational thing about your job in cyber security space


Hi Folks,

Anyone here who has counter negotiated their offer with pwc.


Additional Posts in Accenture details

I have 3.1 years of intermediate level experience in selenium testing with current CTC as 5.12L. So How much CTC i can expect from accenture?

What would be the right salary for 11yr exp with 11 lks current ctc when switching to Accenture -level 8. Informatica etl/dwh.

How much variable can we expect? I have got 27% in paper for level 8.


I recently joined Accenture and manager has hard locked me for one of the project who is using old technology, although he told me abt the same on-call few days ago but since there was no confirmation frm him so I thought that is gone now but today I came to know they have hard locked me and now they can't backout . I dnt want to work on that and he is saying if i backout it will impact it performance. Pls helpAccenture


Hi all anyone working in Accenture operations analytics team...how is the projects scope....is it bpo job?Accenture

Fishes, how are oniste opportunities in Accenture??

Hi Fishes!
I have joined
Accenture on April 22 & got selected in a project since then.
I suddenly heard that my project is rolling off few new joiners because of budget & I am one of them.
My first variable pay should be on Nov/Dec 2022. What will happen to that?

Thank you for your guidance in advance 🙏🏻Accenture


Adobe consulting GDC reviews please. Is it better than Deloitte India consulting at 14 years work ex. ? Insights please. Need to make a decision. Deloitte Accenture India Adobe Deloitte Accenture India Adobe

When Accenture planning to return to office this year. I heard it might be June. What's the actual date?

Hi fishes

YOE 2.11
PROJECT :- Manage My Price

I will join Accenture on 10th Dec and i have been assigned to this project in Accenture.

Does anyone have any clue about the project and what can i accept from it.
Im looking for future onsite opportunity, growth in term of technology.
Is it there in this project

Please help 😃

Capegemini Or accenture

I have offer from 2 organization for devops manager role with same CTC which one is better organization from the work life balance, job security and from long term perspective pls guide


Hello everyone

How is
Accenture in terms of job security?
Will they fire the employee without any reason?



Hello fishes, I have my tech Interview at accenture scheduled for tomorrow. Technology - Java Selenium Automation. Please provide tips.

Hello Fishies,

How much salary does Accenture offer for Level10 candidate
Profile : SAP EWM
Experience : 3+ yrs
Current CtC : 11.7lpa


Hi fishes, has anyone attended Accenture Test Automation interview? Do they ask to write code or tell code lines???

Any one can help to get to know niche technologies and list them here in Accenture?

What arr the benefits given to whom is working on this niche technologies?

Hi Fishes,
In Accenture 19Lakhs fixed means how much on hand do we get?

Hi, can anyone confirm if its not possible to apply to multiple positions for multiple locations at Accenture. I applied long time back, no response on that application and also not letting me apply to other positions.