I’ve heard The Siegfried Group pays a lot better than the Big 4 but the numbers don’t seem to be making sense to me. A recruiter mentioned to me 105-115k USD, but when I look at PwC US’s salary for a Tier 2 city, it’s 163k USD? Even Tier 3 is higher than the quote. I am from Canada so still trying to understand the US job market. 4 YOE, currently Manager in Canada in PwC Deals

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You’re looking at deals advisory for PwC. It’s comparing apples to oranges. You would need to compare to audit salary for 4 YOE.

Agreed. Also a lot of Siegfried comp comes through incentives, so while the base salaries might be comparable, I would be willing to bet you'd make a lot more at TSG through incentive pay (like overtime/production bonus)

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Hi Folks,
How is
ITC Infotech in terms of wlb, onsite and quality of work? My offer is in pipeline. My ctc is 17.14 and I have asked them for 28 as I am already holding an offer. My tech stack is Aws DevOps.


Audit A2 internally transferring into FDD - expected salary band?

In route to early promo to S1 (per discussion(s) - will not hold my breath though)

Will the salary be equivalent to that of an Audit SA?

Just looking for numbers, whether HCOL or LCOL.


Does anyone is living internationally but making US salary? Thinking moving to my home country for an indefinitely period of time and not sure how to approach this.


Hi Community! Wanted to know if anyone had an offer or working with Citibank, What are the different stages of hiring process, my online application says as “business review”. Recruiter is kind of slow in responding to my mails.@


Can anyone provide salaries ranges for Big 4 managers (excluding accommodation compensation) in Doha, Riyadh, Dubai? Tech consulting


SR AD, 20 years experience, print & digital platforms. What’s a fair salary for a FT position in NYC these days? Agency vs in-house...


Salary range for finance executive/assistant finance manager at Hindustan Unilever at Mumbai location. Years of experience - 2
Qualification CA


All my fellow dietitians in private practice- what does your annual salary come out to? What did it start at? Considering career change, and now back in school. Would like to be able to run my own nutrition counseling business one day.


What is the typical raise/increment that you or people you know got this year - also did you get a bonus as well? (In USA)


In last month of a 3 month long notice period from a large advertising agency. Boss told me yesterday I was due for a bonus which I won’t get now that I am leaving. Bonus due to last year’s hard work is now not considered fair to be given. Feeling let down. :(


Hi fishes,

Does anyone know pwc india for Gurgaon location deals mostly with NCR clients or it's not specific to location for Oracle practice role.


Just a question what will be my in-hand salary

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Hi folks, Recently joined birlasoft. When salary get credited in birlasoft? Day of month and approx time?

Anyone have some insight into Zumper, culture , wlb, future. Any info is appreciated.


How is working in client integrated group @ZS associates? How is the quality of work different from other groups at ZS?


Hi Fishes,

I have offer from

Tata Elxsi - Less Package, stable company with brand value

Winwire - Good Package, haven't heard much about the company

Optimum Infosystem - Good Package, haven't heard much about the company

Fishes does any body have idea about winwire and optimum on work culture, job stability and the company


Hey folks, can you tell what would be my in hand salary from below salary structure

A+B= 9.5 L
C (allocation bonus) =50k
Total A+B+C = 10 LPA

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All those who are working at Impetus technologies inc
Can you please tell how is work there for Leaplogic product?
Role hired for : Big Data Engineer
Department: Leaplogic - PS

YOE: 2 yrs.


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Hello Fishes,

I'm currently looking for opportunities commensurate with my experience. I am a fellow member of ICSI with over 13 years of experience in corporate and secretarial matters. Having worked in Merchant Banking Companies, I have independently handled and executed assignments like IPOs, Rights Issue, Takeovers, Buy Backs etc.

Any referrals or leads would be highly appreciated.



Let’s be friends—my team is looking for an art director. We are all ex-agency people. Posting just went up yesterday and can be easily searched with keywords Art Director and Menlo Park. AMA


Any startup looking for data science/AI experts or AI products ?

I am currently working as Data Scientist with Big 4 and have consulted brands present in Top Brands.
Ping me directly if in case you have any requirements.

What was the process like the first time you went freelance? How did you set your rate?


Say if the pay was largely at par, what would you prefer 1) service handful of clients in your industry / region with more of client specific challenges and high level of operational control on outcomes 2) run a large national P&L with more of strategic challenges but limited direct control on outcomes.


What irritates media agency teams the most when working with creative agencies? Are there things you wish creative agencies did better in terms of the day-to-day?


I am attending a securities conference in LA and I have no idea what people wear to those nowadays. Any tips are appreciated.


I’m all for Agile, but when you have 4 stand ups for one project... there’s a problem. Trying to coach my team that more meetings isn’t the solution, but not getting through to them. Any advice?


Well hearing Phish as the teaser music heading into the break was unexpected

Can anyone please share the work culture at Luxoft?

And happy Fourth of July to all 🇺🇸


What’s your take on ESG ratings?


Low cost ways to get UGC content? How effective are hashtag campaigns? For Instagram …


What are some perfumes you love and would recommend those to fellow bros


Wanted to do a pulse check. Any idea what a senior technical product manager in Toronto (Canada) is offered these days at companies that are startup to midsize?


I have 8+ years of experience and 4+in linux what is right salary to ask

Hello recruiters! Any of you looking to fill remote benefit roles? Im looking to transition to a new company.


Hi fishes, After going through lot of posts in fishbowl,i have a dilemma whether i am at above average CTC or below average CTC. How much a 4 year experience guy should earn as a full stack .net developer in Bangalore. My cctc is 23.5(19.7 fixed).


Has Progressive Insurance ever had a mass layoff of employees in the claims department?


Additional Posts in The Siegfried Group

Where have you seen Siegfried people exited to?

Can professionals who work in Tax at Siegfried share a bit about work life balance?

What's the starting base salary like for Senior Associates at TSG? Anyone willing to share numbers would be much appreciated.


Does anyone know if TSG does pre-employment drug testing for thc in NYC?

Received a senior associate offer for 80k base salary, but guaranty bonus of 24k for first two years. I have 2 years big4 audit experience. Worried that there’s too much weight in bonus versus the base (as that base of 80 is what my big4 salary is). Any advice on counter offer? It’s for Philadelphia.


Recently received an offer from TSG was wondering if anyone would have any insight if it was a good offer or if I should try to counter

Please recent honest feedback/review about The Siegfried Group? I would appreciate your help to make a desicion ASAP

why do you think there are so many mixed posts about tsg? considering talking to the firm but want to get your opinions first.


Can someone give me the full break down of the PR hierarchy & BD hierarchy? I’m considering applying for the DX role but I’m just confused on what the next steps looks like.

Thinking about making a switch. What do senior managers pull down at tsg?

Looks like we’re billing 4 hours to MYJourney today


Does TSG have a sign on Bonus? If so how much is it usually after taxes ?

Anyone else frustrated by the call today? It’s peak month end close time and I felt like it was a bad time for them to schedule a two hour call where the first hour nothing was accomplished.


Really kind of shocking that management would bring in three pretty conservative speakers. I mean, we know where Rob and they stand, but I thought MYJourney was about building us up as leaders and finding what makes us happy and succeed, not just throwing politics right in our face. Just kind of makes me think the whole MYJourney program is a joke now.


Does anyone know what the comp range is for a manager? Considering applying or talking to a recruiter.


When I interviewed they told me I was not required to recruit but now I’m required to upload 50 “My Relationships” every certain amount of months where other recruiters can technically go after my contacts and recruit them and also am expected to invite potential networking to events and through the beaker model. Is this required? I feel forced and I’ve only been here for less than a month and I’m not loving this approach.


Anyone up for a call? Interested in learning more about The Siegfried Group.
- NYC, S3 audit, CPA, Top 10 PA firm

What are the parental leave benefits at Siegfried? I can't find any information on their benefits package or online, neither can I find it on the internet, I'm new and don't want to ask about it since I recently started,not planning for a baby right just want to know for the future.


How strict is the 30-day notice policy? Would they complain if a 3-week notice was given?

Question for TSG folks - I'm considering applying to TSG. Do I have to use a recruiter (external or internal) or can I apply on my own? I think I can have more bargaining power if I apply on my own without having the recruiter in the middle since TSG would have to pay them too, right?

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