Does anyone know what the comp range is for a manager? Considering applying or talking to a recruiter.

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Yeah so it would prob be 110 plus a guaranteed 30% bonus. Most people get like 40-45% bonus though. Dm me if u want to talk, can hop on a call and talk ya through anything.

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I am working As QA Automation Lead (Java/Selenium) with YOE 10.5 years and CCTC 21 LPA.

I got an offer from 
BNY Mellon | Pershing with 34.4 LPA (including bonus) and am in discussion with ConnectWise.

How much should I ask from Connectwise? considering the tech and exp.

I have a final interview with a tech company that has received a lot of private equity start up cash. This is my first encounter with a group with private equity moneyA I’ve researched the firm- but what are some questions to ask in this type of situation? I’m meeting with the CEO. Thanks!


I’m currently trying to make a career pivot from font-end finance to tech, specifically customer success roles and or operations. I have bank processes, controls, employee development, and leadership skills; however, I have difficulty getting an interview or my foot in the door. Any insight or advice?


Just finished my second negotiation @ my fintech startup:

$110M valuation post series A, raising a $100M series B in the next 5 months @ $1Bn valuation.

Initial comp:
$85K equity + $10K bonus + $100K salary

New comp:
$175K equity (at same valuation - about 0.14%) + $140K salary

How does this compare with other companies at this level?


Any fish from LEK London willing to refer? Currently interviewing with other top consulting firms in London and keen to pursue LEK
YOE: 6
Appreciate the help!


I am looking for another job, preferably in Dallas, Austin or San Antonio. What job boards do you use besides indeed or LinkedIn? Also once you start talking to employers and telling them you are moving from out of state, what did you say without scaring them away? What items did you negotiate?


I don't know WTF happened. I was just in the shortest interview ever (3 minutes -- if that) This was for a startup agency I would have to move across the country for. I got to the 2nd round. It seems like the CEO is moving too fast and is not deliberate in making decisions. Do I take the job and feel like the experience I would get is invaluable to my long term goals or or wait for something better/more concrete to come along?


Amazon Hi Fishers,
Wanted to know what is the salary range for Business Intelligence 2 role.


Just heard of the story of a senior who was fired because she was interviewing at a new firm, and this new firm called her current firm for references. Obviously they (cont’d)...


Never regret for a rejection that happened after you studying for the interview just before a day and couldn't crack it . Never!!


Hi guys. Have anybody appeared for any data engineering interview recently. I am currently 2.5 yrs experience and JD requires 3 yrs experience. I have passed my first round and next is coding round. What kind of coding questions I will be getting.
Note : my first interview as a data engineer. Quite nervous.


Have offers from The Economist and SITA as Tech BA / 8 YoE

Both offer almost same compensation.

How to decide ?


I have 8+ years of experience and 4+in linux what is right salary to ask

Hello folks,

Any interview tips for Euromonitor? particularly for the consultant position?

Thank you in advance!


I have an offer in PE VP role in Citco and JPM and I am at cross road on which is one to company to choose. Their pay is very similar but JPM is offering an attractive signing on bonus. I need a honest advise on which is better between these two firms.


Anyone has interview experience in PepsiCo ?


1. What would be the in hand salary per month?
2. Which month Joining bonus will be credited?
3. About variable pay, is it depends on rating and management?
4. NPS is a benifit outside ctc?

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Anyone know when HSW interviews were held for R1?


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Just been accepted to PWC’s graduate management consultant programme for 2023 in London. Does anybody know the salary range for this position? Or any other entry level management consulting salary at PWC London?


Morning! Here it is… 🍼 and happy Easter everyone!! Get those lambs, rabbits, veal, Guinea pigs, goose, or whatever you eat in your culture and enjoy!


This pupper was found in West Lakeview yesterday and we're casting a wide net trying to find his home in case he traveled far. Any chance you recognize him? He's not chipped, 32lb, has gorgeous blue eyes, is being well cared for and already has potential adopters lined up if his owners aren't found. Thanks all!

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Which is good in publicis sapient vs IBM for big data engineer ???


Hi guys, I’m a Cybersecurity graduate student. Would like to get into Crowe if anyone will be willing to refer me,
Thanks in advance,


Does anyone have any advise on White & Case? Environment wise is it professional? No screamers? Are the lawyers and partners nice?


What is your makerspace like? (Physical space and materials) Or have you found one you’re inspired by?
Post pictures or descriptions here! Let’s get inspired 💡


Hi fishes ,

When we will get salary in UST generally. I joined UST on this month 19th. I like to know when i will be getting my salary

Any benefit of joining Europe BU in Capgemini?


Www.helenesnotes call now to sign up for the fall! 516-474-6181 Online lessons! Give them or yourself something fun, positive and good to do! All ages 5 and up including Adults!

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Just screwed up my interview at Truepill. Need some love 😔


Anyone work for Fairfax county government? Looking to pivot to HR In the county.

Job offering me a rph role for a store if I accept being a temporary rxm which doesn’t come with any pay raise. Do they have the ability to force me to accept temp rxm in order to get the regular rph assignment?


Anyone has negotiating experience with recruiter at Msft? In my initial verbal offer, i felt like they lowballed me and i negotiated for about 20 to 25% more. Waiting for their updated offer. Do you think they will go as much as 20 to 25% from initial offer?


Hi, Want to join Tata Elxsi as python Django developer. Already send bunch of emails and messages on LinkedIn but no one replied.

Please help me to join this company.

Thank you in advance 💕


Last-minute advice: Engram or Burton? 0.5 PPR, I need 6 points from TE to beat my opponent. Helpppp


For those in M&A tax, which firm do you feel has the best M&A tax practice, and why?


First 2 weeks having people under me and I already started questioning everything. Fuck me 😀


What’s typical salary to bonus ratio in corporate banking for VPs and Directors? Total comp range?


Honestly can we normalize the need to just have a good cry? I am so incredibly frustrated and no amount of reframing, constructive criticism, fall down 9 times get up 10 bullshit is working.

Like my wellness schedule would be an hour of exercise in the morning, An hour for lunch, exercise in the morning and a 45-min breakdown when needed.


Additional Posts in The Siegfried Group

Why does Siegfried have such a negative reputation?

Can someone give me the full break down of the PR hierarchy & BD hierarchy? I’m considering applying for the DX role but I’m just confused on what the next steps looks like.

Can professionals who work in Tax at Siegfried share a bit about work life balance?

Question for TSG folks - I'm considering applying to TSG. Do I have to use a recruiter (external or internal) or can I apply on my own? I think I can have more bargaining power if I apply on my own without having the recruiter in the middle since TSG would have to pay them too, right?

Really kind of shocking that management would bring in three pretty conservative speakers. I mean, we know where Rob and they stand, but I thought MYJourney was about building us up as leaders and finding what makes us happy and succeed, not just throwing politics right in our face. Just kind of makes me think the whole MYJourney program is a joke now.


Looking to talk to someone about a potential referral and what it’s like working at TSG


Received a senior associate offer for 80k base salary, but guaranty bonus of 24k for first two years. I have 2 years big4 audit experience. Worried that there’s too much weight in bonus versus the base (as that base of 80 is what my big4 salary is). Any advice on counter offer? It’s for Philadelphia.


Thinking about joining TSG coming from an audit supervisor at mid tier. What’s work exactly do you do for your clients? Any finance work? I’m trying to figure out what exactly I will be doing if I join

Does anyone know if TSG does pre-employment drug testing for thc in NYC?

How strict is the 30-day notice policy? Would they complain if a 3-week notice was given?

Any way to take advantage of the relocation allowance if I'm not going to use anything close to what I'm allocated?

What are the rules against moving to a client you are assigned to while at Siegfried?

What's the starting base salary like for Senior Associates at TSG? Anyone willing to share numbers would be much appreciated.


Can anyone share their salary % increase (and $ amount if comfortable) for promotion from senior to associate manager? I find the lack of pay transparency at TSG a little frustrating compared to B4. TIA!

When I interviewed they told me I was not required to recruit but now I’m required to upload 50 “My Relationships” every certain amount of months where other recruiters can technically go after my contacts and recruit them and also am expected to invite potential networking to events and through the beaker model. Is this required? I feel forced and I’ve only been here for less than a month and I’m not loving this approach.


I’ve heard The Siegfried Group pays a lot better than the Big 4 but the numbers don’t seem to be making sense to me. A recruiter mentioned to me 105-115k USD, but when I look at PwC US’s salary for a Tier 2 city, it’s 163k USD? Even Tier 3 is higher than the quote. I am from Canada so still trying to understand the US job market. 4 YOE, currently Manager in Canada in PwC Deals

Anyone up for a call? Interested in learning more about The Siegfried Group.
- NYC, S3 audit, CPA, Top 10 PA firm

What is the difference between associate manager and manager levels?

SA salary for HCOL? Trying to figure out where I fall in the range but TSG isn’t as transparent as other companies. 90k base, joined with ~3.5 years big 4 audit experience, CPA


How's Siegfried PTO policy? Is there firmwide shutdown during the holidays?

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