need advice.

I have been working in an interim role as a portfolio manager. I was promised that the role would be mine. However, after doing the job for 2 months, I have been advised that we might not get the funding for the role and I might not get the raise and the title but my responsibilities will be the same.

Its a political minefield.

How should I back out elegantly that I need to be compensated fairly and competitively from this mess without burning any bridges

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It's a tricky situation. You can't gracefully back off now (and they were counting on it). If you stop doing the work, they will justify not giving you the raise because "you couldn't handle it". If you continue doing the work, you are doing more work for less pay.

Info: Do you have any of this conversation over the last 2 months on mail/written format? What kind?

My advise would vary a bit based on that. But for now, better start documentation that you are performing beyond your role and you want to be considered for the title and salary jump. Over the next 1 month, document all meetings, discussions and appreciation you get on your role. Then, ask for another meeting on title and salary, if they say no budget, show this documentation and ask for who will be your replacement/ handle this role going forward, as you are not "qualified and eligible for this role with no title and pay package to reflect it".

Be ready for several uncomfortable conversations.


Keep HR out as much as possible. They will stick to the company by-line and not help you as much. Let your manager bring them in when they want.

In your Monday discussion ask for 2 things (be well prepared)
1. Timeframe to get you the title and pay rise. If they are taking more than 2-3 months for this, ask for a written confirmation
2. What expectations do they/you have from you if you are not getting this role. They can't be the same. So speak to your manager to define what your job description would look like.

Last thing from my end, fight this. Don't get angry but don't give in. If after this conversation, you still feel unhappy, start looking for other opportunities out of Citi. No need to be loyal to people who aren't loyal to you.


It’s a hard place to be. Sorry I can’t advise with better ideas. I think it’s important to push back on additional responsibilities. Don’t do the work after certain hours and tell them it’s affecting your health.

I wanted to update this thread, my conversations with the boss have progessively gone worst and things have significantly deteriorated in the last 2 three weeks.

I have been asked to continue to do the "interim lead" work and when I requested feedback, I was told that nothing will be provided to me. I was told that its an internal matter and nothing will be documented in HR system around my additional responsibilities.

I had a quarterly touchpoint with my Director and I presented the same thing to him. He has yet to get back to me.

I have been applying internally and externally but its severely impacting my mental health.

Aww sorry to hear that. I wish I knew what more to say but try to disconnect when it’s affecting your mental health so much. Take deep breaths and work out.


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Ladies, 👋. I’m hoping this is a start to a great network. As a single Desi woman in my 30s, I’m struggling in some spheres of life and I see that other great women are too. I see women put up with bad colleagues/jobs and toxic partners/family because we all are conscientious. I hope we tap into strength and make some meaningful connections and friends here. Totally open to local meet-ups/virtual meets to work on a better us! Open to expanding to non-fishbowl users as well if anyone interested


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