Starting a contract job for a 350 person company ramping up on SWE's in a competitive space. Glassdoor rating is 3.0, CEO approval below 50%, and common theme regarding poor leadership. I'm a strong candidate advocate and I wants to bring this up so it can be addressed to improve company branding/attraction. Or keep my head down and recruit?

How much does the Glassdoor rating impacts engineers decision to apply and join a company? If company responds to the reviews - does that make a diff?

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If it’s possible I would do a call with the CEO and your candidates as part of the interview and allow them to address any concerns regarding leadership…worse case they decide they don’t like them best case they join and already have met with the CEO


Probably will go one of 2 ways as a contractor:

Immediate / end of week termination.

Wow, this person is a thinker, we should get them on our team for the long haul. (Or, your boss is embarrassed by having not identified this previously and rides you like a horse becoming mega micromanager.)

It depends if you have a plan in place to turn it around. Is that getting new hires to write glowing reviews 3 months in? Talking with leadership in how to instill a better culture to turn around this perception? Other?

-Guy who has identified how to save millions of dollars for a company only to have embarrassed their boss

I think bringing it up with leadership that prospective candidates will see this and it is an obstacle and will potentially work against us. But that we can work through it if we do X or Y. Share some stats on impact of employer brand.

You want an accurate (with a positive spin) story to share with candidates that explains some of negatives eg the company went through some tough growing pains, but the CEO has built out his leadership team now so he’s less involved in everyone’s shit and can focus on what he does best.

Think of some candidate personas - are you just hiring desperate folks who will ignore the bad rep and jump on the next job offer OR do you want people who need to be passionate about the industry and ready to disrupt the chaos. Quite different discussions for each persona.

I’m currently interviewing for a role with a ‘interesting’ rep as well so thinking how I’d approach this.

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Hi All,

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Hi All,

Has anyone ever had to do the second step of an interview over slack? It was a legitimate company not a scam. The person I would be working with said the second interview after an assignment was over slack. They asked me in the first interview about my writing skills. They said since it's a remote company most people I'd never speak with directly and everything would be asynchronous through slack. Is this typical?

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Hey everyone!

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Hello Everyone,

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The job is located in Paris and the job is in French .

Does anyone here have any case studies in Real estate that they can share ? and if they're from France, that would be even better.

Thank you in advance !


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Hi Fishies :) I'm currently recruiting for a couple of senior engineer roles and have been making use of AngelList. The HMs have asked me to look into other similar recruitment tools and I would really appreciate any advice on similar recruitment tools I can look into. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions :)


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Hi there,
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It would be really helpful if there is anyone is hiring for such roles or if you can refer to those roles in your organization. TIA :)


ISO Sr. IT Development Mgr.

10+ yrs in FullStack custom applications using C#, .NET, Java, Angular, Node.js and a few years engineering leadership
5+ years in SaaS solutions

ISO Sr. Software Engineer

10+ yrs in FullStack applications using C#, .NET, Java, Angular, Node.js
Extensive experience in AWS or Azure

ISO Principal Software Engineer

12-15 yrs in FullStack custom applications using C#, Java, Angular, Node.js
Designed high-availability applications in a multi-tier cloud architecture


ISO of a Lead SalesForce Developer.

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This is for a direct relationship, large enterprise client. Please ping me or reach out to me for more info.