What are the exit opportunities after pursuing Cornell Executive MBA NY? Currently I’m Senior Manager at EY’s M&A (OTS) practice.

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Depends on why you want to do MBA.

I’m in similar boat and part of OTS practice as SM. Exploring EMBA options at Cornell. How do like the program?

What is your vertical alignment within OTS (S&O)? Have you explored Cornell EMBA?

OP Did you end up attending Cornell EMBA?

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Can someone give me feedback on my profile?

GRE: 333
GPA: 3.3, Top 15 US undergrad in STEM

- Joined a YC tech-startup as an early employee and saw us through seed funding; working with the CEO
- Big 4 M&A Top 5% performer (left after 3 years)

Targeting M7 schools. Thanks!


Seeking internal referrals or to connect with TA of American Express.
Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
Position applied for: Legal Operations Specialist.


Has anyone in management consulting taken Day 1 CPT program after an MBA? What school / program did you go for, and were you able to convert to h1b successfully?


Any tips for raising GMAT score from 650 to 700+?

Anyone targeting the same schools with a similarish background as me want to be bschool application buddies for round 1 this fall? Thought it'd be better to suffer the application process with someone else.

My background:
-Class of 2018, Math/Econ, top 20 UG, 3.2gpa
-Asian male
-Started in big4 strategy but now in corporate strategy
-Trying to pivot to big tech post mba
-730 GMAT but retaking soon

Potential schools:
-maybe one other t15


Is the CPA designation worth it? For me it would take me 1 year of PREP courses and 2 years of PEP until i can write the CFE. And I am 27 years old right now. Also wondering if it would be crazy to pursue the CPA while learning how to code to be a developer as well?


Has anyone here (without any debt) resigned from their current job without any job lined up because of mental health issues?


What skills do you need to highlight for an associate brand manager? No MBA


Hi fishes,

I just got an offer from Morgan Stanley. The offer is indeed handsome and provides other benefits as well. The problem is I just relocated to Pune for my wife's work, we have set up our house here and now if I accept offer I again have to relocate to Bangalore because they aren't offering WFH. What should I do? I know Morgan Stanley is a very reputed firm and might make an enormous impact in my technical growth, but is it worth taking the pain of relocation again?? I am confused.


Hi all, thinking of starting a PM training classes for aspiring PMs.

This wont be a udemy or coursera thing. It would be online where I would have classes where I can interact with students and give them real world project guidance that is

If you were considering training to be a PM would you consider this. If you are a current PM would have considered this?

What are the prospects for this?


can anyone help me with standard package for Customer success manager/ key account manager salary. I have 2 years of experience. Need to know what can I expect for this role.


Where do strategists go to die after advertising? Ready to gtfo but but decades away from retirement, unfortunately.


I have a call with someone in MBB for a potential referral. Do you guys have any advice on what and how I should prepare for this call. Happy to have a chat


Can anyone help with a referral in Genpact for PD/MT role in finance. I have completed Bcom and currently pursuing a distance MBA in finance. Experienced in BPO/KPO industry and iam proficient in advanced Excel and SQL. Thanks in advance. Genpact


Does anybody else think that the Wharton Slack & Discord groups are kinda quiet/inactive compared to admit groups from other schools?


Just curious for my managers, associate directors, directors out there…how many years experience would you say is standard between promotions? I have some catching up to do as I just started my digital marketing career after spending 3 years in finance. Just curious what industry standard is and what kind of experience you guys had before being promoted.


Does anyone here regret going to law school or law in particular?


Unofficial poll time. There have been similar conversations started here, but I'm interested to see your income vs education vs years of experience vs profession. If you follow American Income on TT or IG, you know what this is.

What's your current total gross income (base, bonus, side work, etc.)?
What's your profession/title?
How many years of experience do you have?
What's your highest level of education?

I'll go first:

Marketing/Content Marketing Strategist
BBA in Marketing

Hi fishers,

I'm a Programmer Analyst with over 2.8 years of experience in SAS and SQL.
My preferred location is Chennai/Bangalore.
Currently I'm looking for a job switch and it's kind of urgent.
Can someone please refer me in HSBC if there are any openings for SAS and SQL.

Thanks in advance..

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Hi everyone,

I’m doing some prelim market research. If you work in a professional services / consulting form I’d appreciate if you could help me out with answering a few questions.

1. What timesheet do you use at work?
2. How would you rate your timesheet from 1 to 10? (1 being hard to use, time consuming, hate it, and 10 being great, easy to use, quick)



Need to choose between MacBook Pro 13 and 16. Has the latter also better specs or just different size?


Got laid off on July2, still no unemployment payments from NYS. Is everyone having that kind of delay? Impossible to get through to unemployment on the phone.


Anyone have suggestions for good virtual design thinking workshop tools?


Please advise how much a Bremer bank credit analyst make. Or any credit analyst mid level..


Hi folks, currently im working in capgemini. Can anyone refer me to KPMG for the role of Functional testing and Manual testing? KPMG KPMG India Capgemini


What’s the difference between being fired and furloughed?


Which books would you recommend for in house counsel about strategy, management, and leadership?

Asking as product counsel for tech startup.


Hello PWC AC experienced people. I have joined PWC on 23rd June 2022, and in January I will be eligible for mid term hike(hope so) Can anyone please help me seeing following snapshot if I will get hike or not.

P.S - This is my first snapshot for 4 tasks, raised snapshot individually for all. PwC Pwc AC
Please help me.

Post Photo

I'm interviewing a candidate for an Associate Supply Chain Analyst position in a few days. What questions should I prepare?


Hi guys

Looking for Opportunities as the Technical Lead. Let me know if someone has anything open.

Skills are: Full stack development Lead, AWS, LAMP, Angular, CI/CD, Jenkins, Solution Design & Architecture, Shopify


Pls let me know ML project for learning purposes

I could use some advice on this situation. I’ve been working for a small family owned business in Toronto Canada for about 4months. I’ve noticed a lot of unprofessional behaviour since I’ve started (yelling at workers infront of customers) I’ve bounced around different positions so much that the owner blames 98% of stuff on me when something isn’t done, even if it’s not my responsibility anymore.A week ago I asked for an employment contract to get this straight but nothing yet. What do I do?


Managing fast moving projects on two biggest clients in my group all by myself as a first year manager. Love the challenge but feels like there isn’t enough time in the day! Ahhhhh!!!


Need Reference for VMware Admin position. Has 3.3 years of Experience in same domain. can anyone help me with it.
Thanks un Advance 😊


Can someone confirm that Stern is rolling admissions? I can’t find it listed specifically on the site and an MBA consultant I spoke to thought it was not.


What kind of ML/AI work happens in PE and VC firms, if any? I've been trying to get some understanding around, but there's not much shared except some marketing funda.


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Kindly share if Wharton and Columbia have EA waivers for next year

Has anyone gone through the Booth EMBA in the London or Hong Kong campus? I’m in my early 30s, currently in Econ consulting (v quant and technical) and would like to move into corporate (general strategy / management). Would an EMBA be a good step?


Just finishing a Villanova University EMBA- I’m a Senior Analyst in Accenture’s CDP program (87k) interested to see what levers folks recommend pulling so I’m not left behind.


How hard is getting a “150” on the EA exam?

Thoughts on Executive Assessment?

Does Deloitte offer sponsorship for EMBA?

Finally submitted my application to Wharton EMBA! Anyone else applying for May 2022?


Would Santa Clara U EMBA a good choice?

Anyone joining Wharton Philly EMBA this August?

What was your reasoning for seeking an MBA?

How long did it take you guys to study for the EA. I have 2 months to prepare, would that be sufficient? Any tips/suggestions are welcome.

Those of you currently going through the EMBA program with small children at home. Please feel free to share what it’s really like. By the time I start my EMBA journey, my two boys will be almost 3 and 5


Hello! Need some advice and asking for a friend.

My friend got into Cornell EMBA but also got a guarantee spot in 2022 Booth EMBA.

Is it worth waiting a year and attending Booth EMBA or should my friend just start in fall at Cornell's EMBA?


Many in my Exec program are hyper grade focused. Do grades matter that much post Exec MBA for future job opps at all? My approach has been to balance academics with relationship building and practicing exec presence and for me, pivoting to a new industry


What are the chances that BAH will support the Columbia EMBA - Global with sponsorship?

Welcome to The Exec MBA bowl. Lots of us won’t stop our career for 2 years. Then come the choice for the school, the sponsorship, the relationship with the firm and the colleagues. let’s share our exp


Waiting on Yale emba for round 2. Anyone else in same boat?

Waiting to find out if I got into online MBA program. Feeling a bit of concern about how I will continue to work FT and try to get my MBA in 24 or 36 months. Any tips?

Took my first practice test for the EA.

IR: 7
VR: 10

I'm quite happy with the progress! Time to lean in more!