Where’s a good place to get salary information or billable rates for the NYC area? I’m hearing of people getting 200k plus or $150-250 an hour for tech work, but I’ve never been able to get more than 145 or $100 an hour. I have 20 years experience, impressive (but not FAANG companies) on my resume, tons of LI connections and written recommendations, and a BS in CS.

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If you're hearing of people charging $150-$200/hr, start charging that with your freelance work. That doesn't seem like an unreasonable number. For traditional salary info, you can check all the usual places: Glassdoor, levels.fyi, etc.

Yeah I agree - for NYC I feel like these are quite reasonable rates. I would try it out with a few clients to gauge their reaction, and do some digging on others in your field and what they are chaging

Yeah those numbers sound perfectly in line for freelancers, but can be harder to find in employment outside of FAANG. Where are you hearing about these numbers? Could just be people rounding up or selling themselves higher.

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How is IBM Europe for work life balance and salary?


Amazon Twitch

Need help with offer from Google to Twitch. Really want to pursue security and privacy. ~3.5 yoe

Current: TPM L3
Base: 116K
Bonus: 24K

Offer: Sr. privacy analyst L5
Base: 150K
Bonus: 55K this year, 45K 2nd year
Equity: 44 units



Salary check. I’m a Marketing Director for a small SaaS startup. I make $95k with no benefits. I’m the only person in my marketing department and also have my foot in the sales department, growing both departments by myself. I have 7 years of professional experience in marketing and sales. There are some red flags at this company and I’ve been here for almost 11 months. If I were to start looking for another job, I’m thinking I can apply for $130k-$150k, any thoughts?


Is it helpful for you to know our current salary? I was asked by a recruiter but I’m hesitant to disclose it especially I’m moving to a different market with a highly different market rate.

I’m talking about third party recruiters not internal agency recruiters.


Orrick, Herrington & Suttcliffe LLP Fenwick & West LLP Has anyone heard about whether Cooley LLP Fenwick & West LLP Gunderson Dettmer Wilson Sonsini Goodwin Procter Orrick, Herrington & Suttcliffe LLP are offering signing bonuses for NY associates in the EC / VC practice? Would like to gage the market during the interview process. Thank you.


Which 1 is better to be, for promotion, WLB, and salary increment?


Assistant Manager

23 Fix with

10% variable: 2.3



Associate Manager

21 Fix with

27 % Variable:5.6

= 26.6

Edu: MBA, B Tech,

Certified in SAP S/4 HANA Sourcing and Procurement,

Past company Tata Consultancy , Infosys Limited ,

Current Company IBM

What is SC pay range at other LS firms? Wondering if I’m getting low balled at Trinity and should look to jump. ~$140k all in


I am Senior analyst, ctc 5 lac in RA, 2 Yoe.
I am severely underpaid, might get promoted to consultant next year. Should I switch or wait for promotion?


Hi friends, Got two offers. One with: Humana(Remote)[Insurance based company]and another with Mastercard(Hybrid) (Ofallon, MO)-need to relocate after 6 months. Both are for Senior software Engineer. Humana- TC= 155K, Mastercard-TC=175. Which is a better option, as talk are going on that, recession will happen soon (July 2022) .I’m confused to choose, as some say Insurance company doesn’t get effected with recession. Please suggest. Currently making 115k with stable job. Is it good to switch job


Started a masters while working. About halfway done. Should I be leveraging this at all in compensation discussions this fall? Or something I should wait to bring up until the program is over?

Hi Guys,

Can anyone apprise me about the Consultant - Strategy, Innovation and transformation at Deloitte USI?
How it will be in terms of work life balance and career growth? What is the salary band for the above role.

YOE: 1.2


For EY UK 🐠
What level/salary range can someone coming in with a Security Architect background target?

5 years as Security Analyst
5 years as Security Constant
2 years as a Security Architect

All in banking/finance


Would a second year FDD associate salary be about 90k?


What does an Engineering Project Manager with over 6 years experience get paid at GHD consulting ?


Senior Product Designers - what is your base salary and what city do you work in?

I'll start: $150k in Seattle

(I suspect I'm a bit underpaid especially here in Seattle. 3 yoe as a senior, 2 yoe as mid level)


If I’m fired from my role as a recruiter and am an at-will employee, should I receive a severance package/severance pay?


Cognizant Hi All, My spouse is working in the UK and I can get a dependent visa. My question is does TCS allow me to work from UK? I'm ok with getting my Indian salary but will there be any problems in working from abroad. I work for a banking client and I have a VM and VPN configured. I don't want to resign from TCS just because I have to relocate and at the same time I need this job and money. I'm anyway working from home, so it won't make a difference I suppose. Please help. Thanks


Hi guys,
I am about to join
Oracle financial services
What is the usual salary for a 2 yoe candidate with experience in full stack java development

How is the work culture and learning curve available there


Anyone know how it is working for FAANG company (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, google)? I heard Amazon is really tough, but was wondering how the other work life balance is for corporate roles


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I won't post a video of Republicans crushing a police officer to death, but it exists.

The Trump Riot is an indelible moral stain for Republicans. A generation from now, we should remember who got us here.

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What to do if we filed a NY/NYC by accident? We don’t need to file in that state - do we need to file a final return ?


Started a new project working in the ultimate “boys club,” and I have less than a year of consulting experience. Any advice to gain credibility?


I’m struggling to find a full time job right now. I have 16 months of internship experience at a Big4, a 4 month internship at a well known bank and a 12 month internship at a boutique consulting firm.

My gpa is subpar (3.2/4.0) but I have strong extracurriculars and have been working full time while taking full time classes.

Any advice on what I can do to land a solid fu time offer?


What would be a ideal ctc for 9 years experienced IT Project Manager (IT Infrastructure)

Is it possible to get a job before completing Miami Ad School? Do you think I can get an internship in Q3 without the help of the school? I’m going to be 30 soon, so I don’t want to invest the whole 2 years due to ageism. If anyone knows any tips/tricks/shortcuts I would greatly appreciate it!


Would you prefer to be a product manager at AWS or GCP? And why?


Hey Visa team! The visa recruiter gave me a verbal offer on Monday, how long should it take for the verbal offer to convert to a written offer? Any tips to expedite the process?


Would you recommend an associate making 90k base in NYC prioritize maxing out their 401k and Roth IRA even if it means they won't save beyond that? Assume debt has been paid off and 3 month emergency fund in savings


Hello fishers,
Need suggestions to decide among following offers:
1. BofA - SE 2 A
2. DTDL - Senior Data Engineer
3. EPAM - DevOps Engineer


A neighbor at our lake house let me try on his seadweller. I love the red text and the wider bracelet. It’s a huge watch though. Very tall and it’s pretty heavy on the wrist. I just don’t have the wrists to wear this and make it look good. I do really like it though

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Hi ,, @mindtreeminds anY news on wfo????????



hi friends, what do you do when it’s clear a female coworker sees you as competition (no other women on the team). I’ve always been a girls’ girl so this really hurts 🥺 why can’t we just band together 😭


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Fave agency you've ever worked at and why?


Anyone have any experience with xy planning network? Thoughts?

So, how we all doing? First few weeks of 2020 treating everyone alright?


My dream is to be able to do a perfect push up and pull up one day 🙈🙈 (30s F) found a CrossFit near me and the community seems kind - do you think CrossFit is the right answer for me or it’s for more advanced folks?

My weight is fine, really need to build strength. Have strength trained on and off but never on a systematic routinefor months

Please be kind in comments, thanks!


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Anyone know how working for Big Nerd Ranch is? How is the culture? Also, does the healthcare plan include mental health?


Do engineers who switch to management start at M1 at FAANG+ companies regardless of engineering experience, or is it based on total experience?

Do they only hire either internally engineers switching or only hire external people if they have management experience?

What suggestions do you have for people looking to make the switch? I'm not sure how much longer I want to keep coding.


Anyone else still sharing a (home) workspace with your partner and going crazy?

What are some cool projects you’re working on


Question for the group. Is it worth leaving a permanent job for a one year contract. With significant salary increase but worse benefits?


Anyone at Google willing to provide a referral?


I have been with my current company for 8 months. First a contractor then got hired FT & now I am told I will be getting a promotion. The contractor to FT wasn’t much of a pay raise which I guess is understandable but when coming on as a contractor my counter offer was denied. At this point I’ve proved myself & want to make sure I am content w/ my salary. I was told get a cert but later got offered Sys Admin anyway. How do I go about this? Looking for $15K+ raise based on coworker notion & self.


How would you define a successful career? More specifically, what makes a career successful in your opinion?


I need some hearts to enable DM. If you got a second, please drop one. Thanks.


I've recently relocated from India to UK through an onsite opportunity , my spouse came with me on dependent visa to search for opportunities. Job search here seems very different from India ,even after so much research we are unable to land on an opportunity Inspite of the skills(Hqdoop,Spark,scala) being in demand.
Anyone here that can help me understand what is that the recruiter looks in the candidate


Looking to connect with recruiters who specialize in Operations, Strategy, Continuous Improvement, more specifically in health tech. Also Data Analytics... I have at 3 potential leads.
Each has over 10 yoe, managerial experience, and technical exposure.


I recently got a verbal offer from Salesforce for a senior architect role (level 8) in Toronto location. Base 200 CAD + 15% bonus + 94K RSU. Any suggestion if this is a good offer? I am not sure what are the salary ranges in Salesforce in general and in Canada, so would appreciate if someone in Salesforce in a similar role can opine.


Asking for a friend: "I have a vacation scheduled for the week of Aug 16. Last week, I got a job offer and I accepted it. Yesterday, I submitted my notice for my currently job. I gave them one week because of my already scheduled vacation and the new job wants me to start on the 23rd. Now my current job is threatening to deny my PTO that they already approved." What would you do?


How do I negotiate a signing bonus? I have a verbal offer for a base salary I'm very happy with (121k -> 168k). The first offer for a signing bonus is $10k. I said I wanted more bonus and gave the vague justification that I have to pay off something at my current employer. Recruiter asked for specifics and I said PTO I used that hadn't accrued fully and some other stuff I have to look into. That doesn't add up to 10k, just want more money.



I will be attending an in-person networking event in a few days. Any advice on how to approach recruiters? Also, what would you suggest are some good questions to ask them to show you are interested in their company and not just there for a job opportunity.


Schwab/TD Ameritrade layoffs...you guys can ask for referrals!


is there a role name that is in between
Head of UX and Head of Engineering (in a tech startup)?

my day to day basically consists of working on product & ux with PMs and stakeholders, but also coding, increasing devs skills, code quality and providing them with new processes and tools.

the only thing i don't do is manage people.

current tasks are: coding new features, work on a call for tenders (im doing the mockups), building a design system, and design some of the future features.