Which 1 is better to be, for promotion, WLB, and salary increment?


Assistant Manager

23 Fix with

10% variable: 2.3



Associate Manager

21 Fix with

27 % Variable:5.6

= 26.6

Edu: MBA, B Tech,

Certified in SAP S/4 HANA Sourcing and Procurement,

Past company Tata Consultancy , Infosys Limited ,

Current Company IBM

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

EY GDS lacks leadership vision. Processes are not well defined. Bunch of different SharePoint, power apps link which you end up book marking.

Systems don't talk to each other, leadership is aware but sound helpless in bring change.

Better to join Accenture, as you get lot better opportunity.

EY gds don't have any additional perks like deloitte.

EY Parthenon is the strategy wing. Anyway all will be one company going forward if split happens

Your service line within ey GDS?




Accenture anytime

Accenture anytime been with both Accenture and ey gds find Accenture pace ahead

Accenture gives that much in bonus?

its variable, not bonus. Re-read

I don't think Accenture pays much of the variable, whereas EY pays more that 10%

This is true. EY variable payout is more than what they mention.
Accenture variable in most cases will not come close to what's mentioned. However if you are a high performer, then in Accenture also you can expect more depending on other aspects.

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My date of joining the new company is just the next day from my last working day at my current organisation.
None of the company ready to negotiate the dates. What risk is anticipated and what should I do? Please help as the joining is just next week.


I have an experience of more than 2 years in financial operations, audit and compliance, reports management and data analysis. Is there any opportunity in EY GDS as per my skills?


I got offer from multiple companies and finally decided to go with Microsoft. I signed and shared all the papers and my joining joining date is 16th Aug. This offer is comparatively lesser than all other offers, I still considered this one due to brand value. I have 10 YOE and working in Azure Data Engineering. Just got 56% increase in fixed pay whereas others are offering 100%. Even now Cognizant is willing to give more than 100%. Just wanted to hear from you guys on this.


I’ve joined newly and wanted to know if I can request for my email ID to be changed? Is there a way?


What do we get on promotion in EY GDS?
I mean any goodies. Promoted to Manager in this mid year cycle.


Hi All,
I just received laptop survey email from EY GDS and want to know if I choose courier option for laptop delivery, will I receive it after my joining date i.e. 11th Apr or before?


Did anyone else think that the certificate of planting a tree was the diwali gift?


In EY GDS package is offered from previous company package and then 30% hike from it or based on designation slabs?

For eg a smaller company employee have an exp but paid less like 4 LPA, but for same in EY for the YOE slab is 10 to 12.5 LPA

How HR offers package? As an general thumb rule he is asking only for 30% hike

Consider like for someone who doesn't know EY slabs. In this scenario HR gives only 30 percent hike or hire him in YOE slab package even though it's 100% hike?



How is the work pressure of EYGDS consulting service line at Kolkata location ? EY

Consulting bhaiyo or behno, shall we start looking for a new job?
Still 1 year before the split right?


Folks,I'm new here, please do help with 11♡.
Thx in advance!!


After orientation till my training starts, what I will be assigned in ey gds?