Accenture fish, I have a Teams first interview call (video on) for a strategy role Monday. Suggestions on attire? Thinking open collar dress shirt + jacket. Too much or on point?

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You can definitely get away with a crisp shirt! Good luck!

That’s what I wore for my interviews a few months ago

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I found a company I was really excited about working at. I applied for the job and went through 5 rounds of interviews. At the end they said I was OVER qualified and they want me for a different position higher up in the company. I was super excited they then had me go through 5 more rounds, 3/5 people were the same. The interviews mostly went "didn't you get the job, I highly recommend you? I'll just put you down as a 10". After those were done they told me I was UNDER qualified. Can't win!


Any UK or EU based 🐠 at McKinsey or Bain open to doing a practice case interview with me before my final rounds? Happy to pay for your time, thank you!


Can anyone give me insight on Winstead Dallas? I am considering laterally to Dallas from Chicago & have a screening interview with Winstead coming up.


Any openings for experienced FDD associates in NYC? (1 YoE)?


Is senior director a relatively new title at BMS? I don’t see very many glass door entries and not as many LinkedIn profiles either. Was this a post integration role?


Hey all. coming into the new year, I’m making a career pivot as a Business Development Rep with Beck Tech. I’ve been in sales for about 7 years, with my most recent role being a Territory Manager for a small business. If anyone has been in this role before, any advice would be appreciated going into a new industry 🙏🏽


Haven’t invested before, but want to start.

What’s the typical rule for having stock in a company, and then applying to work there?


What to expect during the client interview round? #firstswitch @HARMAN

YoE 2.3
Healthcare analytics domain
Sr. Consultant role


I was recruited and also applied to two jobs. I had two of the interviews this week and one that is tomorrow. I feel confident I will be offered the job by two companies. Would you take the best paying job, which is Blackstone as an Associate, and move 3 hours away with kids or stay put and make less with a Director title? The 3rd company likely won't pay what my minimum salary is.


I need advice. I’m currently an internal rev cycle consultant but have an opportunity to move to an external role. I feel right now I am learning being ingrained with operations but the external role


Does anyone here have any guidance as to how I should answer the salary expectations questions? Recruiter asked me my total comp package for a senior contributor role. Recruiters you can DM me and I’ll share the job code? This is all very new to me.


Qualified CA required with below skill sets
IGAAP,IFRS,US GAAP, Financial reporting

Locations: Bangalore, gurgaon, Mumbai,Kolkata
Experience 3-12 years

DM me for referral


I have a job interview for a process chemist position later this week. What are some interview questions that are likely to pop up? Any advise on what questions to prepare and how to answer them?


Has anyone else had a mentor (assigned to them by the Company) who seemed to have it out for you? I mean downright sabotage to make you look bad left and right. I didn’t realize it at first. She was fake friendly, but she was discrete too. Some of the executives thought she was amazing, but I had to clean up her work all the time. She wasn’t above me either on the chain of command. Later I found out she had tried for the exec assistant role and they didn’t choose her, they wanted me instead.


Hi, does anyone have a referral for Twitter?


I just finished my MBA and I am an electrical engineer of 10years experience. I received a job offer as a senior engineer from a an engineering company. I previously discussed project manager role with this company but they extend me a senior engineer position.
I would like to get advice on what to do, how to proceed, and have an idea of salary that i should negociate if i decide to go with the company?


What do you usually bring to an interview?

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is Fujitsu calling people to office all days or is it hybrid mode or is it optional as per employee convenience??


I am an personal lines account manager/client manager (property and casualty) going on 6 years experience and I am being paid $53k a year. I am living in CA and work for a large corporation (about 1500 employees). Do you think that $53k is low or seems like adequate pay?


It’s my birthday in a few minutes. 2021 has been a terrible year for me. My marriage ended. It wasn’t a bad end though. We are still close, just not romantic partners anymore. The very first dog I ever had died and I couldn’t go see her because of the quarantine. I didn’t get a promotion that I more than deserved. I don’t think I get paid well. Most of my friends moved out of the city and I’m having to meet new people at 32. I love my job but it’s incredibly stressful. I’m terribly lonely.


Anybody doing something fun this weekend?

What's your favorite way to clear your mind after reading all day?


What are the best companies that offer mental health, yoga & meditation, and life coaching to their employees?

I am looking to offer my services as a trauma informed coach, yoga instructor, and retreat leader.

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Corp Dev total comp and title


Has anyone done freelance or contact work to provide extra income while they're looking for a new permanent gig? Are any of the online platforms worth it?

My company declared a safe space in light of current events but I’m not sure if I agree it’s legitimate. I have moderate/slight left views and I’m weary about what I discuss with colleagues and bosses. If I say anything that is remotely down the middle, like Drew Brees’ saying to respect the flag, I feel like I’ll get shunned.


Any partners (eqt or not) willing to share your take home pay per check?


Any recommendations for any good pharma agencies with a decent life balance and good leadership? Preferably DTC. Thanks in advance


Hi Fishes
Anyone joining Maersk tmrw and attending Induction on 7th November?

I'm going to join tomorrow and Induction on 7th November


I cannot find much of any Results on Fishbowl for ZipRecruiter. Is there anyone that can provide some first hand or even second hand information on working for them?


Looking to buy new athletic shorts. Would prefer to spend about $20 per pair. What's the best website to buy from?


I know we got some Amazon folks in this bowl. Anyone AWS in ATL?


What is lead category :differentiating and qrmte: met expectations

How does this fare up?


Where's everybody from? (Like the location)


How is Gunderson “entrepreneurial”?


Hi Fishes, working in TCS, Help me choose below option.
TCS giving USA onsite, ~80k USD ( H1B was expired, came back to India, still 3 years left, have approved H1B extension, not stamped yet) - CCTC - 9.25L
Infosys 24L (21-F,3-V)
JPMC - 28L Fixed.

Would it be possible to use my H1B in infosys/JPMC in future.? I don't have new H1B extension docs with me. Can H1B employer be changed in india ? Infosys JPMorgan Chase

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Does anyone has a requirement/job opportunity for Design Strategist (entry level)?

I am looking for a new opportunity. Cloud computing, nb network security, telecom experience and much more to offer. Who wants an asset to their organization

Anyone at Meta willing to refer upon review of my resume?

Avanade fish: Are signing bonuses a thing for Advisory? If so what’s typical for a Director role?

Looking for a referral for an opportunity in Capri holdings / Michael Kors. Please reply or DM me. Thanks.


Kind souls of Google,

Would you be kind enough to refer me to a role at Google!
Came across a role that's a good fit.
Would ideally like to target it through a referral and not by applying through the career site.

Would also love to maybe take you for a meal or alike to thank you for it.


Any companies hiring for healthcare revenue cycle consultants?

Thanks for having me

How long do you wait to hear about an offer? It’s been almost 5 months of interviewing with a top company and I’m waiting on a decision. What’s your threshold for waiting?

Anyone hiring for Workday HCM AMS ?

What advice would you give to someone looking to work at Booz Allen? Should I just apply to multiple positions online or would that just be a waste of time?

I just got a call from a Partner in a competing a competing firm. They are interested in my skill set. I like my current firm, but am intrigued by the call from the competition. Do I have a conversation and try to get an offer or stay loyal and enjoy my current role and team? I would like more $$, but I know $$ isn’t everything!

Looking to apply to Microsoft for a program manager role. Any 🐠 here who can refer me for this ? Thanks in advance.


My project is looking for a senior project manager.

I am looking for a senior role in financial services operational risk, controls management, preferably remote, but am open to travel for 20% to on-site or at hq. Any viable leads?


I'm looking for an Senior Associate/Consultant level opportunity in Pricing Strategy or Sales Strategy. Have 6yoe in Sales, Marketing, and Pricing and graduated MBA this summer with concentration in Pricing.
Can someone please help. FYI, I'm looking for this because my MBA internship company refused to sponsor and hence didn't give full time offer.

Looking at a Manager of Enterprise Operations role at FB. Can anyone help me understand what the total and cash comp for this might be? And how are the employment levels at FB?

I’m an Analyst, and I was looking at opportunities at Microsoft as a Business Program Manager. It says it wants you to have 5+ years of experience, but someone I went to college with got that position straight out of undergrad less than two years ago. How true are the requirements at Microsoft?

Anyone in the strategy consulting group at EY want a referral bonus?

Looking for a referral for an opportunity at Tory Burch. Thanks in advance.

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