Hey Sharks, I recently gave Interview in EY for Salesforce Developer Role. Rounds are - L1, L2, Client Round Now they are asking for Face 2 face interview Anyone given F2F interview in EY for Salesforce Developer Role for Infosys Client. Please let me know. EY Deloitte Tata Consultancy

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

please give us updates of ehat questions were asked in the interview

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Hi All, Can anyone know how is the work culture at Damac group, Dubai. Thanks

Which is better between EY GDS Bangalore and PWC AC Bangalore?

Domain: SAP

EY Role: Senior Tax_ TTT Team
PWC AC Role: Associate 2

Please provide your inputs!!


Hi all

I am looking out for your desperate help....as i have behavioral rounds aligned for BIE position...can you please help me with questions being asked in LP rounds and how answer them apart from STAR methods

Will they also be asking technical questions during these rounds

And lastly what could i expect for compensation for l5 and l4 levels... please suggest for both


Hi fishes,

1.What level/ band does the principal consultant role at infosys map to? Is it equivalent to Director or Sr Mgr level?
2. How are the projects and opportunities with lifesciences practice? Are there any on-site opportunities?

Thanks in advance

Hi Folks, Have got an offer with credit suisse pune for the post of ENO.

Need few answers so please help me if you are aware.

1) When will i get my joining dates informed. I have a date mentioned in my offer letter. And status on portal is showing Onboarding.

2) What are the components of flexible benefits.

3) I am from big data testing domain, has yoe 2.11 years. What challenges i may encounter coming from testing background in IB domain.

4)current 7.5, newCTC 18 is it fairly compensated?

Hello Everybody,

I just got mail that I have cleared technical and managerial round for big data developer position for Cognizant.

I have 6 yrs of exp in IT. Current CTC is 13.4 lpa

Now next round is HR round.

How much package should I ask for.

And also i have 90 days notice period, will they agree.

Please guide how to handle this HR Round.
will be a lot of help 🙏

Can’t figure out why my application for an FDD senior role at a big 4 got rejected. CPA and prior b4 audit. Wondering if I should apply if jobs open up again, but also wondering if I need more related experience?


Hello - what is the EYP role for 5-6 YOE? coming from US and think it might be junior mgr but want to confirm. Thank you.


Hi Sharks,

Kindly provide your suggestions about VOLKSWAGEN for Senior SAP functional consultant Role.

How's work culture, WLB, job security, Hikes etc

Hello All,

Need some insights on
Adidas Gurgaon techub!! Working culture , growth , office, tech stack and management. Adidas


My friend is currently applying for SDR positions, she currently is self employed as a nail tech where she handles a reoccurring book of business and in the past she has had some retail sales experience. Should I put her nail tech business on her resume?


Hi fishes,
Has Any one attended TCS Interview on 24th June ?


I am responding to interview phone calls or email only if recruiter / HR is from a company not from consultancy. Am I doing wrong???


Hi All,
I got offer from capgemini with 18 lpa and having 9 years of experience. Shall I negotiate more or is it the enough as of now. My another question is do they provide joining bonus after joining and will there be salary revision after my probation period is over?


Can anyone help me with the interview process for SSE at informatica. i.e. Structure of each round.

Experienced hire, McKinsey final round next week. What will be the format? How many interviews? Recruiter has been vague and just mentioned to set aside the day


What are the employee benefits provided by UBS Krakow, poland?


Does data engineering in ETL helps in career growth given its an older technology? I am 2020 data science graduate, should I stay in Citi Model dev team or move to ETL based data engineer role in Amazon ?


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Howdy. My partner and I launched an IG specifically to help our junior creatives. It’s called BreakindAD. And it literally breaks down the ad game to newbies. Give it a like, follow and share. Would mean a lot! And feel free to message us your wisdom. We need all the help we can get.


Been in bed with full blown panic attack all day 🙁 Struggling to even breath


Which stocks do you think have overreacted the most to coronavirus and why?


I prepared a presentation for an interview with a sales leader, it went well and I was offered a final interview with regional manager. The sales leader I interviewed with gave me a bunch of feedback, but said to find out information about tech stack, which I for some reason, didn’t consider. I come to find out that deep, hidden within the website of the hypothetical client, they use the service already. Do I roll into the final interview and play dumb or do i present and then come clean?


Any business risk specialist at UBS? Need to check few things about the role

Any tips on landing a position at a hospital if coming from a personal injury background?


What are three things you like about your job or firm?


Do senior managers have an employment contract? what is the weeks of pay for separations (severance pay)?


Anyone work in Zscaler as a sales engineer? Interviewed recently and can give some advice?

Have an interview with the manager tomorrow and wanted to know what to prepare for.


PwC dudes and dudettes, how do we all fee about the recent weight management benefit? Haven’t looked into that much it yet but it seems to be pretty useful.


The first thing I thought of was how little my parents understand what I do. Add the language barrier on top of that. Am I thinking too hard about this?

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I received an offer from a boutique litigation firm and a large law firm on the same day! I want to take a little time to consider both. What’s the typical time frame to respond?


When submitting your taxes, do you share how much you pay for HOA? Is there a form to fill out or do we get any type of reimbursement for paying HOA?


Does anyone have experience with the GC process at EY? When do they start? Can the process take a year /is it a lot longer? etc.

Does Infosys revise the offer letter after accepting it??

Hi all,

Need a 4bhk flat for rent nearby kharadi, keshav nagar. Let me know if there are any leads.


Final week of travel after being on the road for 21 months. Looking forward to being local again!


My best purchase 🥰

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Chumboogie the 👑 King of the household

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Additional Posts in Salesforce Job Opportunities

How are SalesforceSalesforce projects in Deloitte USI hows the wlb?is there politics?


Hi, I am currently working in telecom domain. I want to switch tech to Salesforce. Which is the best course to learn in Salesforce which have quite good scope in future.
Developer or administrator? Please help.


Any job opening for Salesforce Developer for Pune location? YOE: 5.4

I am from a non IT background, I am planning to have a career switch to IT field, will salesforce will be a good career option ? Or please provide someother suggestions too


How is the company EY india or Ey LLP for Salesforce developers.
Yoe 4

I want to understand about working hours and work pressure.

I have heard few members saying that EY India gives a lot of work pressure and no work life balance,is that true??

When compared to Capgemini, Cognizant,Wipro and TCS ,is it worth joining EY INDIA in terms of wlb


Hi all, I am looking for Salesforce QA opportunity. I am having overall 8 years of experience in IT industry including 4 years experience into Salesforce. Please refer me if any openings in your organization.
Thank you in advance.


I have resigned from WIPRO after 1 yoe because I have an offer of 7 LPA from a startup for Salesforce Developer position.
Now Wipro is giving me some bonus of 3.5 L and I'll be having a hike of 10 percent in June 2023 and my CTC will be updated after completion of 1 year of taking the bonus in Feb 2022. Also this is the only offer I have as of now plus there's no proper work I am doing in WIPRO that should be doing in start of career.What should I do?
Note : I am favouring startup because of learning..


I am Currently working as QA should I do Salesforce adminstration certification for job switch in Salesforce technology as a QA?


Can anyone share the interview experience of technical consultant role in Salesforce..

It would help me to prepare for the interview


Hi Everyone! I have been working in Salesforce for about a year now. But I am not enjoying my work as it's mainly on backend. I have been wanting to move to Web Dev. But someone suggested that like if I like frontend I should try LWC instead as I'm already into Salesforce. So I'm quite confused which way should I go. Can anyone help me with the same Tata ConsultancyAccentureDeloitteZS AssociatesInfosysSalesforceSalesforceAmazonMicrosoft


I am having 4 YOE as a Salesforce developer , I joined techM on july21 but I am thinking to put papers because of my pay and also my project , I am not seeing any learning scope in my project . currently I am getting 12.5 lpa .

How much can I expect If I put papers now and attend interviews.
I am 3x Salesforce certified and 2x copado devops certified.


I am looking for the Salesforce admin profile. I am having 4.3 years of industrial experience. Please let me know if there is any vacancy .


How is Salesforce development as a
career. What are the prospects/Exit
opportunities 6-7 years down the line.
CCTC: 9LPA YOE : 2.3 years


Offered Technical Support Engineer in Salesforce but current company wants to retain with top up package, and with a promised Team Lead position. Please suggest shall I go for brand or stay to learn and explore?

How's is the Salesforce consultant interview at KPMG and what things to keep in mind. Thanks.


Will the demand for salesforce developer increase in next one year ?

Hi fishes,
I'm looking for a Salesforce developer position. having 4+ yrs of experience preferred loc is Hyderabad
any referral would be a great help to me.

Hi fishes,
I got an offer from DXC Technology , Hyderabad.
Anyone knows how is the company in terms of learning,working culture. And specifically how is the Salesforce practice in DXC Technology.