How do I learn more about systems design (solutions architect)? Is there a bootcamp or online course I can take?

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Hello Sharks,

What is current market standard for 9 yoe for SAP Basis?

I know SAP BASIS is lagging behind other modules.

What is best skillset addition for BASIS guy?



Hi Folks,
Having 3YoE in procurement research and now in a research team at an MBB, I feel I've reached plateau learning-wise. Have been focused in Chemical domain throughout.

I now intend to explore roles on client(Chemical Companies) side (like SCM, Planning, Strategy) but unsure how do I go about it.

What should be an ideal career roadmap for someone like me. How should I prepare/do in order to pivot towards those roles?

PS. I'm a BE Chemical Engineering, and no MBA.


Looking to transition into Tech Sales from Forex industry

How to do break into roles at larger companies?


Looking for some advice on a couple of offers I have.

The first offer is for an Account Executive position at a smaller company with a base of $50k and another $20k in OTE.

The second offer is for a BDR position at a larger and faster growing company with a base of $60k and another $20k in OTE. Also some stock options but they aren’t public yet.

I have 2 YOE as a BDR and think I could succeed in either position. Both have hybrid work set ups. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated! Thanks.


I’ve been in the federal consulting space for the past 6 years, with 9+ YOE overall. I’m so burned out from federal consulting. Our clients have such a low bar to clear themselves and are checked out most days. Our work is measured mostly through vanity metrics that don’t consider impact or innovation at all. I’m thinking a jump to commercial consulting could offer a much needed break in both compensation and challenging, meaningful work, but don’t know what firms or roles to target.


Any podcasts or books that actually have valuable substance for folks in management consulting?


Do internship brands matter for your long term career advancement if you go to a MBB after graduation?


Why do all of you want to "exit" to tech so bad? Are you just following the money?


Is there a high barrier to enter the consulting industry? Also, how long does it usually take to get promotions at consulting companies?


Have offers from both Wells Fargo and Citibank. Need your views on deciding between the two. Here are the numbers
Citi: fixed-33 lpa variable-3 Lpa.
Wells Fargo: fixed 30 Ipa variable: 3
Ipa + 1 |pa joining bonus.
Yoe-6.2 years
How are these companies in terms of future growth, wlb, brand value.


5 years into a primarily B2C sales career, I’m looking to make the switch over to tech sales but have limited B2B experience. Any advice?


Does anyone know of a therapist/counselor who specializes in clients with professions like ours? A sympathetic career coach, even?

I have a history of anxiety and depression. I had it mostly under control, but I feel like my career is dead in the water after only 2.5 years in. It's taking me back to a dark place.


Hey folks, I’ve just transitioned from industry to Deloitte healthcare consulting. Being a a lateral hire, is there any advice on finding my feet? How was your first few weeks with a big 4? Tips/tricks appreciated! Deloitte



How to become a CTO from a Software Engineer? And how much years of experience would it take?


So, in some cases if not most, your ideal job/ career is about who and what you know, besides experience. With that being said, if anyone has any information regarding open positions within the financial field, starting with the base salary being no lower than 50,000, please share!

Should I join G&PS in PwC India? How is the WLB and progression there?PwC


Hello Pals - I have 8+ years of exp as business analyst, and consultant. No coding experience, but good in data & reporting. Planning to take a course from Learnbay after reading a lot of reviews in the internet. Its for Data Science Master program - can anyone suggest if they are good and help me make the transition I'm looking for (Feel free to share your choices if any)


How do I get experience in broadcast production if nobody will give it to me? Mostly done social/digital stuff. It’s still early in my career. Help!


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I am one of the GATE coordinators at our school. Curious if there’s any others and your role at your school!

Hi everyone, Dm me for referral in Cognizant for the following jobs.

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Do people generally edit their tiktoks in the app or with another video editing app? I'm just starting out and want to make cool vids 😎


Hello Fishes,

I am thinking of switching my career to data science and Machine learning, but I have few doubts.

1. Can a Non tech background or Commerce background person pursue Data science?

2. What is an average compensation for a fresher in this field?

3. How does growth ( Appraisal, Bonus, promotions) look like in this field? Is it difficult to grow?

Thank you in advance 🐟


Got an offer as a Senior 2 in EY’s FAAS practice for $117,500 base and $12,500 bonus. Home office is San Francisco. Is this expected for that position? Any insights?


Hi Fishes..!!

I am currently working in LTI with Senior Specialist role with overall almost 10 years of experience and my skill is Unix Administration.

I am being offered Canada Onsite from my organization, I am having Indian salary of 20LPA. What should I expect my Canadian Salary to be?

What is the average salary offered by Indian companies for similar experience for ICT Visa?
What is the average cost of living in Toronto?

Answers to any of these questions would be appreciated..!!


Anyone at Cognizant care to share medical benefits info?

Should you be reaching out to staffing when unassigned? Or just wait


I applied to work for my dream company as an EA and the interview process was going well. They loved me but did not think I was a good fit for the role I applied for. They did however think I would be a good fit for another role opening up in a few weeks. I expressed that I was open to the role but I have not heard back since. It has been about a month. Should I give up on my dream company or trust the process? I have reached out twice so far.


Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone here has any thoughts on corporate tax opportunities in Dubai? I know the government is about to implement corporate tax and as I currently work at PwC Canada in corporate tax, wanted to see if there could be future opportunities for me in Dubai? Or what I could do to be a good fit for any opportunities? Just curious and wanted to explore my career options


Here is a long shot, but does anyone have any suggestions on an alternative source of energy? I'm trying to cut back on my soda intake but I think I need the caffeine to get through the day. The other problem is that I don't like the taste or coffee or tea. Any thoughts?


Hi there, any suggestion of where to find ghost writer for medium? Thanks

Discussion time! What’s something you find ads that highlight LGBTQIA+ topics do wrong? Something you suggest non-LGBT folks on the project be aware of, or suggestions to clients before running a campaign?


What classes/activities/hobbies are you all doing in the city?


Tell me you have bad admin without telling me you have bad admin.

I'll go first- last school principal with no musical training forces all 7th grade to do band and said in oreder to get them interested in playing an instrument I need to get in front of them and play every instrument for the students and talk indef about them each day. Meanwhile they would be popping in to make sure I'm teaching that way because I wasn't trusted 'to do as I'm told.'

Such a true depiction!!

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Hello All, I’m new to this platform. Just wanted to have an idea. I was interviewed for contracting position at cognizant and cleared all the rounds but I dint hear back anything from them. Will this mean that they ghosted or will I get the feedback ? It’s been more than 3 weeks. Anybody who has been in this situation where you waited for the feedback or moved on rather than waiting?


Additional Posts in Technology

Always felt like the definition of tech in agencies is all over the place. What is your definition?


Hi! Looking for recos for technology partners to co-produce an idea with projection mapping, drones, or controlling the lights on iconic buildings. Thanks!


Favorite country you’ve worked with supervising offshore dev resources? Go!


Looking for a full stack developer to join our small team in Toronto .

For agencies, are you doing development of AR/VR and AI work in house? Do your front end devs handle this, or do you need more specialized engineers?

Bots. We’re selling them, but no one believes they are anything other than a cash grab. Found any actual good cases for these?

I am not giving up that easy. Is anyone working on anything related to ad/martech agency side?

Seeking to transition out of the current industry into cloud computing. Spent the last 2+ years learning and acquiring experience in AWS, CI/CD, Jenkins, AWS Pipeline, GitHub, and Terraform. Honing Bash and Shell scripting. Picked up certifications as a PMP, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and AWS Solution Architect Associate along the way. Already have an MBA. What is the best way to break into the cloud and/or DevOps community?


What’s a React/Angular.js freelance rate these days?

The size and frequency of posts on this bowl is directly related to how important technology is to the agency world


Do you need a dev/tech background for Solutions Architecture? Does anyone go into it from PM or UX?

Been investigating and comparing identity solutions. Anyone have thoughts on the best vendors and methodology?


Looking to hire and agency/ contractor to help prototype and develop a product using Arduino/Pi?

I have used Upwork in the past but am willing to pay more for better service and more robust rollout.


What do you think about the latest acronym STEAM instead of STEM? Science, tech, engineering, art, math.


Hi!Would like to get some perspectives on the Walmart and Amazon offers that I just received. Slightly more interested in Amazon Fashion's work but it's offered at $80K less than Walmart...
A few questions here:
1) Is the Amazon brand better than Walmart that's worth $80K in TC?
2) Are Strategy roles better perceived than Marketing roles and will have higher long-term pay potential? (I went to business school where almost everybody wants to do Strategy...)
3) Is Amazon culture very concerning?


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