I am currently in Tiger Analytics and I got an offer from EY GDS for the position of Data Scientist. Should I accept the offer?

Currently, I am in Chennai and my home town is Delhi, In EY I can choose any location.|

But is it worth leaving Tiger Analytics for EY?

I am not getting proper machine learning-related work in Tiger as of now and in EY do they have proper machine learning projects?

EY is giving me 25% hike on my current package, and offering me 1 higer position. EY Tiger Analytics

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at



Whats the ctc ey has offered?

Bro eys work culture is also not that great+ you have to relocate for which they are not giving you any relocation bonus also so my advice is to wait for few months or take counter offers on top of that. Hope this helps

3.5 yoe me 21 lac?!!!!

less or more?

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Hi fishes,
What is the salary range of DCEO L4 engineer at Amazon?
Need your help.


I got an offer from Walmart (role:IN3 Java dev) help me with a number to quote the negotiation. Also let me know the appraisal cycle and percentage in Walmart labs.
YoE: 3.5 years
Current CTC: 13LPA
Walmart Offered: 20 + 4.5 bonus + 2 RSU over 4 years
Another Offer in hand : 22LPA + 2 bonus

I have many options to consider but two options below are what I’m thinking of right now.

I want to see your thoughts on which one I should pick.

Job A: Project Engineer. 135K/yr base. 10% signing bonus.

Job B: Senior Project Manager. Contract. $60/hr standard. $90/hr overtime.

Additional Information added / pinned in the comments.

Any clue about salary I should ask in Amazon india. Role- technical product manager L6. 12.5 yrs experience.


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Returning from work after a year of mat leave (Toronto in-house at a BIG company) - can I expect my salary to increase as though I was still working over that year? (Regular increase, obviously not expecting a bonus. Am hoping to get something to keep up with inflation but I don’t know if that’s standard.)


Can I ask joining bonus in bosch ? since I'm joining in 30days
if yes how much can I ask ? Please provide your suggestions


Hi frds,
I hve few offers & planning to join MC.
YOE 8.5
Offer 30L
Automation tester L7

Plz help wid few below

1. Can I nego near joining for joining bonus or higher salary as I got offer from morgan for 38L bangalore loc

2. How is work cul and WLB in MC

3. How soon I can get L6(Lead) as I am currently working as lead since 2 yrs but got SSE.

4. Wat is d avg annual hike & bonus paid.

5. Any RSU optns & how soon one can avail after joining.

6. Diff dept & best dept or BU learning in MC.


Also posted over in tech bowl. Looking for advice on whether pursue a CS degree. I’m an older guy shifting to SWE. I finished bootcamp last May & about to start my first jr role at Oracle OCI. Late 30’s with a couple of kids. Is it worth it for me to seek a CS degree at this time/soonish? I’m not afraid of the extra work, and would go part time. Wondering if the eventual payoff would worth the effort. Will I level up quicker? Employer has partial tuition reimb.


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Hi Fishes, I am actively looking for opportunities within sales support functions and currently applying for vacancies for Sales Operations Analyst, I have 4 years of experience using Salesforce for reporting and dashboard needs and order processing. I wanted advice if there are any roles that I could target where I could utilise my salesforce experience? Any advice for upskilling for better opportunities? Thanks! 😊

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Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi fishes, Please help which one should i join in terms of job security ? LTI=19 ctc (10%variable)+ 2 lacs jb, Fulcrum= 23 ctc fixed (can give upto 25) ,YOE- 4 years Tech Stack - Azure Data Engineer Larsen & Toubro Infotech Fulcrum Digital


I am getting 26 lpa,and after discussing wiith HR they are agree to provide me PWFH, which they mentioned in the mail from HR.
should i trust this opportunity?

Hi Fishes,
Can someone help me out here..
Does Infosys gives relocation reimbursement/relocation bonus for Experienced hires if the current location is different from the joining location?

Clin psychologist & licensed attorney w/ 10+ years indiv/org behav change strategy develop deliver experience in health & fin - looking for enterprise change management role in DBT - suggestions?

Hello everyone, can use your help. What is the typical entry level wage or salary for a finance major who just graduated with a bachelors and is starting a position in for example in corporate actions or as a credit analyst.


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Anyone working in Costa Rica?
How much salary does senior software engineer earns?


Hi all,

I had two technical rounds in tcs last month and now I have got the offer letter from tcs.

But I found one thing unusual that I did not have any salary negotiation call neither any hr round.

They released offer letter directly on ibegin portal with 60% hike on my current ctc .

Should I consider this as a fake recruitement.

Please let me know your thoughts.



How much is a reasonable amount to gift your assistant prior to leaving the firm. For context, haven’t asked her to do anything more than expense a few items.


What the world lacked were the liberal eyes,
To see the magic inside her that lies.
Wanting to be revealed,
Like lightening piercing the sky.
- Source: old notes section in phone.

Which companies & roles pay very well, hybrid work approach, and allowed unlimited pto?


How do you set your career on an upward trajectory in growth start up companies where experience and historical titles are not correlated? How do you gain influence as someone without a fancy title but plenty of contributions (which is thankfully noticed)?


Additional Posts in Data science

Looking for reference in Analytics-Data Science.

I am a fresher with an MBA in Business Analytics.

Hi All ,

Looking for referrals .Exp:10+ yrs,
Tech stack : ML/Python/AWS/Mlops.
Please let me know if anyone can help

Hi All,

I am struggling to get calls for DS/ML roles via Naukri & linkedin.

Years of exp: 3.5
Relevent exp: 1 year
Skills: ML algorithms, Python, SQL, AWS

Please DM if there are any opportunities at your current organisation or somehow you can guide me.


Hi Guys,

I appreciate your views on Scaler Academy data science course. The course fees is around 3 lakhs and duration of this course is 12 months. I belongs to Non IT field, is it possible to become a Data Scientist for the one who having non IT background?



Hi fishes,
How to stay motivated and consistent during your data science transition period
Please help


Planning to doing data science course from almabetter is it good?


Hi Fishes,

Purely from salary growth perspective which is most lucrative data science domain or AI domain
1. Computer vision
2. NLP
3. Machine Learning engineer


Pls suggest the best tutorials or course videos - to learn GCP DATA ENGINEER Course from Scratch


Hi Fishes, please help me to choose between oracle and zs associates... compensation is almost same


Hello all . I am having a salary of 53 lakhs in india . Is it advisable for me to take up a job in London at 73k per annum ? 12 years of experience as a consultant in data and analytics . I guess the uk salary is low , but relocating to London also seems attractive. Any guidance ?


I am preparing for data engineering role in my next switch. I have 2 years of experience in sql and python. I am targeting for product based startup/MNC. Can anyone guide me with a road map of how to prepare for it?


Need some advice
I’ve 8+ yrs of experience. 6 in IM & 2 in SOC. I’m planning to do Data scientist course from SCALAR. It’s online platform n fee is on higher side. They claim they have 93% placements rate. Does anyone in this platform have idea about SCALAR or done the course with them.
Just wish to know if they really have good teaching skill along with placements
Is it worth to switch to Data science ?
My current CTC is 13LPA ONLY
Pls Guide or advice

Can someone let me know how much time does it take for payU to come back with 1st round results..
My interview was on 2nd Nov for data science role


Hello All,

MLOps Engineer, is it worth making whole career into this role?

Does data scientist need to work on MLOps side as well. Any thoughts?

Hi guys, I am looking for data scientist/ machine learning engineer role. I am a fresher and looking for opportunities. Can anyone refer me for entry level data scientist/ machine learning jobs.


Anyone interviewed by vodafone for data analyst position recents ? Any tips would be helpful


Dear Fishes,

I am passionate about data science. Any suggestion on how I can crack Data science /ml opportunity. I have around 7 years of total exp. 3.5 years in Sap bw & power bi. 3.5 years custom monitoring/analytics applications in Sap tech & hana Sql. Done small functionalities in ml like smoothing, z-score, standard deviation, as part of current project. I am in third semester of m.tech. data science bits pilani. Currect CTC around 18. Would I have to take a paycut to move to full time ml role