{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "I'm an immigrant dad. My child is born in USA. I want to give the best to her. Im trying my best to give her the best. I am having a tough time understanding the education system here. Any resources?", "post_id": "5b2122f1937a0e0013e41161", "reply_count": 19, "vote_count": 2, "bowl_id": "599aea2d2a4d83001641590b", "bowl_name": "Consulting Dads" }

I'm an immigrant dad. My child is born in USA. I want to give the best to her. Im trying my best to give her the best. I am having a tough time understanding the education system here. Any resources?

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Valid questions... there are no easy answers... much depends on where you live. Apply some “consulting” assessment skills to the problem. Looks at stats/ metrics, talk to other parents, meet with various schools, seek out alumni... most schools offer one stop shop for all of this detail


Our public school system is mostly financed by local property taxes so expensive areas tend to have better schools. Huge variability resulting: some really great and some really awful. Charter schools are publicly funded but organizationally separate from the normal school system so hit or miss like everything else. Charter schools have more leeway though so can cater to specific objectives like science focus, dual language, etc AP classes are college level classes/curriculum taught in high school.


Private schools like everything else are hit or miss but mostly resulting out of the chaos coming from the US integration of the school system back in the 60s. Prior to that, there were schools for white kids and separate schools for black kids. When the government forced integration, many private schools were created to allow white families to avoid sending their kids to school with black people


We put both of our boys in a Montessori school from pre-kindergarten to kindergarten. They started public school in 1st grade. We live in one of the better school Districts in the country so we are very comfortable with them in public school. The Montessori method is great and starts at age 3 for three years and gives them a great start. You might want to check that out as well.


Yes, I tried googling, but the details are all over the place. I'm specifically looking for..this is what happens pk yo 12.. this is how junior kindergarten is different..this is when sports get serious. This is the course curriculum for this year..what is charter school, what is prep school..what is AP classes..is private always better than public? Thank you in advance.

OP where are you located.

Kindergarten usually starts about 6 years old and followed by 12 grades, graduating high school around 18. Elementary is usually grades 1-5, middle school is 6-8, and high school is 9-12

^thank you for the inputs My baby is only 15 month old and I have started researching on areas to settle down

BA1..Sure. thank you. D1..if I understand it right, are u saying it's generally not a good idea for non white to head to a private school..not bringing race into question, but your statement translates to something on lines of "the parents and administrators dont like to see non white kids " :) Again, I totally understand the hit or miss part..I will research the diversity ratios at the schools

What BA1 said - my daughter went to Montessori but we moved her to public schooling at 1st grade, since we wanted to help her get into the “real” world. My boys, on the other hand, are very active, and we didn’t think they would fit well into a Montessori-like approach. Looking at other options for them

Having said that, to each his/her own - you are the best judge of your child’s personality, and will choose what you think is best for them

PWC1. We put our two boys through the Montessori and it worked out for them.

@OP- certainly true at some private schools, yes, but I think many have moved on in the last 50 years. Even the ones that haven’t want token representation from educated, high income families so they can have an image of inclusion. I’m just trying to provide some context and history; don’t mean to be negative but also want to be honest. This country is awesome in so many ways but also sucks in others. I say this as a native born white guy. We are moving forward, slowly but surely. (Trump notwithstanding)

D1- Thank you for the input

P1. Thank you for the note on Montessori. Definitely something I will consider.

Look into a 529 plan also to start saving for college. The cost of college and higher education in the USA can be outrageous depending on the school. It can easily take 18 years of saving.

You can also now use a 529 plan to pay for private K-12 education so if you wanted a neat pass through for some tax savings you also have that

OP I was born here and parents are immigrants. I went to public school and turned out fine. We lived outside Houston in a great school district. I also recommend starting a college fund. I think parents over analyze now and need to let their kids be kids while keeping them humble and showing them what's important. I have a baby so I'll be doing the same worrying in a few years 😃 My parents and relatives also emphasized education at home, which led me to do well. My cousins went to a crappy school district in Houston but went to UPENN and Michigan for college. It's all about how the kids are raised. Your daughter will be fine!

Call your school district. Sounds somewhat obvious but they have people who are paid to help you figure out how to enroll and figure out all this stuff including your unique local nuances (my wife is one of them). If you don’t get a good feeling after talking to a couple folks in your local district you can start considering moving to a other district or private school of some sort

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