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More strategic or higher role in industry with less salary (lil less) OR same Consulting role? What to choose.

Any news on opening of offices anyone? Any rough idea about till when will they start calling to wfo


Hello everyone.
Please can anyone help me out with a good script to negotiate a higher salary offer. What the company is offering is way too low.
Suggestions are welcomed..


So moving to the Middle East with my partner and we’re expecting a baby! Any recommendations on where to stay? We’re considering downtown or Business Bay. Looking for best practices
1-should we rent a furnished or unfurnished?
2-what area would you recommend?
3-any general advice from someone who was in my position?
4-we need a psychiatrist that will help us with ADHD Ritalin prescriptions, any recs?


Hello fishes!!Is there any open position for a senior analys/team lead in Mulesoft in any of the BIG 4s? If there is, can you please refer my profile?
I have 5+ years of total experience in IT and 3+ years of relevant experience in Mulesoft.

Thanks for the help in advance

[Note:I can send you my resume via mail as I don't see any option to upload a resume in this post].

I’ve recently joined with 12.75 Base and I only get 85k per month in hand. I’m thinking of switching exactly after one year. I don’t have any prior work experience so my total yoe at the time of switch would be just 1 year. With no internship too. But I want to go for it as I know my colleagues from my colleges who have got better opportunities than me and are earning more than me with same experience. I want the best hike possible what is the maximum I can expect ? (Percentage wise)


We are recruiting for a top pharmaceutical healthcare agency that is 100% remote.

Client: "Find us 37 HCP/DTC copywriters"
Us: "Let's go!

The client has been hugely responsive, great to work with, has streamlined their interview process and greatly communicative with their prospects.

It has been night and day with some other clients dragging their feet in making decisions and scheduling up to 8 interviews.

Clients, candidates, job seekers, hiring managers, - our most valuable thing is time


What is the average salary for senior consultant (1 step up from graduate entry) in technical field in your company?


Looking for UI Architect candidates that have heavy front end enterprise wide application experience including knowledge of Angular and/or React. Remote position but need to be legally able to work in the US with no sponsorship. No C2C or agencies please.


Hi Fishes, Need advice which company I need to choose I have 3days time for joining JPMorgan Chase (21.5fixed +VP) but now I got Offer from TIBCO Software (25fixed +1lpa joining bonus+VP) Yoe:6.11 Current CTC:8lpa Techstack:java ,aws, Spring boot



Senior Fund Accountant at MUFG (Fully Remote)
-Compensation: 90k Salary, 5k Sign on, yearly performance bonuses, 4 weeks PTO

Hedge Fund Regulatory Sr Associate at Hedgeserv (Fully Remote)
-Compensation: 87.5k, free health benefits, 4 week PTO

Senior Transaction Advisory Associate at Baker Tilly (Hybrid work schedule)

-Compensation: I think around 90k-100k from wha I’ve read online (final interview tomorrow).

Please advise which role you’d take and why, my background is in tax


Hello 👋

According to your experience, what is the average salary for content positions in tech companies is Toronto or Canada in general? I've checked on Glassdoor, but the range seems to be weird. It's like 45-80K CAD, but the difference is huge, right? Also, I guess they have statistics across different industries and it can also influence the numbers greatly 🤔


Exl offices not opening anytime soon right ?


Hello all, I have two offers :-
1) General Ledger and Fixed assets Analyst at ChargePoint- 10 L + RSUs
2) Team Leader Reconciliation at Clifford Chance - 9.5 L + Yearly bonus.

Which one should I opt for? Any insights on the work culture in both organisations?


Any openings for Alteryx, power bi related profile??
Need reference


Hi guys, I have got an offer from Verizon. Role: MTS-3. Package: 21Lakhs (Fixed) + 12% Variable pay + 45 days of monthly salary as relocation expense + 50,000 joining bonus. YOE: 5.6 Years. Does the package look fine or shall I negotiate further?

Hi all, can someone help me prepare interviews for HR roles please? Thank you

I haven't interviewed in years and feel absolutely out of place and underconfident. Not able to bring my A game to the table (I can't pitch myself as ideal candidate for position).

I have very strong profile for my experience. All my performance reviews continuously state I'm going above & beyond and theres nothing they can think of suggesting I do different. Just can't interview well


Hello I have newly joined in virtusa .. it's been 5 months and allocated to project scince day1 of my client billing. I was told my appraisal will be after 12 months. Can I expect my variable pay in between or it will be after 12 months only. Note that there was no probation period for me. When can I expect my variable pay?


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Big match tomorrow. Post today!

What’s the senior 1 Assurance salary in DC for your firm?

Does anyone work in commercial at abbvie that would be willing to connect with me?


What’s the best way to turn down an offer from an agency recruiter? The position seemed like a bad fit as I found out more about it during the interview process. But I don’t want to burn a bridge

Anyone here dealing or dealt with cancer and its impact on fertility? Starting that journey and looking to connect


FDD salary (and bonus if you don’t mind) for Manager 1 in HCOL in Big 4?


What are some nice first date coffee spots in DC? If the place has a food menu that's a bonus but not necessary. No restrictions on neighborhood.


Does Amex blacklist on decline joining after accepting the offer ?


How is work culture in S&P Global platts segment for Software Engineer II role?
And weekends may not be on Saturday and Sunday?

Are there layoffs happening in PWC AC Bangalore ?


Any reasons for buying VTI or VOO over FZROX?


Any company made work from office mandatory 5 days a week ?

Which companies have started asking employees to work for two days an week from office?


How do I tell the new stub that they are over eager and it’s rubbing people the wrong way? I’ve told them to take it easy multiple times to no avail and now it’s starting to get irritating


Hi everyone, has anyone had any success with internal or external recruiters for ESG roles? My husband and I are new to the US and don’t have a network to rely on and he’s looking for sustainable investment/esg reporting or product management roles. LinkedIn seems to be misleading with the number of jobs available and he’s been ghosted several times so keen for some reliable contacts! He has done the SASB courses and CFA ESG certificate. Thank you! 🌎


Is it legal to get rent in USd on my India based property? What are the risk involved ?

Hi sharks and fishes ,
Is the lwc in salesforce domain mandatory ?
I heard it is mandatory now 10 out 9 jobs are of lwc
Can anyone tell me the best and easiest way to learn lwc??

Thanks in advance


Fucking Jamie definitely did Chase BTC.


My offer letter from HCL has two variable pay components-
1) Performance bonus
2) Engagement PB(paid monthly).
Do I expect the second one to be paid monthly and the first one once a year?
Also they have flex basket and food wallet, are these also paid monthly?

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So, I truly enjoy wealth management, corporate and institutional solutions and being in a managerial position with 5+ years in this field and in a true management position. I have a B.s in Business Administration and MBA in Global Business Management Currently hold Series 7, 9, 10 and 66 and I’m looking for great opportunities in the Atlanta market. All the help, referrals and guidance would be much appreciated! Was at JPMC before but had left to get managerial experience. I miss JPMC!


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Any sponsorship available in UK for Test Architect

Hi all

Can anyone explain the salary bands at Vodafone and how they work? They’re talked about but not published publicly

Curious outsider


Googled Senior .NET developer salary and average is apparently 60K. Is that right or am I grossly underpaid?


what should be the salary range for Architect having 15+ experience

Sainsbury's Has anyone interviewed at Sainsbury's DTD? I have a Tech + Behavioural Competency Interview scheduled for a Cloud Engineer role and would like to know how it would be?

Any employees who are currently working in DTD?

Could you please shed some light on how the general work culture is and how's the hybrid working flexibility?

Thanks in advance!

I’m interviewing for a TPM role at Google and wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions? This is my first phone interview with the hiring manager. Thank you, appreciate it!

Tap in! Where do you work in the UK and what do you do in tech?


Hi all,
Capgemini UK is hiring rigorously. If anyone wants a reference let me know, I can refer you. 😀


Anyone here working with Premier Farnell, UK?
Have been scheduled for an interview for salesforce admin and wanted to know what the work culture is like
Thanks! 😊

Cloud architect here heading home to the uk, 6 years at Microsoft and ex-aws.
How’s the job market currently? I may stay with MS but fancy something a bit more hands-on, maybe a startup? Also is wfh still a thing over there?


Hi there,
Anyone here into technical Consultancy. I am looking for a suggestion/advise as where does this leads to after years (5-7) of experience. What’s the career ladder onwards?


Hi Fishes, I am actively looking for opportunities within sales support functions and currently applying for vacancies for Sales Operations Analyst, I have 4 years of experience using Salesforce for reporting and dashboard needs and order processing. I wanted advice if there are any roles that I could target where I could utilise my salesforce experience? Any advice for upskilling for better opportunities? Thanks! 😊

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Currently working as a consultant in the US for a software company. Moving to UK next year for personal reasons and my company is sponsoring my visa and has offered me a Product Manager position (per my request to make a career change). Currently at 155 TC in the US and not sure how negotiate UK salary for a new position.

What is the expected salary increase percentage for this year for a software engineer? There was no promotion and there wont be in the near future since the company is a small one

Does anyone know how the Sainsbury DTD tech teams work?
I recently got an offer for a London location but it says I should be prepared to travel at least 2 times a week, but the number of travels depends on the team.@sainsbury

Hello - Hopefully Moving to Manchester before the summer! Any advice for a US Expat coming to the UK beyond the obvious stuff from a Google search.


Is it typical for UK companies not to cover the cost of visa sponsorship and to assume that the international applicant knows that they will have to fund the process themselves without telling them?


Hi there!
I completed the last round of an interview (presentation) last week. Originally they said they would be calling my references & then make an offer accordingly.
Today they updated that they'd like me to travel to their HQ (based in Nordics & I'm in London) for the final round where I'd meet the CEO, the hiring manager and a couple of people in the team.
I don't think I'm the only one in the process - even though initially the last round was the presentation.
What are your thoughts?

Would people be up for a salary discussion thread? A way to give transparency for UK roles.

1. Current title
2. Years of experience (YOE)
3. Location
4. Base salary
5. Bonuses/Equity (optional)
6. Industry (optional)
7. Tech stack (optional)


What do you think is a good salary for a Creative Technologist fresh from a masters in the UK?

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