What is your staff to client ratio? How did you determine when to hire add’l help?
We have $50mm AUM, 400+ clients, one licensed advisor, one unlicensed assistant (FT).

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Your AUM to client ratio is way off. You a building a house that will end up crumbling due to lack of a foundation. You need to right size your practice first and then work in client to staff ratio, your current paths is not viable.


I had a book very much like yours. I want to let you know that it can be profitable if you manage it correctly. When I was your size, I had a registered assistant and myself. At that time I brought on a new advisor and he worked on bringing on his own accounts and I continued to grow my business. Two years after he started, I hired another assistant and then soon added another advisor. At this time, we have three advisors and two assistants and service over 900 households with 162M AUM. I’d love to only have 150 households, but that is not the world I live in. What makes this work is setting client expectations, encouraging them to call if they need something and reminding them the phone works both ways, a few client events to keep engaged with the clients and good efficient service. Client meetings rarely last over a half hour and most reviews are done over the phone.

It’s hard to give advice without knowing all your facing, but I want you to know that I think it can be done.

Hope this has been helpful.


60m four advisors six staff


Geez...how is your AUM structured? I assume you’re heavier on the advisory fee/wrap accounts than A share business?

That’s helpful, thanks!

Geez! You need to hire 3-4

That’s what I was hoping someone would say! Lol


I have myself, a new junior FA, and an client service associate. We are all licensed and cover roughly 50-60 clients.

Nice, congrats! I’m trying to migrate my book from A share funds to advisory/wrap fee side of things, with greater emphasis on financial, legacy planning, etc. But it has been tough keeping up with everything/everyone

Holy moly, you just have a ton of small accounts. We have 150 clients and AUM of 250mm and I thought that was a lot to handle.

I had the same situation about 10 years ago. I also am in Kansas and understand about smaller markets. Where in Kansas are you located?


Have you used the Sales Planning & Tracking tool to input your #s? We can show you how to determine your productivity ratios from that tool to determine if you should add support or add a jr Advisor to service your smaller HHs.
Reach out to your Practice Development Director for a 1:1.
Of the meetings I had his week half of them were on this subject.

Let's make that happen. You know where to reach me.


I would hire a coach first and downsize drastically the number of households you have. Great job accumulating them but it’s ineffective as you grow. Curious. How did you prospect to get so many households?

Purchased a book from another advisor. It’s been tough, lost ~40% of assets purchased w/in 3 years, but haven’t had $ to pay for add’l help with BoB payments


In my humble opinion; you have to have a process to go fee - it’s the only way to go. Also, you need to make your book manageable. Hiring doesn’t solve the needy problem. Pay someone to take care of needy people that pay you nothing? That’s insane. Pm me, happy to help.

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Manifestos sell ideas to your client. They are not an actual idea.


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Thank y’all for starting this bowl! Newly expecting mama here 🤰🏾I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow! My husband and I are praying that I give birth to healthy 🤴🏾 or 👸🏾. I look forward to learning from this group!


Drunk account director here. AMA.


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Interested in hearing about anyone who has added a second full time staff person. Current setup is two main advisors (have a few licensed solicitors) and one main admin. Getting to the point where she has too much on her plate. We have been bringing on paid interns to alleviate some of the stress. Thinking about adding another person but unsure that we need an additional full time staff person. Recently heard an employee per every 350-400k of GDC (advisors included) was a good guideline.


Looking to hire a part time admin assistant in a small RIA office. Someone with experience in a professional office who can appreciate flexible hours. How would you go about finding such a person?

Upstate NY (Capital Region): Looking for administrative assistant to join the team - would learn from current admin staff. Looking for 25 hrs/week minimum but more likely full time needed.


When it is time to hire a new team member? What has worked for you? Online resources like indeed or zip recruiter, local chamber of commerce?


RIA in Hauppauge, NY (Long Island) is looking to ad a service advisor to our practice. We are interested in speaking with advisors that have and do not have their own clients currently.

Top producers on teams: If I wanted to join your team to work/service your smaller accounts, and dig up extra assets from those accounts, what % of your revenue would you invest for that?


Rockland County, NY. Small independent firm to add a licensed advisor w/ >2 years experience. We have incoming leads in excess of 200 annually that we cannot presently serve. Ask for details.


Hey! Ive been in banking as Licensed RM, I just need 7 and 65 and I’m looking to move to the securities. I’ve interviewed with AXA and Mutual of Omaha, but I need a recommendation for an entry-level.

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