Anyone have any idea when the hiring freeze might end within AWS ProServ? I’m currently at Amazon and have a TS clearance, PMP & CSM. I come from a Big4 consulting firm with a background in Enterprise Performance. I’ll be honest and say I’m not feeling very safe in my current role with the ongoing layoffs. Instead of leaving, I’d love to go back to my “consulting roots” and join the ProServ team. I’m taking my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam next weekend. Hoping this freeze is lifted soon.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

At the earliest


ProServe is not a good place as our operating model is not like Big4. There is tremendous pressure to sell but we promote partners. Then how do you build utilization when there aren’t any good projects


They are talking about Q1

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Got an interview coming up for Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Position: Marketing Intern.
Any suggestions on how should I prepare myself?

Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me how the regulatory reporting role will be in Societe Generale.


Looking for information on companies hiring EMT-Bs in and around Clearwater, Largo, Tampa, FL.
Looking to hear which places I will be able to get a higher salary. Working as an ER tech or privatized ambulance.

I have worked 2 years as an HR Generalist for a large tech company. My position is HR but it is seen more as a glorified customer service position (call center). It has become unbearable & every opportunity I have taken for internal movement has been denied. I was offered a less stressful & more flexible HR temp position with less pay. My goal is to change HR career to a new field. Any recommendations I can take to set myself up for a change in career from HR to sales?


Desperately in need of a job. If anyone is hiring please reach out. I’ll take anything at this point. Bills are officially in the red, trying my best to stay motivated. I’ve been unemployed since October and I’m completely drained at this point. Thankfully I’ve been able to instacart but it’s not enough unfortunately. I have administrative and project management experience but again, I can take anything and I’m more than willing to learn.


How much does Citi offer to Banking Analyst C09 role?


Any firms that are hiring for insurance consultants in Los Angeles? I’m looking for a job and have insurance and IT background. Thanks!


If you have an offer for a new position, would you wait to tell them you are pregnant (and due in May) until after you accept, so you don’t jeopardize the offer? If so, how long would you wait?

Can somebody refer me to Oracle Finance Functional position in BNY Pune if any opportunities..

Qualified CA required with below skill sets
IGAAP,IFRS,US GAAP, Financial reporting

Locations: Bangalore, gurgaon, Mumbai,Kolkata
Experience 3-12 years

DM me for referral


Hi fishes,currently I’m working with icici bank with 3 years of experience as nri relationship manager, I want to change my domain in banking , can anyone could suggest or if there are any referral’s that would be a great help

Does anyone have a connection at BayCare Health System? I have a ton of hospital consulting experience and looking to exit. Found a posting at BayCare that fits really well with my experience. Thanks!



If you know of an opening or opportunity, please drop it in the comments below!

Help another Fish! 🤝


As I'm moving to a new role in a small company, I have a doubt about my salary structure like the Basic salary part is only 20,000 while my take home is 62k after all deductions.

I'm concerned because the leave encashment & other things totally depends on the basic salary.

Are there not any rules for the Basic salary to be at a certain % of CTC or it depends totally on the company?

Also PF deductions they are offering only 1800 p.m but considering 20000 basic it should be 12% of 20000 right?


Does anyone have any input on Pacific Northwest National Labratory (PNNL)? I have my first phone interview next week for an instructional designer iii position and am trying to prepare.


Anybody here who gave interview for senior business analyst role in IQVIA?


This company I am interviewing with is not proposing a base salary and an OTE. They are asking me to create it and I really need guidance here. It’s an AE role in medical SaaS sales for orthopedics surgery. What do I need to ask? So far I know that they cover medical insurance, there is no 401k, and there are private company stock options. It’s mainly inside sales with maybe 10% travel.

My thought was 75k base and 110k OTE. But they are saying to lower the base and increase OTE.

We’re in such a vicious business. You give your heart & soul to an agency, a client, a brand. Then the wind changes & you’re laid off, reassigned, chewed up, spit out, on to the next. I’m tired.


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Hi Fishes, I have H1 visa but my travel


Does anyone work at Rocket 55 in Minneapolis that could give me a referral for the web project manager position? I have over 5 years collective experience in Project management, digital marketing and design.

Logo design for my brand in 2022. Excited about it.

Post Photo

Thoughts on having a beard/well-maintained scruff in the workplace?

Is this a bad time to quit and start looking for a new job? I hate my current job/workplace and really want to quit, however, I am concerned that finding a new job might be difficult right now. Should I stay in my current role until the economy improves?


I’m currently S2 and expect manager promotion in 2021. Got a Sr. Revenue offer at a tech firm (non-public) in the Bay Area -


Hows the work and work/life balance at full-service agencies vs a media agency. I'm a media planner coming from a full-service agency and I'm wondering if it will be a step backward going to a media focused agency.


Probably no right answer but a girl can ask. In my early to mid 40s and preggo. I'm walking and started prenatal yoga. So paranoid what its gonna do post birth to my gut. What can I do now to help alleviate some gut damage. I know the older we are we dont bounce back as nicely.


Hi there,
If one has worked for 3 companies and he has transferred only 2nd company pf amount to 3rd company, in that case whether he will face any issues while withdrawing the pf amount from 2nd and 3rd company?


Hi all! Any tips for a phone interview? I have one in like 2 hours?


Hi Fishes , I'm actively looking for a switch to a product based company ,please help me with a referral to any company
Open for any tech role
Current tech stack: ReactJs,Node Js,Express Js,Mongo Db,Python,MS-SQL,PL SQL

NP:60 Days(negotiable to 45)

Thanks in Advance


Everyone has a different perspective on this but would love to hear yours. Someone has debt ranging say 4-5% interest rates. Do you attack debt more then investing to move towards a debt free life or do you go after investments since they return historically above that then paying down closer towards retirement. I know the latter looks better on paper but what about the psychological factors of being debt free and the guaranteed return on interest savings.


What to do when you start spiralling down? How do you pull yourself out? This week I’ve lost the energy to do anything at all. Every little thing feels so exhausting, like eating.


How often singles masturbate? Or how many times it’s ok in a week?


Single for the first time in nearly 3 years, and after some time, I’m trying to set up a hinge profile. What do you look for in a hinge profile? (Types of photos, types of responses, must-have info) - I’m just a little overwhelmed. Gay 25M


Joining BDO this week. Any good perks I should know about?

In Paris in September for 4 nights. Any recommendations for non-touristy things to do or experience? (I’ve been there before and have seen the Eiffel, Louvre,etc. )

I feel like billable hours discourage attorney efficiency and incentivizes folks to drag work out or take longer to complete assignments (excluding tangible due dates).

Have firms seriously considered other ways to measure productivity outside of the billable hour?


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Welcome to AWS ProServe. This bowl is created to allow collaboration with other ProServe consultants


How common PIP in Aws Pro services ?


Has anyone gone from Salesforce ProServe to AWS ProServe? Is it worth the move? Is there work life balance? Great pay it seems but at what cost?

Any indications on the AWS client partner (Enterprise Services Manager) PS salary range on L6 in the UK? Any pointers are appreciated.

Any ex IBM GBS fishes that moved to AWS ProServ. Any regrets ?


What would be a typical equivalent for a principal engagement manager role at AWS, when compared with consulting titles?

Is it similar to engagement manager or a bit more senior? The word principal is throwing me off :)

Any member here who’s the part of Associate to Consultant program?

Currently interviewing for an L4 engagement manager role. Salary range is for this role?

Can anyone share any tips for a advisory senior consultant interview? Anything to especially prepare for

Anyone knows how to get reinvent tickets?


What is the pay range for an Associate Engagement Manager role based out of Canada? Thank you

How long is current hiring freeze for?

Hi! Got my cloud solution architect associate certification in January. How should I keep learning to gain proficiency for an architect role at aws?


Anyone willing to DM about what a Sr. product management consultant does at ProServe?


What’s L7 AWS Professional Services ESM equivalent job position in Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure? Thanks!

During this time how safe is to join AWS ProServe EMEA team as an Application Architect ? How is the job security and WLB ?

Can anyone share the mapping of levels to Proserve? I am a Senior Manager at Deloitte and recruiter just called me for a senior advisory consultant role but that feels like 2 levels back at least from a Deloitte perspective.


I have been approached for a Business Operations Manager role - I work at Accenture at the Assoc Mgr role want to get more insight into the org and culture.


What is the expected salary for AWS Cloud Support Engineer ll in canada?

What’s the pay range for a L5 engagement manager? Couldn’t find on levels fyi