Does project have any role to play in the hike % in Cognizant ? As in if my engagement is doing well financially for the organization will I get a better hike than others with the same rating as me but in other engagements that are not doing so well. I am in Cognizant Consulting.

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In consulting practice, I have never heard hike to vary basis profitability of the engagement . But yes, it does matter in cases of off the book corrections. That time your individual billing rate and profitability of the engagement may play key roles.

Not project wise. But yes, it happens depending on practice.. like data science, Salesforce PPL get far better hikes than some other practices.

No it will not matter much. The hike % will be a range.. for example for 5 rating they may decide to give 8 to 10% you may be awarded the 10% or your incentive may be slightly better.

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Looking for a job since November 2020 with a background in Solutions consulting- Servicenow and client delivery. Let me know if you are hiring and I can share my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!


Can someone please advice me how to get into Managerial positions or similar positions with little to no coding… as coding takes most of my time and i start to hate it recently. I wish to manage people and move forward into higher position’s holding accountable and receiving recognition which can solve business issue than breaking my head why my code breaks. I am right now in SE II


Hi fishes,

I had my 2nd round yesterday at persistent systems
They are offering me project lead role.
How much should I negotiate for?
Location Pune
YOE 11
Tech cloud


I’m the client now, but here I am making really pretty slides so the new consulting team starting next week will think I’m cool.


We just opened our UK graduate programme recruitment cycle. DM to discuss a referral to a specific programme 🚀


How did Cooley decide which attorneys to lay off in this week’s round?

I have heard that many were on track for 1900+ client billables, so it wasn’t just axing low billers. Have also heard people with good performance reviews and recent laterals with no performance reviews were impacted, so it wasn’t strictly those with work product issues.

Anyone have any insight?


I'm working at a startup and hoping we go through an exit within the next 2 years. Anyone ever been through this process?


Looking into applying to ZS. Would love to chat with any current employees about the firm. Have 1 year work experience and looking at applying into the analyst role. Would anyone be willing to dm me?


Hey everyone! I am trying to find a remote customer service representative job. I am a fast learner and would doubt that I can go into any fields. Is it just me who is having a hard time finding the remote job?
Can someone refer me for a remote position?
I am at a point where I need to leave my toxic work environment asap while my manger is out for 2 weeks and there are only 3 ppl working.
I am also sick of commuting back to Manhattan for work with all the traffics and delays.

Looking for a reference. Role-Business Operations Specialist for Gurgaon location.

Anyone hiring? I have an audit response background along with experience as a product analyst on a scrum team.


What has been the hardest or least expected interview question you’ve received in an interview for a strategy role?


anyone can help with a referall to Uber? interested in an AE position! I have 3 YOE and have overachieved every quota that’s been put in front of me, and I know I would be great at this job!!


Hi! I have an “on-site” 2 hr panel interview with the team tomorrow (role is recruiting coordinator). Any tips on what they will ask or how to prep? Thank you in advance! It’s the final round so fingers crossed I pass 🤞🏼


Any firms hiring junior lit associates currently? I am more than ready to get out of my clerkship now.


I took a mental health break a mo ago. Since I have came back a lot has changed, for the worse. Everything is an asap project, everything doesn’t have a budget (but billability goals) = burnout. Many conversations that always end with very little help or support, including HR ghosting me for 3 weeks and gaslighting. I am interviewing but feeling drained daily and want to quit asap but for $ security with the oncoming recession, I am trying to stay until I get an offer. Advice?

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hey fishes
Can someone please help me with the referral for the post of SAP SD consultant at Larsen & Toubro Infotech

YOE: 3.2
Immediate joiner

Worked on multiple implementation and support projects

Hey Fishes,

How will be the client round for Senior Test Engineer for Walmart in Coforge.

Please help me on this...


Im moving from core Auto product management role to software development product management role.
Can you please share what should I read to brush up basics on SW PM?
Courses, books, blogs, anything is welcome!
Let's make this group a little active!

I have a technical interview for business intelligence analyst position. This will be the first time interviewing with the company hiring managers and also my first data analyst job. I’m going to google common DA interview questions to prepare, however, how do you answer a technical question you do not know the answer to without it counting against you?


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Anyone at CIBC willing to provide a referral ?



Since everyone is moving back to office, let me know if someone wants to share a flat in gurgaon!
We can rent out a 2 BHK or 3 BHK.
My expectation of room is fully furnished in a high rise society (rent per room range - 15 to 20k).

Has anyone used task rabbit for furniture assembly? Is it custom to tip them—if yes, cash? Thanks!


Turnip prices are 557 😱 shop is open 30 more minutes if anyone wants to visit.

Dodo code - 824L9


Completed my 45 minute megaformer class and running on the treadmill today for 4-7 m. after work. Broad range but the weather here isn’t ideal for running outside.


Likes needed to enable my dm.


Would you ditch agency life to work at an in-house creative shop in the Bay Area? Apple, LinkedIn, PayPal, Lyft, Dropbox... And how much $$ would it take?


Hi fishes, curious question.

What are the issues if the basic part of a compensation is less? (Other than affecting the related components like house rent tax exemption limit, PF contribution etc)

The present offer proposed to me has basic pay as low as 33% of fixed. Is this a red flag about the company?


We have some soil from flower beds to get rid of, and the official response to remove it is hire a commercial waste hauler.

Do people actually do this?


What do you wish you knew before moving to Australia or NZ? Seriously considering applying for an internal transfer but I'd like to know what I'm getting into first. Researching as well just asking for first hand experiences from consultants who have done it.


How is Accenture CN vs EY GDS (Parthenon)? Which one should you prefer. Role - IT Strategy YoE 7 years Accenture EY


Hi Fishes , Strange Problem

I had cleared my all rounds with Hexaware and had filled the CAF form , offer letter processing was pending from HR side .

I have been trying to connect to the HR from last 60 days and today I got to know that the HR has resigned from organisation. 🤦🏻

I got to know this because I put up a mail to the HR’s email and delivery failed saying that email does not exist

Can anybody please provide me the HR mailing id of hexaware ? where I can report such incident

Do TCS really care about their employees? Is TCS on the right direction on employee welfare?


What is the average CTC of a Tax Senior (U.S. Tax) with 4 years of experience in EY GDS, Deloitte USI and KPMG GDS?


What is the average package of deloitte manager year2?


What career path do you honestly wish you had taken? "Fuck. Why didn't I just go to school for ________?"


HCL HR saying their offer release management portal is having some technical issues hence delays in offers...anyone heard or have idea on same?


Currently a Cyber Security Analyst at a Fortune 500 company based out of the DC area. Currently trying to gauge how much my compensation should be as I go into end of year review/compensation review, because I feel underpaid.

YOE: 2+ Years

Year 0: 75K + 5K sign on bonus

Year 1: no pay raise due to covid so 75K + 2.5K cash bonus

Year 2: small raise to 78K + 2.5K cash bonus

Additional Posts in Cognizant (CTS)

Any mass hiring happening for freshers In December????????


Affordable PG for Boys

Shared accomodation available in 3BHK
Location: Pimpri Area (Pune)
Landmark: Pimpri Station Rd

*DM for details*

Rent: Rs.3500 per bed/per month
Deposit: Rs.5000 per bed

- Fully Furnished
- Direct Owner
- Car & Bike parking available
- Standalone Building
- Electricity bill will be shared equally among all tenants
- Rs.1000 to be paid by tenant for notarized agreement
- Maid charges (for cleaning room) included in rent
- Max 3 people in 1 room


What is the policy for joining bonus in CTS if we resign before one year? Is it like our last working day should not fall under one year to avoid repay of bonus ?


Can any one refer me to the cognizant.?
Stack: Automation Testing (Selenium with Java)
YOE: 2 years 11 months
Immediate joiner.


AD- associates will get to know about the merit increase in the first half of October by manager. E-letters will be released following that.

Hike will be effective from October 1st.

Thank you.


I have below offers with me:
Wolters Kluwer
Toll Technology Center
Knorr-bremse Technology Center India

Cognizant is giving less package as compare to other companies. Will cognizant revise my package? Can I ask for the same?

I am working in cognizant and my salary is 7.2lpa . My total experience is 2 years and I am in Full Stack java developer with spring boot and microservices and react js as my core skills.I am expert in Corejava and Java8 and also on nosql databases.
My question is if I apply at accenture for Full stack role how much package can accenture offer me on the basis of my skill set.


Could someone please tell me what Cognizant infrastructure services (CIS) do? Also is it a good domain in Cognizant?

Whats PDP-GrowthINV ?


Is working hours in CTS 10 hrs!!!!??...
How do u manage it.
Am changing from infy to cts 10 hrs seems too hectic@Cognizant


My technology is Oracle apps technical with 9+ yrs of exp.
I have 3 offers please suggest which one i choose .
Current ctcs in IBM 11Lpa
TCS 19.5 Lpa ( including fixed + variable+ retention bonus)
Cognizant 18.7 (18fixed)
Wipro 20 (17 fixed + 3v)

Hi fishes my LWD is on 10 th Jan still i didn't receive my salary.can anyone tell me whom I need to contact


Will Cognizant provide accommodation to new joiners for at least 1 week for relocating?


Any mass hiring happening for freshers?????


Pls can someone help with monthly Inhand salary for attached salary offered Sr associate 6YOE Alteryx

_Also pls advise if it is a good switch(or a stepping stone to increase salary) from JPMorgan, abt to change industry. CCTC 9.5LPA Thank you in advance :)

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