How much should an Architect expect for .net based projects, in city like Dallas, TX?

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I will start with my number, currently at 125k with 12 years of experience.


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My LWD in Infosys(10 lpa) was Jul 2022 and having 2 offers in hand to join by 30 sep . I have taken this gap to take care family.

Offers -
IBM (global services) 18 lpa fixed role 7B
Capgemini 18 lpa fixed + 1.8 l variable Manager

Au small bank offering 24 lpa AVP position

Exp - 12 years (long stay in Infosys- 3 yrs onsite )

What is suggestions from hon Fishes here ?


Which offer is better: Mercedes-Benz -> principal consultant T7 grade - 26 fixed + 2.5 variable pay - Bangalore Here technology -> Lead Engineer - 30 fixed + 12% variable pay - Mumbai L &T -> Team lead - 30 fixed - pune Current package - 18 fixed + 2 variable pay Having 7 YOE


What range should I quote to HR when they ask for what are your expected salary? Current CTC is 10.55 LPA. I have 5 years of big data experience including 6 months of on site project at egypt. Your suggestions are most welcome....

I just realized the company I am about to jump ship to doesn’t have a 401K match or any contribution programs. Would this be a deal breaker? The base salary is a 20% increase. Offer is due @ 5pm today


What’s your bid on 75bpt hike ?


What is the biggest % increase in offer you received from negotiating a new job offer? (i.e. % over original offer)
Any negotiating tips/advice?


B1 to B2 , how much hike will get in cg, eligibility criteria?


Hi Fishes,
What are the other tax saving options if the Ctc is 20 lakhs(excluding 80c section)


Edward Jones advisor with 30 million AUM and roughly 250k gross production. Been there for almost 4 years. Got an offer at Merrill Lynch to take over a 100 million dollar retirement transition plan in 5 years, or to join a 5 person Merrill Lynch team that manages a lot.

Pros to EJ: Have my own office, a year or two away from partnership, great office setting and client satisfaction.

Pros to Merrill: Bump in compensation, additional tools and services w banking, ability to take over assets.


How much atm industry ps department will pay with 5+ yrs experience?


Hello all,
New to this platform. Currently with IQVIA in intelligence and insights. Looking at multiple posts I feel way underpaid with 4.5 YOE. (11 LPA)
I am not an engineer / software professional but with a Pharma background.
Need help on how can i increase the base?


What is package for senior business analyst in CGI

How's Persistent for salesforce domain ? Projects, wlb, hikes can anyone pls help? Expecting an offer from persistent

I have offers from PWC India and EY GDS. Tech - cybersecurity risk consulting. Pay is nearly same. Which one should I choose for better growth and wlb? EY PwC India PwC

Can anyone share their salaries as an IT business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company with around 2 YOE?


Hello All, I am business analyst having about 5 plus years of experience in retail banking- payments and cards I have an offer with Luxoft as a consultant for 15 LPA and IBM as a advisory cosultant for 17.67 LPA both of them are fixed pay. Can someone help me the pros and cons of both the organization and also which organisation to choose so that my career growth would be steady
Please clarify what is the role and responsibilities of Advisory cosultant 7A band

Hi, I have one year of experience in software development and getting close to an offer for another company. It's a start-up. Any tips on how to negotiate?
What's a fair range (Canadian Market)

More info:

1. They have started selling their first product to some big name customers (big companies)
2. They have around 10 employees I'll be
11th or 12th
3. I will have one other team member a more senior software developer I will report to him
4. My title is software developer
5. I checked on crunch

How much do ECDs at big agencies in ny make?

WHAT DOES Solution Architect C10 band means in Natwest?

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I’m looking for a Spanish speaking auditor for a Fortune 500 company. Awesome international travel if anyone is interested.... TIA!


I have offer from EY with 10.5 as fixed , I have cleared interview for Deloitte India and package discussion is pending, how much CTC can I ask infy?

YOE- 4.5, Skill- SAP SD


I have an offer in hand from Ey india and kpmg ; both have same ctc 12lpa fixed.

YoE: 4.8

What should i do to negotiate: how much i should negotiate please advise

Hi all , i am missing my original OD of M.Tech , i have received a mail asking to bring the original documents on DOJ . I do have soft copy and photo copy of the original . I am a lateral with 8 yrs of experience . Will this cause any issue for my joining

Need to unlock my dm feature, please like to help me out ❤

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How open are mental health discussions in your families? Whether it be talking about your struggles or suggesting therapy to family members? Anyone done it successfully and mind sharing ideas here?


Spending lots of time after hours vetting portfolios before passing them onto our creative recruiter only to never have them reach out to candidates. Should I just go straight to ecds with books?


Hello friends! Hope y'all have an amazing weekend. Recommendation needed:

I'm moving to London in a month time and looking to rent a room in a shared apartment or house. Looking at areas that are closed to supermarkets and preferably on the Central, Piccadilly or Northern lines in zone 1 / 2.

Modern apartments / townhouse would be great but have seen really nice old houses, any recommendations on areas to look at or if you know anyone looking for a roommate, pls lemme know :p


I’m 30 & recently started a new job that pays $180k/yr. My first job paid $50k/yr so I haven’t built great habits and am looking for advice on how to best allocate my money.

Details of savings, cash flow, etc in comment but my main questions:
- Do I put more towards my student loans or mortgage?
- Do I open a brokerage account?
- Do I increase my cash savings for now?
- Do I do something else?


My sister wants to work in billing, is that sustainable career or is that stepping stone to other healthcare careers?


Hey anyone in Charlotte?

Hi all
Can anyone help me to understand what is Associate Project Position in CTS.


Hello "Desi Fam” what’s going on?


What’s the best 30-90 plan when you start as a SE to differentiate yourself from your peers?


I am level 1 resource. Need classroom management ideas. We've been placed on a block schedule this year due to Covid so I have students for 85 minutes every other day. I have a larger group who are all working at different levels and have different goals. I am constantly jumping from one student to another trying to work them but I am failing. I can't keep them on task, quite, or motivated. If I walk away from one, they're immediately messing around. Group work is a joke. HELP!


I don’t get paid to write advertising. I get paid to sit through meetings like these. Kill me.


Hello All,
I am looking for SAP WM role and have 5.5 yrs of experience.. Pls let me know.


Has anyone done a rotation or work in forensic accounting? What types of projects were you involved in?


Looking for good sight word lists for 6th graders reading at 2nd/3rd grade levels. Dolch’s words are definitely too easy for them. I think the issue is more decoding and phonemic, but the eval asks

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What are some good consulting companies to apply to? As far as good work life balance, remote options, and training reimbursement. I’ve been at my current company a few years and they are very unorganized and do not offer any reimbursement towards certifications.

Is anyone worked before with Cloudsultants? How’s your experience with them in terms of billing for contract-based project?


What do you do with your certification certificates? Hang them in your house? File them away? Throw them away?


What are top cyber security firms to transition to? 4+ years in IT consultant doing mostly strategy, transformation, and design work


Anyone referring for FAANG companies?


Doing research on Product Management in Government Agencies, specifically Product Managers and developing a career path for them. If you have info to share would love to hear it - thanks!

Any Dutch Consultants / Consultants working in the Netherlands on here?


Fishes, can you please advise on how to land an internship in your company. It is for my nephew who is a CompSc undergrad in N.C. state


Anybody have experience or know anything about the company Globant?

Which has better brand value Genpact or Accenture?


Can anyone share how you leveraged masters in data science for opportunities?


Just started at Accenture on Jan 8 and an oracle technical integration specialist level 9. How long are people typically on the bench for? Also, what is the best process for finding a project?


Was recently contacted by a recruiter for a McKinsey New Ventures Software Engineer role. I was wondering if anyone knew more about this group outside of what you can get from a quick Google search. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there, specifically for a new undergrad hire.

Anyone know anything about the comp, travel, interview process for McKinsey New Ventures?


Is data lineage work staff aug?


Anyone have suggestions for good virtual design thinking workshop tools?


Does anyone know good headhunters ou recruiting companies in the SAP industry?


What is the best party at Sapphire?

should i become AWS or Azure certified 🤔 what’s the difference? my goal is just to earn more at my next job 🤷🏼‍♀️


Kickstarter is the first tech company to unionize. How do you feel about this historic step? Will it spill over into consulting? Would you be happy if it did?


Currently certified in AWS (CCP, SAA, and Security) and GCP (Security Engineer and Cloud Architect).

Any recommendations on Azure certs to pursue?


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