Let's see what we are all making. Include current salary, location, job role (e.g. Software Engineer; Product Manager) and YoE please. Reply using your comapny.

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77.5K Sr. Buyer IT, Vendor Manager, Travel Manager, Corporate Card Manager, Contract Specialist for IT purchases, and lastly Contract Labor for 2019-2021. Turned over Contract Labor but continued to support.

I am being severely underpaid in my estimation, and would love some feedback on where I should actually be at. Note: no raise in two years because of Covid. Please provide advice on what I should be paid total comp. and the rational behind it.

Thanks so much!


Worked sales for a company for 3-4 years, and was offered in house coding boot camp. Moved over to student developer role at $45,000 for 6 months (0-6 months experience). Bumped to $55,000 once I graduated boot camp and moved into an apprentice developer role (6-12 months Ruby on Rails experience). Moved onto a product team as a junior developer $65,000 and learned React on the fly (1-2 years experience). Now a Developer with full stack in React, typescript, Ruby and mobile experience $72,000 (+2 years experience).

I have no idea how this matches the job market or any experience outside the company code base so I’m hesitant to do tech interviews and even though I’ve been coding for years I can’t pass a LinkedIn basic cert on the languages I write in everyday. Currently hybrid but rumors we are going back to office, so I need to get over these hurdles to actively pursue WFH full time (whether that’s with current employer or elsewhere).

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Sr pm, 210k base, 180k in rsu, 10-20% bonus depending on performance. Bay Area. She/her. Also hiring ;) DM if interested.




Threads like this are helpful! Not to be nosy but to understand ones market rate and whether they’re fairly being paid


300k incl salary, + a 15K bonus paid every quarter (60K) + additional comp bonuses. doesn’t include >200 RSU from sign on. We are actively hiring for those who understand and want to define the opportunity in how to create and hold value thru data, BI, Bitcoin/crypto, and applications / use cases that cross over. Explosive growth & hiring - reach out if you want info / are looking for a new challenge


Interested , thanks


Second part of this question. Are all responses coming from he/him? The pay equity gap is still a huge issue globally not only for gender but race as well.


If you are a people manager, you need to address that gap. Every single place I work, I do. Usually the engineers aren't far off, but I see imbalance, I correct it. I've never had resistance from leadership or HR. People managers, do your part and be an advocate. It's the right thing to do.


$470k TC. Sales L6. NYC.
$210 Salary, $100k equity, $160k OTE bonus. (often comes in higher).

Work hard. Am very grateful.


@GEC1 - I like it a lot. Smart, nice people. I'm learning and growing. Great benefits. Paid more than I would have been if I'd stayed in agencies, and with (I hope!) more onward and upward opportunities, and more stability.


200K base, 50K equity & bonus. Software Engineer, Mt. View


Hey , can you refer me to position in FB


160k base. +30k equity and bonus. Senior Technical PM, Seattle, WA


What L are you? 63? 64?

85k, nyc, junior ux/ui designer (currently freelancing), 2yoe (in addition to 2yrs as a digital designer before pursuing ux/ui). I’d love to hear from more ux/ui or product designers as I’m growing in this field! Thanks in advance ✌🏼


45K (Spain) - Salaries here are low af, but also the cost of everything.

I have 4 years of experience on UX roles.

440k 5.5 YOE @ Facebook


Can you offer a referral to FB?


$265k ($155k salary + $30k bonus +$80k equity) in Los Angeles. PM ladder. 6 YOE.



Cloud Sales:
$152k Base + $100k Variable OTE + $45k RSUs vesting this year


GBO is 50k strong - we are 100% a sales company.

This is so hard for me to post because i feel so below the mark

69k base
3% bonus
2 Bachelors 1 Masters
Certified: yellow belt, ssm, popm, Business Analytics
IT Business Systems Analyst

Florida 😔


Reach out if you want a referral at Deloitte. Lots of work but pay is at least better than what you are making with your level skills and experience.


$500k base + $25k options @ Netflix, Bay Area, Senior SWE, 8 YOE


Is Netflix going to exist in the next few years? Business outlook isn't looking so hot for them these days

$450k, 8 YOE

1. $250k ($180k base + $70-90k commission), 100k RSU (3 yr). Sales Engineer, remote/east coast

2. Run a small consultancy net $150-250k/yr

3. Niche subscription-based SaaS product net $50-80k/yr

Its not as much work as it sounds


I feel we all have this problem. No matter how effective we are with our time. Be kind to yourself! 💕

I’m in sales so lower than everybody.


Tech sales can make a mil or two max. sales engineers usually have a lower cap.


165k base + 15% bonus + 30k equity. 8yoe, analytics role (not data science)


Ok yup I saw the 180 part of base, so was curious about equity. Thank you!

I put my comp in earlier but I’ll update it

600k 6.5 YOE @ Facebook


FAANG, I'd assume engineering.


$370k ($190K base + $150k equity + $30k bonus). Senior SWE in San Francisco. 8 YOE.


Wowza. Cost of living is pretty high there though isn't it?

I gotta get a new job....lol...Solutions engineer with YoE of almost 3 years. 70k :(


Right? I didn't feel poor until I got this app, lol.


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MTS 1 & 2 salary range
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If anyone can help



Any openings/ referral in KPMG for SAP BASIS roles ??

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Opening for Visual Designer/ Graphic Designer with 7+ YoE.


Anyone from EY or similar group explain the type of work SPA does and the exit opportunities compared to FDD?

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Hello, i am working as an android developer with 6.5 years of experience. I have cleared all the rounds of interview at paypal India. I am being hired for the core team. Could you suggest How much can I ask for SDE 3 role at paypal ? Any suggestions are welcome.



Federal income tax question. Let’s say my mid-year raise took me into the next tax bracket. Can someone explain to me how my gross monthly income is taxed with the change in salary?

My salary is 21.5+20%(annual bonus)=26lpa
Tech stack:AWS, Azure, .Net Full-stack Developer

Is this good considering current market?

It’s been 3 years in my current company and I’m planning to switch now. What can I ask as a salary expectation?


Anyone else pick up a W2 position to snag bennies? I just agreed to an $80k position that requires about 16hr/wk but offers a full bennies package…wfh of course.

Feeling pretty good about it but feels weird since I haven’t had a W2 position in almost a decade.


I had a final interview for a position and the recruiter called me to let me know all the feedback was positive but that the hiring manager wants to speak to me one more time and that they’re wrapping up interviews tomorrow. He also told me he’ll send me over their benefits package to look at in the meantime (and has sent that already). Am I supposed to think that I pretty much got the position and they’re just interviewing for contingency or does all this not mean anything?


Any idea what is the salary of SA2 gets in Oracle with 10 YOE.


I have 1.8YOE Current Packages is 5.5CTC
How much i can expect from informatica if i switch ???
How about joining bonus

Is there a hiring freeze outside of PEPI?


Do you have too many managers/team leads. I feel like I'm under a weird microscope with 7+ managers across the two teams(on one salary and no bonus) I'm on.


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Hello Folks,

I am looking for permanent role in IT Recruitment. My preference is product base companies. Please suggest if anything going around.


How's the company @Becton Dickinson for data analyst role?


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How do you get one of those big clients that keep you on a retainer? Every job I get is usually short-term or it just fizzles out, even when we get measurable results. So confused…


Those who want to get refer in Accenture for SAP, java, angular and ASP. Net openings please share resume to


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Share this post...may be in your contact, someone desperately need it.


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Hello! I’m a financial advisor and a CFP. Running a good practice but looking for a side gig while my commissions ramp up. Any tips/gig that have worked for you? Ideally WFH, flexible hours.
I have a double bachelors in economics and environmental science, am a good writer, and good at accounting.
Any and all suggestions appreciated!


How much relocation expenses amazon give to an employee ?