Which is the best company to work for amongst the FAANG companies? Best in terms of quality of work, employee benefits, pay, etc

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Google I think


Big G

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In light of all discussions on FB, it seems to me that individuals at our firm have been removed out of EY beyond PIP related issues.
To help the community brace itself, please provide facts on your Utilization, level, leads, YoE at EY, and network.
My experience seems that the ones let go, had weak network.


Hello Fishes,

I got a mail from LTI HR to share my documents as I cleared technical rounds and they are proceeding with my profile. Need some idea before HR discussion in below points.

1) Does LTI offer any variable pay ?
2) Do they provide relocation & air-fare reimbursement (irrespective of grade/band) ?
3) I don't want any specifics but how is Citi Bank production support project ? If anyone working in this project please share experience.

Thanks in advance !

I was under my moms healthcare policy until she lost her job in February. Am I able to enroll with EY even though I’ve missed open enrollment?

What is a good base salary for a Senior Business Analyst with 5+ years of experience!?
Location : Atlanta or Colorado


Looking for advice in Research Design for financial DDs. Moved to london last Feb, I got a promotion this year with a 20% but after I accepted they said the Bonus dropped for 22 to mean I have a bigger job/expectations for the same OTE. What would you do?


I have an offer as Technical Manager in Mindtree India . I have about 14 years of experience in Java application development and mentoring and team leading. They said it is an onsite role with Mindtree Germany ( already done with client interview). My India salary is decent as per Indian market standards.Any idea how much will they offer me as Germany salary for the onsite role? Is it the same like other MNCs - TCS , Infosys, HCL,Wipro etc? Or how much I can ask? Mindtree


Hi Fishes , i am currently working in Manhattan Associates, Bangaluru with 1.10 YOE in .net with js in the front end. This is my first company and I am looking for switch right now. What salary can I expect with my experience and tech stack. My current CTC is 6.9 LPA. Please also advice if this is correct time for switch for career growth.


hey hey everyone! Have been using Anaplan for a bit and trying to figure out salary ranges for some Anaplan levels (and YOE?)

certified model builder:
Solution architect:
Master anaplanner:

Cannot find any sort of standard online for this so hoping somewhen can shed some light on this

Additionally, when you reach the next level can you typically get a pay bump internally or do you often have to look elsewhere? have your companies sponsored the master anaplanner exam?

Free to chat as well!


Hello everyone!

Want to hire ~10 professionals with the below mentioned profiles on an immediate basis:
1. Java Developer
2. React JS developer
3. Angular JS developer
4. Java Full Stack developer

CTC: 8-10 LPA (negotiable)
Experience: ~2 years
Location: Noida (WFH available)

What in your opinion would be the right source of hiring for such profiles?

Hi there, I'm holding an offer from Boeing for 23LPA and similar from a few other companies. And another product company is willing to pay 26LPA. Also I'm also getting a lot of interview calls and clearing most.
I really would like to join Boeing. Is it possible to ask Boeing to revise the offer?
YoE 5 Skill Java/Spring boot/Distributed Systems/Angular
Any Boeing users can help me here?
Boeing Deloitte EY Accenture Tata Consultancy Infosys


What salary can you expect for a 601 role in jpmc chase. Yoe 7
Stack : ETL Abinitio


How many years did it to take for you to reach the 100k base salary mark?

Please indicate the the city or geographic area, so we can have some kind of perspective.


Any benefit or downside of putting stocks vs. ETFs in your traditional IRA? I’m rolling over my pension and thinking through investments (aligned to my asset allocation and portfolio). E.g., prob want growth vs dividend investments since everything is taxed on withdrawal at current income tax


Hello, I’m an LMSW in Michigan. I have 15 years of experience in the field as a clinician, supervisor, and an administrator. I am feeling burnt out and unsure of my future. I have worked mainly in the Community Mental Health and the VA Health systems, hence my fatigue. I’ve flirted with private practice work in the past, but my spouse has been worried about not having affordable healthcare and benefits that each system provides. Is it worth the jump? Am I overthinking things?


I have about 10yrs of customers service experience. I'm looking for work, but I'm always getting minimum wage for this position. Should I change career path? Or is there a job for customer service that actually pays well.


Hello, I've been offered Data engineer /Software Engineer at PayPal, india.

How's the company doing, is it profitable? Bit skeptical about the recent layoffs at PayPal.

Any data engineers at PayPal around? Whats your thoughts, how's the team doing and how would be the growth?

YOE - 5 TC offered : 19 Base +10k RSU (3 years)

TC seems to be a lowball, but that's their budget, no scope of negotiation.

Is it worth joining paypal


IBM CIO or LTI.. Which is better for Business Analyst role.

IBM CIO : 20 LPA Data tribe work for Banglore
LTI : 18 LPA P&C Insurance domain for Pune.

Should I focus on general data science or specific platform (AWS, Azure, GCP) for a good career in data science? Which path would has better salary and exit to FAANG?


What’s the salary range for a 4 year going into 5 Civil Engineer with experience of surveying, construction inspection, knowledge of numerous drafting softwares, and internal IT Experience. Just being south of 70k is Light especially before Taxes don’t ya think?


For the monthly expense reimbursement, how does it work if I choose it for my cellphone, is the amount added to my paycheck or I have to submit my bill each month in the expense account? Thanks

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What is 195k a year in nyc, equivalent to in Chicago?


When you get a break from making decks, what do you do to keep the creative juices flowing and avoid burnout?



Can anyone share about their thoughts for company called

How is wlb? Work? And other details

My joining date is in next week


Has anyone joined The Quinn? Anything to share about it good or bad?


What's everyone's 1st year bonus look like and when did you get yours? I'm 5-6 months in and got a little shy of 9k... trying to see how it compares.


Favorite higher end fashion sneaker brands made by US companies? Feel guilty even asking this during a pandemic, but would like to try to support these while I'm fortunate to have a steady income


37 single female, no kids. I wonder how many men here are around my age and single with no kids. Raise your hand if you are. I'm not looking for a date just trying to see if there is hope for me. Haha


Hey anyone at Lenovo willing to give a referral? I’d love to talk about the role and why I’m a great fit.


Does anyone have the 2020 SHRM books for sale or to borrow? My job won’t contribute towards my certification. I’ve already paid for my test. I have the books from 2015 but I’d like to study from the 2020. I tried finding them online to purchase but sellers of affordable books aren’t responding.

What are salary expectations and expected bonus for an analyst going into their 2nd year in the tech space

Which New York law firms have announced return to office? Is there a thread somewhere?


Is it a bit micromanagement to be asked “how is it in the office” as a roundabout way to make sure you are actually in the office?


Does anyone have a WFH or hybrid agreement with their firm? Do you like it?


Wife and I are planning to go to Chicago in August for a long weekend. Should four days and three nights be enough or should we add an additional day? Thank you!


Looking to leave Strategy&. MBA/MPH with 8 years of consulting/product management experience, primarily in the provider space. Let me know if you’re aware of any opportunities! Thank you!


Maybe I’m just old school but I don’t get this thing where people only play one game (whether LoL, CoD, etc.). I play games for single player experiences and liken them to reading books


How do you make your tradeshow booths inviting and interesting on a shoestring budget? We have a nice, nothing out of the norm, backdrop, our set up is properly branded.

Swag is hard to justify budget for, so we have pens and cool telescopic flashlights we give to people who fit our ideal customer profile or at least have a meaningful interaction with us.

Lastly, I bring Moonpies ... they seem to be different enough from what everyone else offers.

How are you handling this?


Does any one work at New York Life? What’s the annual income like?


Is it a bad idea to work hard to stay top on your stuff? I worked later than others to make sure all my areas are in good shape (i.e. ppl would leave at 7 but I stayed till 10 etc) but now I got (cont


Additional Posts in FAANG Exits

How is working at Twilio as a TPM?


I know Microsoft isn't particularly FAANG but anyone here can shed some light on experience as a Customer Engineer please?


I’ve been supply chain consulting for 6 years. Is there a logical pivot in to a tech or non tech role at a FAANG that is worth the career shift?

I have extensive SQL background but not much else that is technically related other than solution architecture.

Does program management make sense as a career shift?


Microsoft Interview - Customer Solutions Architecture
I was able to secure an interview at Microsoft for the Customer Solutions Architecture position. Want to find out from everyone what kind of questions I should be expecting in this interview and what the hiring process is going to be like. FYI, a recruiter from RANDSTAD America is coordinating the interview, not sure if that makes a difference. 


Meta reached out to me for an initial chat about TPM (technical program management) role. Pretty generic sounding team but has anybody heard of this division and what they do?

Also comp wise, how much does a TPM make at Meta (take the title for face value)? Glassdoor shows avg base is 226k for YOE >15. Myth?



Hi. I am a senior L6 / early L7 at Amazon. Have prior consulting experience. What level should I aim for at Doordash?


Can anyone share what the process is like for project manager roles at Facebook (Meta)?

Passed screenings, on the way to the hiring manager.

What I expect:

* Why Meta
* Talk about project experience
* Tell me about a time

Might you have a success story to share?

Thank you


Hello @Meta friends. Interviewing for the Business product strategy lead position. Can anyone share some insight into the interview? Have the phone screen with recruiter today and not sure what questions to prepare for. TIA!


EPMs at Apple - what’s your TC like? Interested in knowing base and rsu range. I’d appreciate your help. Thanks! Apple

Been Interested in working at a FAANG for the past 5 years. I am a Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Product Owner. I never see many roles in those areas at most FAANG companies ?? Can someone help me out ? Is it a different title at those companies and are referrals needed ??


Currently in tier 2 management consulting and recruiter reached out for Business Integrity, Associate role at Meta. Is this role entry level? Base ~102...tempted because it's meta but not sure it would be a step backwards career wise?

Got an interview at Google for a role as a Sales Strategy Associate. Any tips/ advice from those who have interviewed?


Anybody at Google willing to refer?Google

What is the salary progression for product managers at meta?


Anyone willing to refer me for a Business Analyst position @ Amazon?

Hello, any idea what the total comp for Amazon london L6 non-tech (people manager) would be?Amazon


Can someone at LinkedIn refer for a GTM role in London? 6 YOE at a T2 strategy firm


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